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So I've literally just started a two week holiday from work today which is always awesome, I'm hoping to be able to do some major updating on this story and witch Hunt. In fact I'm hoping to complete Reunion during my time off which means that I might increase the amount I'm updating the story to once every two days, though don't hold me to it. It was depends on my health and plans in the real world.

This chapter jumps back to Tansy's point of view but don't worry, the next five chapters belong to Sam and Dean. I just wanted a chapter which not only would show Tansy's reaction to what Sam told her but also show how she reacts in every day situations when Dean isn't with her just so you can have another glimpse at her.

The chapter is shorter then the others I've put up, perhaps even the shortest but it needed to be. It still three thousand words so at least that's something.

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Overall Summary

When Sam Winchester left for Stanford University to study law it never occurred to him that life for his brother Dean would go on without him, now his brother is back, needing help to locate their missing father but he isn't alone. Sam needs to figure out where he stands now and decide once and for all if he's a Winchester or not.

Chapter Summary

Tansy does some questioning on her own…

Overall Romances

Dean Winchester/Tansy Winchester (OFC), Sam Winchester/Jessica Moore and Troy Squire/Amy Hein

Romance for this chapter

Dean Winchester / Tansy Winchester (OFC), Mentions of Sam Winchester / Jessica Moore

Chapter Eighteen

1st November 2005

08:15 AM

Park Avenue Diner



Tansy Winchester's Point of View

Tansy breathed out nosily, glancing down at her half full plate, her appetite completely gone.

This seriously couldn't be happening, not now, not when they were finally getting somewhere with the case.

Shaking her head she pushed her plate away from her and turned her thoughts to the problem at hand.

Why the hell has the police gone after Sam and Dean? Surely they didn't believe that the brothers could have been the ones who were responsible for the disappearances which had been happening in the town. They hadn't even been in the area when any of the men had gone missing, hell Sam hadn't even been born when the first man had disappeared and Dean must have been three at the very most, perhaps even younger then that. She supposed there was always a chance that they had done a check with the necessary officials to see whether a federal marshal had been dispatched to Jericho to look into the case but somehow that was unlikely, especially as she knew that Dean hadn't given a name when he had shown his badge to the Deputy. Something had happened since yesterday to flag them as a potential person of interest to apprehend, she just couldn't for the life of her figure out why and it was frustrating her.

Shaking her head, Tansy bit down hard on her lip, ignoring the flash of pain the movement caused. She could only assume that the police were panicking, feeling the pressure from the mayor and other important figure heads, figureheads who were probably breathing down their necks, demanding some sort of answer as to why their men folk were disappearing never to be seen again. At least if the police made an arrest for the disappearances, even if it was a wrongful arrest, then it would look like they were making progress of a sort and getting somewhere. Anything to hide the fact that the case continued to baffle them as much as it had done twenty years ago when the first case had emerged.

God if there was one thing which she hated more then demons and supernatural creatures then it was bullshit politics, Politics which appeared to be everywhere as far as she could see.

What Tansy really wanted to do was get her ass back to the motel, change into the one smart suit she had brought with her in case of an emergency and walk straight into that police station announcing her self as Dean's lawyer. It would probably take her twenty minutes at the most to rip their phoney case to shreds until there was no shadow of doubt in anyone's mind that her husband did not belong in that station, answering their idiotic questions. She didn't dare though, not only did she have no one to look after James but she had to remain out of sight and off the police radar so she could help Sam hunt for clues, not only to why the police wanted them in the first place but also to help him with the problem of Constance. The sooner that case was solved then the sooner they could leave Jericho and drop Sam off, have the meal with him and Jess and then finally go home, back to their own comfortable bed and the privacy which automatically came with it.

"Are you ready to head back to the motel baby?" She asked her son, shaking herself out of her thoughts and turning her attention to James with a wide smile as she shook her head at his face. "Look at you, you messy pup, you're meant to eat the food not smear it over your face." She remarked fondly, turning from him and opening up the baby bag which she had dumped on the booth next to her. She hunted round for a moment before she pulled out the package of baby wipes she kept with her at all times. She pulled out two, attacking her son with them and ignoring the protesting noise he made against it, wiping his hands and face before she threw them on her plate of half finished food. "Not long now and then we'll be leaving, I know how much you hate being in a high chair but just be patient a tiny bit longer" she said to him softly, taking off his bib and removing the small container which she had kept the fruit in. James had a nasty habit of picking everything up and throwing it around the place, a habit which normally involved someone, normally her or Dean, getting covered in food.

