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I do enjoy writing the conversations between Sam and Dean and strangely enough also between Sam and Tansy. I always feel like Tansy and Sam are one step away from a bitch fight and that the only thing which stops them is Dean. It makes writing their prickly relationship together highly amusing for me because at the moment I think its safe to say that they don't like each other!

Just so you know I'll be going back today and changing the date for the story. So everything which has happened before from chapter three onwards has occurred on the 31st October and not the 1st November like I had originally stated. Everything which happens from this chapter onwards until about chapter twenty four or something similar will occur on the 1st November and not the 2nd. Hopefully this makes sense!

Still please enjoy

Overall Summary

When Sam left for Stanford it never occurred to him that life would go on without him, now his brother is back, needing his help in locating their father but he isn't alone. Sam needs to figure out where he stands now and decide once and for all whether he is a Winchester of not.

Chapter Summary

"I'll be fine... just get to the other two"

Overall Romances

Dean Winchester/Tansy Winchester (OFC), Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore and Troy Squire/Amy Hein

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Sam Winchester / Jessica Moore and Dean Winchester / Tansy Winchester (OFC)

Chapter Seventeen

1st November 2005

07:45 AM

Room Thirteen

Blue Tiger Motel



Sam Winchester's point of view

Sam yawned, stretching out on the motel bed, his gaze fixed on the cracked discoloured ceiling above him. He just couldn't get used to sleeping in a room by him self. When he had been younger he had always had Dean with him, taking care of him and sleeping in the second bed, his snores often soothing Sam allowing him to fall sleep, even after he left to go to Stanford he had found him self in the dorms with a room mate before he moved out of them to live with Jessica in their rented apartment. He honestly couldn't remember the last time he had woken up to such silence. It was rather disconcerting.

Ignoring the thought as unimportant, Sam pushed him self into a sitting position, running his hand down his face in an attempt to wake him self up. He twisted his body around, squinting in the dark at the clock situated on the bedside table next to him.

It was only seven forty five in the morning.

This time tomorrow he would be in the impala heading back towards Stanford and Jessica, mentally trying to prepare him self for his big interview. It seemed crazy that it was only yesterday that Dean had appeared in his apartment asking for his help, somehow it seemed longer to him. It felt as though things hadn't changed between him and Dean even though he knew that they had, the mere presence of Tansy and James was enough to prove that point.

Shaking his head, Sam breathed out deeply, kicking the duvet cover off of him and climbing to his feet, stretching his arms above his head and yawning again. He could have really done with another hour or so in bed but he knew that wasn't going to happen, not when they had so much to do that day. He headed across the room to the small bathroom, kicking the door shut behind him.

He went through his morning routine, showering and brushing his teeth, his mind fixed firmly on what was coming for them. Sam had managed to locate an address for Joseph Welch the previous night so they were heading over there after breakfast to question him about where he had buried his wife. That was of course whether he had buried her at all, there was always a chance that he had had her cremated which would mean that they would have to embark on plan B. Trying to decide what it was which was keeping Constance's spirit earth bound.

God he hoped there was a body for them to salt and burn.

Sam ran a hand over his head, giving his reflection a quick glance to make sure he was decent before he exited the bathroom, pulling out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from his duffle bag and quickly putting them on. He sank onto the mattress, pulling his socks and boots on so he would be ready to leave when Dean knocked for him.

He glanced over his shoulder, leaning back on the bed and grabbed his mobile from the side, glancing down at the screen with a raised eyebrow. He had a miss call and a voice mail from Jessica. He must have been out like a light the minute his head had hit the pillow to have missed it, especially as he tended to keep his phone on loud for this very reason.

Shaking his head in annoyance, Sam held down the button which would connect him to his voice mail and lifted the phone to his ear, absently tapping his finger against his knee as he waited for the message to begin. He didn't have long to wait.

"Hi Sam, so it's me, your extremely bored girlfriend sitting back at Stanford. It's about ten twenty here on a Saturday night and I'm stuck inside, staring at the TV, watching some weird ass program which I can't make heads or tails of. I think the main guy is sleeping with his sister or something or maybe it's his cousin. I'm not too sure if I'm being honest with you. You know what the worst thing is though? The stupid thing is actually addictive! It's like I have to know what's gonna happen, like is his girlfriend gonna find out and for the record I am completely blaming you for this. If you were here then we could be doing other, more interesting stuff"

Sam smiled at the sound of Jessica's outraged voice, glancing towards the door when he heard a knock indicating someone was waiting to come in. He came to his feet, walking across the room still listening to Jessica speak.

