Before reading: I do not own The Hunger Games Trilogy or the characters. All is written to honor and tribute Suzanne Collins. Please take notice that I'm swedish so the english might not be perfect. Please Review!

CF: So Buttercup, I know you're enjoying your stay here in the Capitol but what have amazed you the most?

BC: Well Caesar, I like the food and the fact a cat can be famous for just being a victor's cat!

CF: You were talking about food, what has been your favourite dish so far?

BC: Well I like the eel and stewed mice.

CF: The stew with grapes?

BC: Yes that one.

CF: Well my cat likes it so I guess that is nice!

BC: Do you have a cat?

CF: Yes, a cat with folded ears named Thyme.

BC: Would it be possible to meet her?

CF: Yes probably, but you will have to promise me to not make any kittens!

BC: Well that is a promise I could hold!

CF: Speaking about kittens, did you have a relationship with your mother?

BC: When I was a kitten, my mum used to call me a cat with no future. But look at me now! I live with a victor and two doctors (at least I think they are doctors).

CF: Well you are right on that point; you are probably the most famous cat in Panem.

BC: Well that is probably true!

CF: Well Buttercup, Is there a special girl back home?

BC: No, but I think your cat is high on that list!

CF: Well, I think is time to end this interview. Ladies and gentlemen, Buttercup the cat on fire!