Chapter Two

I wake up with a searing pain in my back. I call out to someone to give me my pain pills but find Oliver already there. Then I figure that I must have been crying in my sleep and it was his turn to make sure that I didn't fall out of my bed.

Before I could speak he said "It must be time for your pain pills."

"Sorry." I whisper threw gritted teeth. As I strangle the side of my bed Oliver forced the pill in to my mouth. I notice how there is a warm spot on the side of my bed, poor Oliver has been up for a while.

"Hey, Oliver," I said after some of the pain went away, "how long have you been here?"

"Well I don't really know what time I got down here, but it wasn't all that long after you fell asleep." whispered Oliver. "Go back to sleep, I'm fine; I mean it's not like I have ever won something, Cassie can cover for me tomorrow." Oliver said sleepily.

"I'm sorry about all of this, I mean if I hadn't accepted that stupid challenge from Carter then neither one of us would be in this mess." I whispered.

"It's not your fault that Carter messed up your armor; at least he's going in next year so we won't have to deal with him." Oliver said comfortingly. "Now go to sleep before I have to give you a sleeping pill too!"

"No, if you have to stay up then I stay up too and there are no more sleeping pills, cause if there were I would have taken one hours ago." I said. The rest of the night Oliver told me how amazing Cassie had been the day before.

We eventually fell asleep around five-o-clock in the morning. I woke up with a start, Oliver was screaming. It turns out that Cassie had left a note taped to Oliver's forehead. Cassie would cover for Oliver. I officially woke up at around noon. Oliver was still asleep at my side. I keep reliving my battle every time I close my eyes.