"So anyway that has managed to lead me very nicely to my next question. How are things going with Dean? Have you managed to find your Dad yet? I'm hoping the fact that you haven't been in contact with me means it's going well and you're actually enjoying yourself and its not because you're stashing Dean's body somewhere or something similar to that, because that wouldn't be good Sam. Are things going well between the two of you? I mean I know it's been a long time and stuff and you were all nervous about going on this trip with him and his family." Sam glanced through the peephole, opening the door and letting Dean into the room, smiling a greeting at him. "Hopefully its not as bad as you thought, I mean your brother and Tansy seemed pretty cool. So anyway I've-"

Sam paused the message, looking up at Dean with a questioning look. His brother was leaning against the closed door, looking refreshed and happy as he waited for Sam to finish. It was a look which Sam wasn't used to seeing on his brother's face.

"Jess" he remarked, lifting the phone up "She rang last night but I missed it so I'm just listening to her voice mail. She talks a lot when she gets going" he remarked with a fond smile coming to his face.

"You don't need to explain yourself to me Sammy" Dean remarked with a shrug. "Your business is your business after all. I've just come to grab you for breakfast. We're starving so we're gonna head to the diner where you got the food from last night. You fancy joining us or you gonna stay here until we're finished instead?"

Sam stared at Dean for a moment, giving his question some consideration.

"Actually breakfast sounds pretty damn good right about now" he answered. "Just let me finish up here and I'll catch you down there. You lot grab the table or something" Dean nodded his head, pushing him self away from the door with a smile.

"Awesome" he stated simply. "Tansy's already on her way down there with James so I'll go and catch them up before they get too far ahead. You want me to order you something if they come to take it before you get there?" he asked. Sam nodded his head.

"Yeah just get me a portion of bacon and eggs with a large cup of white coffee, thanks Dean. I'll meet you there shortly." Dean nodded, flashing him a smile before he turned and open the door, exiting into the sunshine and leaving Sam alone in his room. Sam glanced at the closed door before he hit the play button on his phone listening to the rest of Jessica's message.

"-Decided exactly where we're gonna go for dinner on Monday night. There's this cool new Mexican restaurant which has just opened up a few blocks over from the campus. Zach headed over there last night and he said it was awesome. The food was good and the portions huge and apparently the drinks menu is pretty damn good as well focusing mainly on cocktails and I know how much you like cocktails even though you try to hide it from everyone. I've booked us a table for five thirty just in case things run over at your interview or something comes up with Dean and Tansy, so all of that is now sorted. I've spent most of today painting and that's about it though Becky did pop round during the day to keep me company and to have a chat. Hopefully your day has been a bit more exciting then mine has been. There's nothing much more to say. I'm gonna finish watching this program and then I'm going to bed so come home soon Sam so I can show you exactly how much I've been missing you. I love you! Night, Night."

Sam frowned when his phone suddenly beeped loudly in his ear; he glanced down at the screen rolling his eyes when he saw Dean's number flashing at him. Shaking his head he hit the call connect button and spoke.

"You've been gone for like two minutes Dean, missing me already or something?"

"Dude five-oh take off, head to the diner and meet up with the other two" Dean stated bluntly, his voice hushed. Sam came to his feet, his eyes widening as he looked towards the door. Five-oh meant that there were police in the area, police who was onto them.

"Shit" Sam swore, reaching up and dragging his hand through his hair. "How the hell are they onto us? What about you Dean? Can you get away from them at all?" Sam demanded.

"Yeah that's not happening Sam, they're already on their way over to say hey and they look pissed. I'll be fine as usual; you get the hell out of there. Go find Tansy and Dad" he said, his words rushing over themselves in his haste to get them out before he quickly hung up leaving Sam listening to the dial tone. Sam took the phone away from his ear staring down at it with an uneasy expression before he crept over to the front window and peered out making sure to keep out of sight. He watched nervously as the two deputies from the day before stopped in front of Dean who turned round to face them, a smile plastered on his face looking as though he didn't have a care in the world.

Sam wished he could hear exactly what was being said between them but the only way he would have been able to do that would be to open the window and that would have attracted attention to the room.

He cursed under his breathe when Deputy Jaffe turned away from Dean and pointed directly at Sam's room, sending the other Deputy over to investigate it, clearly they had seen Dean come out of it or knew that it was the room the owner had assigned them.

"Fuck" Sam muttered, turning and heading away from the window and into the small bathroom, pushing the door to behind him. He glanced around him, his eyes focusing on the window with a feeling of dread. He was going to have to through it. There was simply no other escape route for him to take. He slammed the lid of the toilet down and stood on it, opening the window as far as he could. It was just large enough for him to pull himself through though it was going to be a tight squeeze. He glanced once more at the door, his eyes narrowing. He could hear the Deputy calling to the manager demanding that he opened the room up so he could look in it.

