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Hermione walked from the fireplace, she threw her bag onto the table and took off her coat.

"Ron...Ron, are you in?" she shouted.

The fact that there was no reply confirmed that she was home first. She headed for the kitchen, it would be left to her to make tea again. Just once, she thought it would be nice to come home to someone who would look after her for a change.

Ron's job at the Ministry, where he worked with Harry meant that he did not work conventional hours. Hermione would never know from one day to the next, when or even if he would be home at night. She realised that the work he did was important, there were still many of Voldemort's followers around, wreaking havoc in the dark lords name.

Hermione's job at the Public Library, which was the typical 9 to 5 hours, could not have been more different. Ron had not wanted Hermione to work after they married but she had insisted. If he had thought she was going to be like his mum and stay at home being the good little wife, the wedding would never have taken place at all.

Ron had finally given in to her working mainly because he had no choice, but that had really been the only big thing they had argued over. They had had petty little squabbles but they had always been able to get over them, in the big scheme of things they were a good match.

Hermione loved Ron with all her heart, but there was a little piece of her that wondered if they were together because it was expected that they would be. Sometimes she would catch Ginny giving Harry a look of complete lust, as if she wanted to ravish him right there and then. Hermione sighed as she put the dinner in the oven, she wished that Ron made her feel that way. Yes, she loved him and their sex life was good but she sometimes felt that there was something missing. She did not have any idea what it was, she just knew that it was not there.

After feeding Crookshanks she went back to the sitting room, she picked up a book and settled on the sofa hoping that Ron would not be too late. The clock on the mantle ticked the minutes away as she lost herself between the pages, she felt her eyes getting heavy as she struggled to follow what was on the page. Hermione was startled when suddenly Harry appeared from the fireplace,

"Hermione...!" he started, she knew straight away that something was wrong. Harrys face was etched with pain and his eyes full of tears. Hermione stood up and took hold of his shoulders.

"Harry...Harry...what is wrong? Where is Ron?" she looked him in the eyes, dreading what he was going to say.

"Oh, Hermione," He began, as the tears overflowed and started to fall down his cheeks "He's dead." Harry's voice cracked.

As she tried to process what Harry was telling her she felt the world fall from beneath her feet, the room spun around her as she fell into the darkness.

Hermione felt the softness of the sofa beneath her, as she drifted back into consciousness. She was aware of someone holding her hand and gently stroking her hair, she could hear Harrys voice from the other side of the room,

"He did not stand a chance, as soon as we turned the corner, the curse came from nowhere." She could tell from his voice he was fighting to keep his emotions in check, "It hit him full on Arthur, there was nothing I could do!"

Hermione opened her eyes to see the older man pulling Harry into a hug, both lost together in their grief. Pain stabbed in her chest, how could this be happening? She turned her head, Molly was knelt beside her watching Arthur and Harry, her face was blotchy from crying.

"Molly?" She whispered, the older woman turning to her at the sound of her voice, "Is it true?"

"Oh Hermione dear, yes it is true." Molly said gently, looking into Hermione's eyes "We've lost him."

The tears began to fall from Hermione's eyes and she gave in to the overwhelming feeling of loss, as Molly gathered her into her arms. The two women united in their pain, a wife and a mother gently sobbing together.