Alec was working in the Teku side of the Acceledrome, currently; he was fine tuning his car's stereo system for perfect sound quality. Not too long ago, he, along with all the other drivers, except Kadeem, made it out of the Storm Realm. Not pleased with his performance, he went to work upgrading his car. He gave it a massive increase on horsepower, from 800 to 1,400. And a top speed of 300 miles per hour, which brought his car up to the standards that the Teku and Metal Maniacs have set.

"Hey, Alec. What are you up to?" Vert said as he approached Adrenaline Rush.

"Ah, nothing much. Just setting up the stereo system. That crash in the Storm Realm messed it up really bad. How about you?" Alec replied.

"I'm busy with building my new car. As is Kurt, I just wanted to take a break for a while." Vert said.

"Hm. Hey, you said you were in the World Race, right? What was that? Was it like the Racing Realms?" Alec questioned.

"Yeah, kinda. Except the World Race was on a bigger scale. More drivers, more teams, that kind of thing. But it wasn't for the fate of the world. It was for five million dollars." Vert explained.

"Five million? When was this, again?" Alec wondered.

"Two years ago." Vert replied.

"Well, I could have been in that race, that was probably the peak of my career, two years ago. So who was in it?" Alec asked.

"Me, Lani, Taro, Kurt and Mark Wylde, Kadeem, and a lot more." Vert said.

"How many more?" Alec wondered.

"I'd say, thirty drivers. Maybe more, maybe less." Vert replied.

"Holy shit, thirty six drivers all competing for five million dollars. Now I really wish I was in that race." Alec said.

"Yeah, that's where I got my car, too. The one that got destroyed coming out of the Storm Realm, that is." Vert said.

"Man, that sucks." Alec mumbled.

"So how about you? What was your big moment in your street racing career?" Vert asked.

"Probably when I won the week long endurance race throughout the entirety of Minnesota. We started in St. Paul, the capitol, and went north. From there we raced along the Canadian border until we got to the western part of the state. We went in a circle around the entire state until we came to Minneapolis, where the finish line was. There were 150 racers at the beginning, about fifty dropped out, twenty of those fifty died in crashes, while the remaining thirty simply ran out of fuel. That was when I was still considered a rookie." Alec said.

"Wow, sounds like an intense race." Vert said.

"It was, I can't count how many police chases I got myself into on that race." Alec said.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded, and the hologram of the Wheel of Power started turning. Vert ran off to his car, and Alec got into his. He fired up the engine and started moving towards the track. He was cut off by Nolo, Kurt, and Vert before he could make it, so he had to take 4th in line. In his mirror he saw Karma approach the track, but was slammed aside by Porkchop, who was one of the drivers that came along after the Storm Realm, along with Shirako, Nolo, and some drivers from the Metal Maniacs. He drove on the track leading up to the hologram, then he heard Tezla come on the radio to announce that the next Racing Realm was known as the Swamp Realm.

Knowing that, he drove straight into the portal, and into the realm.

Much like the Storm Realm, they started off with no track. They were sent flying through a swamp, until they eventually landed on a track, and the race was underway.

The first thing they came up to was an enormous tree, with the track wrapping around it. The track had multiple tracks leading away from the tree.

"So which one of these tracks is the right one?" Kurt asked.

"The only way we find out is if we all split up." Alec replied.

"Great idea, Alec. If the drivers split up, we'll have greater chance of reaching the end before the drones then if they were to stick together." Tezla interrupted.

And with that, they split up. Alec went on a track that looked like it went out into the open swamp, he checked his mirror to see that Porkchop wasn't far behind. He drove out into the open swamp, where the track was hovering just above some kind of lake. Alec looked out his right side window, and spotted something.

At first he was confused, it looked like a car, but it didn't look like a drone car. It didn't look like any car that the Teku or Metal Maniacs drive, either. He stopped and got out. It looked like it wasn't completely sunken, so maybe the liquid that made up the lake was strong enough for him to walk on. He saw a twig on the track, and threw it out. When the twig bounced off the liquid, he deemed it safe to walk on. He slowly descended from the track ad on to the lake. Much to his surprise, he could indeed walk on it. He went out to the car, only to find out his discovery was even more disturbing than it seemed.

The window was shattered, he looked inside, and he found a human skeleton. Alec nearly puked, once he had settled down, he looked at the rest of the car. He saw a decal that said Roadbeasts on it, and on the roof he found a decal that said Highway 35 on it. When he saw that, he quickly ran back to his car and reported the news.

"Hey guys, there's a car out here that was in the World Race." Alec said into the radio.

"What!? The World Race? What's the team name?" Vert replied.

"Roadbeasts. I found a skeleton inside." Alec said.

"Roadbeasts? That's the team that Banjee lead!" Kurt said.

"You don't think that's Banjee, do you?" Taro said.

