Quick clato one shot- Copied from my tumblr A.K.A Datbitchkilledmyotp

"Cato, Get up." I smiled at him and shook him slightly.
"What is it, babe?" He asked with a tired tone to his voice.
"Alex is coming home today, remember she won the games." I giggled at him
"Oh yeah." He laughed and sat up in bed. "Your telling me to get up yet you cant move yourself."
"Well I was waiting for you to get up first and I have an excuse." I smirked.
"What so you think because your pregnant that you can lay in bed all day? I dont" He stood up and walked round to my side of the bed, grabbed my arms and pulled me up. "Cato..Im tired though."
"And so am but you got me up now its my turn to get you up." I stood up and looked at him.
"She's due home tonight lets set up for a party."
~Later That Night~

We watched as the train pulled in and fireworks went off behind it. I pushed to the front. I wanted to see my daughter. "Alex." I shouted with joy. She ran over to me and fell into my arms crying. "Mum."
"Hey baby dont cry."
"Mum..Im not like a career, Im not strong anymore I'm weak…Im just a weak little girl from district 2."
"Look baby. Your home now with me and your dad…" She smiled slightly and pulled away from the hug. "You go and show the rest of them that you are strong and that you won those games. Show them your proud to be another career that won." She walked back to the front of the crowds and waved to the all smiling. I was just happy my baby girl was home.