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Chapter 11

Robbie's P.O.V

Today was cat and I's anniversary and right now Cat was still sleeping peacefully and surprisingly, so were the twins

I was making breakfast for Cat to have

The breakfast consisted of;

2 pieces of French toast

A couple of pancakes with syrup and butter

A scrambled egg

A few strawberries (that I put on top of the pancakes)

A bagel

A small blubeerry muffin

And a coffee

I also put some roses in a nice vase and put them on the tray with everything else and put a magazine on the tray as well

I carry the tray upstairs and into cat and I's room to find her still asleep

"Ohhh, cattt" I whisper in a kind of sing-song way

She turns over and rubs her eyes "what?" She says

"Happy anniversary" I smile as she sits up and I place the tray on her lap

"Aw, aren't you a cutie" she smiles and kisses me on the cheek "thank you"

"Your welcome" I smile as she starts eating

"Are the twins awake yet?" She says and takes a sip of coffee

"I'll go check" I say and stand up and walk out of the room and into the twins room

I go over to Talia's cot and see that she is awake "morning beautiful" I coo to her and she giggles

"Hiya daddy" she says in a cute little voice

I can't help but smile at her and I pick her up "can I trust you to sit here while I see if your brother is awake?" I ask her as I kneel down and put her on the floor

She nods

"Okay" I stand up and go to Milo's cot who is also awake

"Hey there little man" I say to him as I lift him up

He giggles and I smile at him

I hold milo on my hip as I pick up Talia as well

"Now, who wants to get some breakfast" I say to them both

They both giggle at the same time so I carry them both downstairs and into the kitchen where I place them both in their high chair

I make their breakfast and fed them it and surprisingly they eat it with out any fuss

"Well, that was easier than I expected" I say to myself just as the door opens

"Hello" Jade says from the door

"In the kitchen!" I shout

Beck and Jade then come down the stairs from the front door into the kitchen

"Hey guys" I smile

"Hey Robbie, happy anniversary" Jade says and hugs me

"Thanks" I return the hug

She let's go after a while "where's Cat?"

"She's upstairs, I made her breakfast in bed"

"Aw, that's nice, Beck never makes me breakfast in bed" she says and looks at Beck and so do I and we both see that he's not listening and is playing with the twins

He sees us looking at him and he looks over "what?" He asks looking confused

Jade laughs a little and rolls her eyes playfully and turns to look at me again "so, go get Cat"

"Alright" I say and walk upstairs and into the room to see Cat sitting reading the magazine I gave her and drinking her coffee

"Hey Cat, Beck and Jade are downstairs" I tell her

"Oh, okay, I'll be down in a second" she smiles and gets up and starts to get ready

"Are you finished your breakfast?" I ask her seeing the tray lying at the other side of the bed

"Yes, and it was lovely, thank you so much" she smiles and keeps getting ready

"You're welcome" I smile and take the tray and leave her coffee because I saw that she wasn't finished that yet

I walk downstairs and clean the dishes and put the tray away and I go into the living room to find Beck and Jade in there with the twins and I smile "Cat'll be down in a second" I tell them and sit on the couch

"So, what'd you get Cat for her anniversary?" Jade asks as she sits on the couch

"Well, I got her a-" I start but I'm interrupted as Cat walks into the room

"Hey guys" she says

"Cat!" Jade says and stands up and runs over to her and hugs her "Happy anniversary!"

Cat laughs and returns the hug "thank you!"

Jade let's go of Cat and the both come over and sit on the couch

"So, Robbie, you were gonna say what you got Cat..?" Jade says

"Oh, yeah" I take an envelope with a card in it out of my pocket and hand it to Cat

Jade turns to me "a card? That's it?"

She turns to face Cat again and watch her open it

She takes it out of the envelope and opens it when something falls out of it

She picks up the two things that fell out and looks at them

Everything's quiet for a while until Cat screams

"Oh my god! Are you serious!?" She smiles "Tickets to Hawaii!?"

I smile "Happy anniversary"

She keeps smiling "oh my god, thank you so much!"

"It's for our honeymoon since we never got to go on one 'Cause the twins were to young"

"Oh yeah, the twins, who are going to look after them while we're gone?"

I see Beck and Jade look at each other and Jade raises her eyebrows at him and he nods

"We could watch them" Jade says to us

"Really? You would do that?" Cat asks her

"Sure, why not?" Beck says

"Then it's done! Hawaii here we come!" She laughs and we all laugh as well

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