"I'm gonna try and bring it out. Maybe I can bring it back to the Acceledrome." Alec said. He positioned his car so that the back end was facing the half sunken car, and aimed the grapple claw that he installed on the front and rear end of his car, directly at the vehicle. He fired the grapple claw, and it hit its mark, right in the center of the rear bumper. Alec then reeled the claw back, and the sunken vehicle slowly started coming out.

Alec looked out of his left side mirror to see if any Teku or Metal Maniacs, or worse, drones were coming his direction. He saw something coming towards him, it was a car, definitely. But he couldn't figure out which one it was. As it came closer, he started to make out the shape of Jack Hammer, Porkchop's car.

"Hey, Porkchop. Think you can give me a hand with this?" Alec asked.

"Well, you're not a Metal Maniac, but you're not Teku, either. What do you need?" Porkchop replied.

"I'm trying to pull this car out so I can bring it back to the Acceledrome." Alec said.

"Alright, I guess I can help. Hey, Monkey. Grab that anchor chain." Porkchop said.

"What do you need an anchor chain for?" Monkey wondered.

"My anchor." Porkchop responded.

Jack Hammer pulled up right next to Adrenaline Rush, Porkchop got out with his anchor, and threw it out at the car. It landed right next to the grapple claw. Porkchop then looped the chain around the front bumper of Jack Hammer, got it, and threw the car in reverse.

Needless to say, that made the process much faster. The car went straight up, flew a few feet, and then landed right underneath the track, where it could be easily pulled up.

"Thanks, Porkchop. I got it from here." Alec said.

"No problem." Porkchop replied.

Vert was driving along the track, right behind Taro, who was facing the drone truck from the Storm Realm. Taro had just implanted an anchor into the rear of the drone truck, which sent them both out of control. Vert managed to get past them, and continued the race.

He drove into a clearing, and he saw what looked like some kind of giant monster. It roared as it came to life, and sent tentacles after Vert's car. Vert tried to outrun them, but they were simply too fast. They snatched Vert's car, effectively bringing Vert out of the race.

Meanwhile, Alec was driving down another part of the track, right behind Nolo and Tork. He decided to stay back, knowing those two have a history together.

"Alec, are you seriously towing that car you were talking about earlier?" Tork asked.

"Of course I am. I've got a few questions to ask Tezla once we make it out of here, and besides, if I can get that thing working again, I want to see what it can do." Alec replied.

"Guys, be careful up ahead! There's this… thing, I don't really know what it is, but it's got tentacles, and apparently it doesn't like cars. It snatched me and Porkchop, but I think I noticed something. If you stay in the middle of the track, you'll have better traction, that might be the key to outrunning it." Monkey said over the radio.

"Got it, Monkey. Stay in the groove." Alec said. He looked into his rear view mirror, and saw Mark Wylde coming up behind him.

"Hey, Alec. You might wanna drop that car if you know what's coming." Mark suggested.

"No way, Wylde. I'm bringing this car back. I'll find a way around that monster." Alec replied.

"Alright then, enjoy last place." Mark said. He then sped past Alec, getting in between Nolo and Tork. Shortly after that, the tentacles came after Wylde and Tork, snatching them both. Leaving just Nolo and Alec.

"Take the lead, Nolo. Just remember, stay in the groove." Alec said. There was no response from Nolo, indicating that either Nolo's radio was broken, or he just didn't care. He took off in front of Alec, staying in the center of the track the entire time. Alec stayed behind to block the Racing Drones, while at the same time dodging tentacles.

"Stay in the groove." Nolo said to himself as he drove. He remembered what his brother had told him.

"It's not so hard, finding the perfect line. The hard part is staying in it."

Nolo hit the nitrox button, and Synkro, Nolo's car, rocketed forward. He maintained being in the center of the track, where the supposed groove was. As a result of being in the groove, the tentacles couldn't catch him. He turned a corner, and there it was. The portal. The finish line.

Nolo switched gears and floored it, going straight for the portal. He approached the ramp, and went right in. He came out of the portal in the Acceledrome, where his car landed on the platform right next to the entrance. A glow of light appeared in front of Nolo, and a strange, card like object floated in the air. Nolo grabbed it and looked at it. It had the symbol of the Swamp Realm on it.

Alec came out of the portal next, not far behind Nolo. He, along with the World Race car, landed next to Nolo. Alec got out and went over to the World Race car, and dragged out the skeleton. He looked at the control tower, where Tezla most likely was. He saw Tezla standing there, looking directly at him. Alec gave Tezla a menacing glare. He was mad at Tezla for not saying anything about this.

More drivers came out of the portal, Vert, Kurt, and Taro immediately saw the World Race car as soon as they came out. Vert got out of Shirako's car and ran over.

"This is Banjee's car. That must mean that, that skeleton is Banjee." Vert said.

"Looks like Tezla has a lot of explaining to do."

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