Okay, so here it is, the last chapter :( I will be writing more stories of this series, but they will take place before this one, not after. As dumb as it sounds, I don't want Finn and Rachel to get too old. This was a bit of an emotional one, as this as in far in life as I will take Emma, Nick, Ryan, Ava, Sarah, Adam, Grant and Zoe. But to fill you in - Adam and Sarah will end up getting married, as did Grace and Josh, Kyle and Maddie, Lizzie and Ben, Lexie and Evan, Laura and Jeremy, Izzy and Connor and Meg and Ricky, and everyone had perfect babies.

The next story in this series should be started in a few days :) Hope you enjoy this chapter and review if you want to see more of their lives. To confirm things, Jack is named after Finchel's son, of course. Sasha is named after a character I wrote original fiction about in high school that became Emma's writing, and her middle name is after Nick's mom.

Chapter 12: One Year Later

"Do you think we'll get there in time?" Rachel asked.

"I hope so," Finn said. "You know this can take time."

Grant pointed. "Isn't that the hospital?"

Rachel turned around and smiled at her now thirteen-year-old. "Yeah, this is it. Good job, Dad and I almost missed it."

"Do you guys feel old?" asked a nine-year-old Zoe.

"This is definitely making me feel old," Rachel said.

"Hey, you guys are only forty-four," Grant said.

The family pulled into the parking garage and then went into the hospital. Finn told the receptionist who they were there for, and the receptionist told them what floor to go to. When they got to that floor, they saw Sarah and Adam in the waiting room.

"Well, what's the latest?" Rachel asked.

"Mom!" Sarah said. "Aren't you happy to see me?"

"Of course we are!" Rachel said, giving her middle daughter a hug. Sarah then hugged Finn.

"And to what you asked, she's still in the process," Sarah said.

"You guys must have left as soon as you got that text from Nick," Adam said.

"They rushed us into the car right away," Zoe said.

"Where are Ryan and Ava?" Grant asked.

"They're feeding Jack in the other room," Adam said. "They should be back soon."

"The four of us got the earliest train to DC," Sarah said.

Rachel looked at the ring on Sarah's finger, realizing how fast time had gone by.

"What is it?" Sarah asked.

"It's just that time has gone by so fast," Rachel said. "Ryan and Emma are starting families of their own, Grant's starting high school next year, Zoe's going to be in her double digits soon and you're engaged."

"Mom, we're still your babies," Sarah said.

"We hope you're all excited for the wedding!" Adam said.

"Of course we are!" Finn said. "So, any word from Nick's siblings?"

"Maddie texted me," Adam said. "She and Kyle are trying to get a flight to DC, they're at the airport."

"Yeah, and Grace said that she and Josh should be here as soon as possible," Sarah said. "At least that's what Ava told me."

"Hey!" Rachel heard a voice say. She turned and saw Ryan and Ava with their five-month-old son, Jack.

"Ryan!" Rachel exclaimed.

Ryan came over to hug his parents and siblings. "When did you get here?"

"A few minutes ago," Finn said.

"Sorry we weren't here," Ava said. "This little guy was hungry."

Rachel looked at Ava holding her son. "You know, he looks so much like Ryan did when he was a baby."

"He does have Ava's nose though," Ryan said.

"I just hope Emma's doing okay in there," Ava sighed. "I remember how hard it was."

"Yeah, so do I," Ryan said.

"You're not the one who had your stomach ripped apart while pushing something the size and weight of a bowling ball out of something the size of a softball," Ava said.

"Yeah, you were screaming," Ryan laughed.

"Now you're making me nervous," Sarah said.

"Wait until after you're married, Sarah," Rachel said. "Dad and I can only hold so much aging at a time."

"That was the plan," Adam said.

"Would you guys like to see him?" Ryan asked, motioning toward his son.

"We'd love to," Finn said, sitting down with Rachel next to him. Ryan gently placed Jack in Finn's arms as Rachel, Grant and Zoe looked on.

"That's the onesie I picked out for him when I visited, isn't it?" Zoe asked.

"Yes it is!" Ryan said.

Jack looked up at Finn, Rachel, Grant and Zoe. "You're a really good dad, Ryan," Finn said.

"I had a good example to follow," Ryan said, smiling at Finn.

Finally, a doctor came out. "You're all here for Nick and Emma Dougherty?"

"Yeah," Rachel said. Was it finally time?

"Well, they're ready for you," the doctor said.

Rachel jumped up. "Was it a boy or a girl?" Unlike Ryan and Ava had, Nick and Emma had wanted to keep the gender a secret during Emma's pregnancy.

"I bet your daughter will want to tell you herself," the doctor said, leading them to Emma's room.

When they arrived, Rachel felt close to tears when she saw her daughter and son-in-law in the hospital room holding a bundle. They hadn't made it to New York until a few hours after Jack was born, since Ava's labor had taken shorter. Emma looked exhausted, but happy.

Finally, Nick noticed that people had come in, and nudged Emma. Emma looked up and smiled. "Hi!"

"Hi, sweetheart," Finn said. "Are you feeling okay?"

Emma giggled. "Now I am." She looked at Ava. "Thanks for the warnings."

"Was she yelling at you?" Ryan asked Nick.

"Thanks for warning me about that," Nick said.

"Okay, you guys can share labor horror stories later, but can we at least know who this is?" Sarah asked, pointing at the baby.

"Yeah, you wouldn't even tell us if it was a boy or a girl," Grant said.

"We didn't find out what she was until today!" Nick said.

"She!" Zoe said. "You got a girl!"

"Yes we did," Emma said. She held up her daughter. "This is Sasha Christina Dougherty."

Rachel looked at Emma holding her daughter. "Emma, she's beautiful," she managed to say.

"You asked what labor was like, but it was worth it," Emma said.

"She's beautiful," Finn said, taking Sasha out of Emma's arms. Rachel looked on and stroked the baby. Sasha opened her eyes and looked at Finn and Rachel.

"Hi," Rachel said. "Nice to meet you."

"It means a lot to us that you could all be here," Nick said.

"We did this for Ryan and Ava and Jack," Finn said.

"And when Adam and Sarah go through this, we'll be doing it for them, too," Rachel said.

"We're really glad Sasha's growing up in this family," Emma said.

"Ava and I feel the same way about Jack," Ryan said.

"But can I hold her?" Zoe asked.

"Of course you can," Rachel said as Finn lowered Sasha into Zoe's arms. Rachel realized at that moment that even though things had changed, in some ways, they were the same. True, her kids were growing up. Ryan, Emma and Sarah now lived in other places. Ryan and Emma were starting their own families, Sarah would probably be doing so as well in a few years. Grant and Zoe, the babies of the family, could barely be thought of as that anymore. But the special bond they had as a family would never be broken, and she knew that her kids would be great parents.

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