One day I'll fly away

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A/N- Part of the Caged Birds series, this is just the prequel to Caged Birds Don't Sing. Goes from Lirilla's birth, up until the night she runs away.

Many elves remember when Mirkwood was Greenwood.

The grass was green, the flowers were beautiful.

Back before the Shadow took over and the spiders came.

Back when King Thranduil went on walks through the forest. He would climb trees and lounge in their branches.

Something Legolas picked from his father.

Then Shadow came and covered the forest.

The woods grew darker, the flowers and animals died.

It was no longer the paradise it once was.

The king shut himself and his family in the palace.

No more elflings were born for a decade.

Then, a small elfling was born in Lothlórien, by the name of Lirilla.

Her mother and father were surprised by her birth. They hadn't planned on bringing another elfling into the world with the Shadow spreading.

Word was sent to Mirkwood about the little elfling's birth.

Thranduil himself was shocked. The royal family traveled to Mirkwood to see the new elfling.

Elrond and his family traveled to Lothlórien as well.

Everyone fawned over Lirilla.

Especially Thranduil. 'Finally', he thought, 'A princess for my son'.

One night, the elves had a formal celebration to commemorate the birth of Lirilla.

While the older elves were drinking and dancing, Lirilla began to cry.

Legolas heard her and walked over to the crib. He picked her up and stroked her hair as he sung a lullaby his mother used to sing to him.

Lirilla took a hold of one of Legolas' braids.

Legolas smiled and laid her back down in her crib.

'Lirilla', he thought, 'I wonder if she will ever be a little songbird'.

I know, kinda short, but this just sets everything up.