Gritting his teeth together, Sam reached up and clutched at both sides of the window, pulling him self up, he twisted round awkwardly trying to make his tall body as small as possible, he pushed hard against the outer wall, breathing out to give him self more space to move around. He pushed, his eyes closing when he remained stuck solid before he suddenly gave way, his body shooting out of the window, sending him sprawling onto the concrete ground beneath him.

Sam hissed in pain, silently cursing as he scrambled to his feet, glancing around once to make sure no one had noticed his exit before he turned, walking calmly round the back towards one of the side roads which would lead him away from the motel and on to the main road. He had to assume that the deputies had Dean and that they were going to transport his brother back to the station for further questioning, though what they were going to question him about was beyond Sam. They had been careful; there was no way the police should have known who they were or what exactly they were doing there.

He breathed out shakily, stuffing his hands into his pocket and kept his head down, thinking hard. Dean had told him that Tansy and James had gone ahead to the diner to grab them a table while Dean had come for him which meant that not only had the Deputies not seen Dean's wife and son but also that they had no idea that he and Dean were with anyone else.

He would hook up with Tansy at the diner like Dean had told him to and then they could come up with a plan between the two of them on how they were going to deal with the mess. The police weren't going to be looking for Sam properly yet, they would be hoping that Dean would break easily and spill everything to them. Sam almost felt sorry for the Sheriff and his Deputies, they would be waiting a hell of a long time if they were waiting for Dean to break, his brother was one of the most stubborn men in existence. There was no way in hell that a random sheriff in a forgotten town in California would be the one to break Dean after everything his brother had faced in the past, especially when his family and brother were counting on him. The thought was almost laughable.

Sam climbed up the steps to the diner and pulled open the door, stepping in and automatically glancing around him. His eyes landed on Tansy at the back of the room and he breathed a silent sigh of relief, thankful for the first time since they had met to see her. He walked over, keeping his head down and slid into the free space opposite her. He glanced to the side to see James in a highchair, eating his food with a look of intense glee on his face, a look which Sam had seen countless of times on Dean's face when he had been enjoying a meal. The small boy was wearing half his porridge around his face but he certainly seemed to be enjoying him self from what Sam could tell. Without thinking, he reached over and ran his hand over James's soft dark hair, smiling when the small boy glanced up at him.

"Morning Sam" Tansy remarked, attracting Sam's attention away from his Nephew to her. She glanced up from her breakfast, eyes scanning his face for a moment before she looked behind him, searching the diner with a small frown. "Where's Dean? He went to get you from the room, did you miss him or is he in the toilet or something?" she asked an undercurrent of concern to her voice. Sam shook his head, licking his lips nervously before he spoke, keeping his voice low so he couldn't be overheard by any curious patrons.

"I saw him" he said "but he was caught by the police outside the motel room on his way here" Sam said, watching as Tansy's eyes widened.

"The police caught him" she repeated. "Caught him doing what exactly? Why have they taken him? Have they taken him to the station or are they just asking him some random questions about something? They think he's a federal marshal after all, maybe they just wanted to run something by him" she said, a sudden look of fury coming to her eyes. Sam shrugged his shoulders at her.

"I've got no idea but it didn't look to me like they were asking his opinion on anything from what I could see" he continued speaking, not giving Tansy the chance to barrage him with more questions. "Look the window was closed and I couldn't hear what was being said but it didn't exactly look good and I wasn't gonna stick around to try and find out either Tansy, the Deputies were heading over to the room." Sam said, leaning forward towards her and resting his arms against the table surface. "He managed to ring me before they reached him and told me to get the hell out of the motel room and to come here to meet up with you and James."

Tansy remained silent for a moment, her eyes moving back and forth before she spoke.

"Okay" she said, reaching up and pinching her bottom lip as she clearly thought about the situation. "Okay" she repeated, dropping her hand to the table as she met his eyes with a steady expression. "We've been in worst situations then this in the past and always managed to get out of them intact, the sheriff isn't gonna get anything out of Dean but at least it will keep him and the other Deputies occupied for a bit while we crack on trying to finish this job. Sam the best thing for you to do is to get out of town for a bit. You said last night that Joseph Welch lived out of town right?" she asked curiously. Sam nodded his head.

"Yeah he does, it looked like it would take an hour, maybe a hour and half to get there from Jericho" Sam answered, Tansy nodded.

"Okay, why don't you head over there and question him? We need to find Constance's body so we can end this. The police will come looking for you next, hoping that you'll be easier to intimidate then Dean. It's gonna be harder for them to find you if you're constantly on the move, especially if you're out of town for most of the day."

"That sounds like as good a plan as any" Sam agreed. "I'll get Joseph to talk to me and to tell me exactly where the body of Constance is" he promised, watching when Tansy suddenly smiled at him.