"Can I get you anything else honey? Some more coffee maybe?" the waitress who had been serving her asked as she approached her.

"No nothing more thank you" Tansy answered absently, running a hand over James's head.

"The rest of your party didn't show up then?" She asked Tansy curiously. Tansy glanced at her sharply but all she could see in the woman's dark eyes was a look of genuine curiosity and interest.

"No, they got held up with something else" Tansy remarked with a shrug. "You know what men can be like at times, they'd forget their own heads if they weren't already attached to their necks" she added, watching when the woman nodded, a knowing, almost amused look coming to her face briefly.

"I sure do honey, you can't trust them as far as you can throw them in my experience" she answered. Tansy nodded, feeling awkward as she glanced away from the older woman, smiling at James instead as she took his hand when the small boy lunged towards her with a frustrated look on his face.

"I'd just like the bill if that's ok" she asked, smiling again as she pulled the baby bag onto her lap, opening it and stuffing all of James's belongings into it. She glanced up as a piece of paper was fluttered in front of her face. "Thanks" she said reaching out and taking it. She expected the woman to walk away but instead she lingered, her attention moving from Tansy to James. Tansy automatically stiffened, watching the woman carefully, ready to spring into action if it was needed.

"Your son is lovely" the waitress commented looking down at James and making little cooing noises at him, James looked back at her, an unimpressed expression on his small face. Tansy couldn't help the small smile which came to her own at the look, she had seen it countless of times on Dean's face in the past, normally when he was faced with a witch of some description. "How old is he exactly?" the waitress asked

Tansy hesitated answering the question before she silently sighed.

"He's two and a half now" she replied.

"That's a lovely age, he's the same age as my granddaughter, you enjoy it honey because pretty soon he'll be older and answering back and you'll remember these days and wish you had them back again" Tansy nodded, glancing away wondering not for the first time what it was about her which made other women want to spill their drama at her. "How are you paying for this honey, cash or card?" The waitress asked suddenly turning professional again. Tansy blinked at the abrupt change before she shook it off, glancing down at the amount on the bill.

"I'll be paying by cash thanks" Tansy replied, opening up her shoulder bag and pulling out her wallet, she pulled out a fresh twenty dollar bill and passed it over.

"Thanks, I'll be back in a moment with your change" the older woman remarked, turning her back on Tansy and heading back to the counter where the till was situated. Tansy breathed out a sigh of relief, her shoulders slumping down as she looked at the picture in her wallet of Dean holding James, both of them smiling brightly at the camera with identical grins. She stroked her thumb across Dean's face for a moment before she closed the wallet and pushed it back in her bag.

The last thing she wanted was for the waitress to see the picture and put two and two together. Tansy had no doubt that the police would come to the diner and they would talk about what had happened at the motel and she knew from experience that waitresses did love to gossip with their customers, especially in small towns. One word from her and the police could come after Tansy, wanting to question her and find out what her part in the case was if anything.

She stood up, gathering her two bags up and unstrapping a James who was getting increasingly noisy through boredom, lifting him up and resting his weight against her hip, she adjusted him slightly so it was more comfortable and silently thanked her lucky stars that she had listened to Dean that morning and pulled the pushchair from the trunk of the impala to use.

"Here you go" The waitress said, holding out thirteen dollars in her hand. Tansy leaned over, taking the ten dollar note.

"Keep the rest" she remarked. "Thank you for the food and drink, I'm only sorry I couldn't finish it all"

"You're very welcome honey" the waitress replied with a smile, looking pleased by Tansy's compliment. Tansy nodded at her, moving towards the entrance of the diner and stopping by the push chair. She positioned both bags in the small basket at the bottom before she placed James in his seat, strapping him in and forcing his hat and mittens on to keep him warm. She left the diner, shivering in the sudden cool air as she lifted the pushchair up and quickly climbed down the stairs, placing it back on the pavement and pushing it in the direction of the motel. She glanced behind her once towards the direction she knew the police station was in before she looked away with a silent sigh trying the ignored the uneasy feeling which was growing with every step she took.

God she hope Dean was okay and they were treating him alright in there.

It took her five minutes to reach their motel. She glanced around her carefully, her eyes widening slightly when she saw the two police cars parked outside room ten, their lights still flashing blue and red. Tansy glanced down at James, unsurprised to see that he was completely memorised by the changing lights. She watched the scene for a moment, keeping the expression on her face as merely curious as a young policeman exited the room, holding several small bags of evidence in his hand which he placed in a cardboard box resting on the trunk of his car.

