So this is a story about two best friends and a brother trying to make it as warriors in a world run by monsters, this is ust he first chapter so tell me what your think and I'll post the other chapters i've got! Ok I'll stop talking now and let you read the story, just please give me some feed back! Everything is mine no stealing please!

The Serpent's World

By: Lindsey Miller

Chapter One

There will once come a time when the planet Earth needs help. So then we will go to a magical planet, the one problem will be that the ruler of this planet was one of the most ruthless leaders in our universe. He was a dragon, and he wanted to do what dragons do best, hunt.

We have warriors that are chosen at or before birth. You train from the time you are five years old, by then you know your fate. You are to train till the age of eighteen and then you enter the arena, and usually you won't come out.

I am a warrior. I am seventeen years of age and on my way to death.

"Rose! Rose! You won't believe what happened in training today!" exclaimed Cassie. "We used poison packs on the dragon dummies and I took the magic sword home!"

"Awesome, I can't believe I always miss out on all of the good training." I sadly said.

"You didn't miss much!" yelled an exhausted Oliver. "Only one person could get close enough to the dummies to project the poison and not get hit with the wood sword." Oliver took a sour look from Cassie.

"Could you two stop fighting for five seconds?"

"No!" they both answered. That was the one thing that they could agree on. Cassie and Oliver are twins. Before they were born they were appointed to be warriors, and when there was two instead of one they simply were both appointed to train.

Cassie and I have been friends ever sense I can remember. Oliver tagged along with us and Cassie and I never complained.

I had been in combat with medal swords and my armor had been tampered with, I'm pretty lucky to still be able to tell the tale.

"Oliver can you grab that glass of water for me?" I asked.

"Shure, cough, cough, not." said Oliver.

"Shut up, and just get it for her, it's not like she can do it herself, you of all people should know that!" snapped Cassie. Oliver had carried me out of the arena and to the doctor, if it wasn't for him I would not be here today.

"So I guess I'll just um go and get that water now." announced Oliver as he walked across the room and filled up a glass of water.

"Thanks." I said as Oliver gingerly handed me the glass and as our fingers touched, there was a spark that ignited between our fingertips.

"So anyway," I said as I tried to mask the silence, "what were you saying before we were interrupted?" Now it was my turn to get a sour look from Oliver.

"I took home the magic sword and look at what color it is today, Green! My favorite color! Can you believe it?" babbled Cassie. Actually I could, if you won the days challenge then you got to take home the "magic" sword. The only thing that's magic about it is that it changes to your favorite color. Cassie always got excited when she won a challenge.

"No way let me see!" I said half-heartedly. Me and Oliver exchanged eye rolls as Cassie pulled the sword out of her pack.

As I looked over the sword I realized that I was lucky to have two incredible friends who were going to be there until the very end.