"Yeah well just try and remember that he's sixty four years old Sam. Try not to frighten him to death before you get the answers from him" she remarked lightly, her eyes moving around the diner, lingering on all the other customers faces.

"Thanks for the advice, I'll try and bear it in mind" Sam remarked dryly, rolling his eyes at her before he slumped back in his chair. "What are you going to do?" he asked curiously. Tansy glanced back at him for a second before reaching over and taking James's empty bowl away from him. She reached into the baby bag she had with her and took out a banana, opening it and breaking it into small pieces which she handed to James before she spoke.

"As soon as James has finished eating, I'll head back to the motel and see what's happening there. No one knows that Dean came from our room this morning because I noticed last night that their security cameras were out of action, I think its safe to assume that they are gonna be thinking that you and Dean shared a room last night instead. I'll question the owner and find out if he knows why the police came after the two of you and then I'll figure out a way of getting the cops out of the station for a bit. Dean should be able to handle the rest of it."

"Let's hope he can" Sam said, biting down on his lower lip.

"Trust me Sam, this isn't the first police break out we've had, we've got it down to a fine art now" She answered, reaching down and searching through the pockets of her duffle coat with a slight frown. She made a sound of satisfaction as she pulled out the keys to the impala, placing them on the table and pushing them across the surface towards him. "Take the impala with you Sam" she said "I can easily rent one for the day if I need to. If they've clocked that Dean is the owner then they are gonna be looking for it. The last thing we need is for them to see me driving it and knowing about me and James. Dean's not gonna talk but if they've got any sense then they'll already have fingerprinted him and be checking for him on the system. I kinda think we all want to be gone by the time those results makes it through the lab and back to them. The only good thing is that this town is so small that the labs aren't gonna get round to it for a while"

"That gives us time to play around with, Dean's never gonna talk, not when you and James are in town" Sam said confidently. Tansy nodded, reaching into her handbag and pulling out a pen and paper. She wrote something down, ripping out the page and held it out to Sam who took it automatically.

"That's my mobile number" she said, placing the lid back on her pen. "I realised last night after you left that I had given it to Jess but not to you. Text or call me as soon as you've finished with Joseph Welch and let me know what he has to say for himself. If you call me now I'll have your number and I can keep you informed on what's happening here." Sam nodded, pulling out his mobile from his jacket pocket and quickly entered her as a contact. He hit the call button and waited for a moment before the sounds of Boys II Men suddenly burst out from the phone resting on the table surface next to his sister in law. He glanced towards it before looking back at Tansy with a raised eyebrow.

"Your ring tone is Boys II Men?" Sam remarked in surprise. "I'm surprised that Dean lets you get away with it. Last time I had something similar he got hold of my phone and changed it to a Metallica tune." Tansy grinned.

"Yeah the people who are likely to call me when Dean is around have a tune which has been accepted as being okay by Dean. The rest get Boys II Men. What can I say, I really like them" She breathed out, her expression becoming serious. "You better go Sam, it's a long drive and you still need to get the impala from the motel and get it past the police somehow."

"I can manage it" Sam replied confidently. Tansy nodded.

"Yeah just be careful okay, the last thing we need is for you to end up in the slammer with Dean." Sam rolled his eyes as he came to his feet. He reached over and picked up her coffee mug, downing the contents before he placed it back at the table flashing her an apologetic glance when she looked up at him with a disbelieving look.

"Sorry" he stated "But I was really thirsty and you said it yourself, I don't have the time to stick around and get myself one from the waitress" he commented, reaching up and rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly when Tansy continued to stare at him with an unimpressed look. Her eyes narrowed slightly before her gaze lowered to her plate. She sighed; the noise sounding annoyed as she grabbed a napkin from the side and placed two slices of toast on it before selecting the nicest rashers of bacon from her breakfast placing them on top. She glanced back at him and pushed the napkin over to him.

"You better take that with you, if you're that thirsty that you'd take my drink then you're probably hungry as well. The last thing we need is for you to pass out at the wheel because you're hungry and wreck Dean's car because he'd kill you" she stated calmly. Sam stared down at the napkin in surprise before he gathered it up. "Oh and Sam" Tansy remarked "If you ever take my coffee again then I'll stab you with a knife, just thought it be fair to let you know" she remarked lightly.

"Yeah thanks for the warning" Sam answered with a shake of his head. "I'll text you when I get to Joseph Welch's house. Take care of yourself and James Tansy" he said, reaching out and running his hand over James's head again.

"Same to you Sam" she answered.

Sam sighed, picking up the impala key from the table and headed out the diner without a backwards glance. He looked around him carefully before he headed down the path towards the motel and the impala.

He had a job to do.

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