Bags of evidence which they were clearly planning on using against Dean.

Tansy silently cursed her father in law for putting them in this situation in the first place. What the hell had the older man been thinking to leave the room in the state it was in? Any Hunter knew that you cleared the room of any evidence which could be damning before you checked out of it but clearly John had been too intent on performing his little running out trick to obey the rules. Hell he had already broken the cardinal one of leaving a hunt half way through and incomplete, why not just add this one as well.

She shook her head, promising herself that she would have some words to say to the older man when they finally located him before she made her self turn away from the scene in case the police spotted her and decided that she was showing too much interest in what was occurring.

"Let's go James" she remarked, smiling down at her son when he shifted in his chair, tilting his head back so he could see her, a wide smile coming to his face at the sight of her. She headed over to the reception area noticing with relief that the impala was gone from the spot where Dean had parked it the night before. Somehow Sam had managed to get it out of the car park and away from the motel without the police noticing him. How they missed the noise that Dean's baby made was beyond her but she certainly wasn't complaining. They needed all the luck they could get.

Tansy opened the reception door and pushed James in, heading over to the front desk. The same man who had been on duty the night before was still there, leaning against the surface and reading a newspaper.

"Hiya" she said. He glanced up, searching her face for a moment before a slow smile came to his face. The old man straightened with a look of recognition as he continued to stare at her.

"Hi" he replied thoughtfully. "You're the young lady staying in room seven aren't you?" he asked curiously, his eyes dropping away from her face to focus on the open guest book in front of him. "Grace Adams wasn't it?" he asked, Tansy nodded her head.

"I'm surprised you recognise me" she stated.

"Well of course, I never forget a face or a name of anyone who stays here" the man boasted. Tansy nodded, pretending to look impressed before she glanced over her shoulder through the glass door, speaking as she turned back to him.

"I'm sorry to bother you when you're busy" she remarked "But I've just got back from breakfast with my son and I couldn't help but notice that the place seems to be swarming with police officers suddenly. Has something happened here this morning? Is it safe for us to still stay here or should I look for another motel in the area?" she queried, making her eyes widening in a helpless look. She almost snorted when the man's expression softened as he shook his head at her.

Sometimes it really was too easy.

"There's no reason at all why you need to leave Ms Adams" he assured her "The police was currently investigating a string of missing people in the area and they believe that they've finally found the people responsible for it, they were staying right here at this very motel in room ten" he stated, looking offended at the fact that it had happened under his very nose and he had never known it. Tansy stared back, pretending to be shocked at the news.

"So the people responsible were staying here last night?" she asked watching as the man nodded his head.

"They made an arrest of a young man this very morning" he announced. "He came in late last night, covered head to foot in drying mud with another taller man with him. I should have realised right then and then that they were both trouble but it was only this morning when the Deputies came round asking routine questions about whether I had seen any suspicious characters that I put two and two together and remembered him. He had definitely seemed suspicious, I mean what could he have been doing to get into the state he was in?" he demanded. Tansy shook her head.

"I don't know" she confessed "I never saw anyone else arrive last night. I was asleep in my room and there was nothing strange happening when we left the motel to eat"

"Well don't you worry your pretty head about it Ms Adams, there's gonna be enough evidence to put both of them away for a very long time. I saw the room with my own eyes. The walls were covered in all this weird stuff and there were pictures of all the missing people stuck up. I wouldn't be surprised if the police found little trophies taken from the victims in there as well. I watch plenty of CSI, I know exactly how these people work." Tansy closed her eyes briefly, fighting the overwhelming urge to punch the man in the face, only the knowledge that he would probably have her arrested for assault stopped her. If he had just shut up then Dean would have been free.

"Yeah that is a relief to know" She forced her self to say before she turned back to James who was looking around the room with wide eyes. "I'd best get back to my room" she stated.

"I hope everything is acceptable for you in there?" The man called after her.

"Its fine thank you for asking" she said, pulling the door closed behind her and cutting off any answer he had made. Her eyes lingered on the police activity before she pushed the pushchair over to their room, opening the door up and slipping in, closing and locking it behind her. She unstrapped James, letting him out and passing him a few of his toys to keep him occupied.

There was only one thing she could do.

Picking up her phone she went through her contacts, stopping at the one she needed and pressing the connect button. She waited, breathing a sigh of relief when the phone was picked up with a distracted greeting.

"Aaron? It's Tansy, something's happened here. I'm gonna need a favour."

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