Starting a new fanfiction was sooo not on my to do list. Believe me. But this story just would not go away.

It's not Bella and Edward. But it's two characters who I absolutely love and whose personalities and stories I have been wanting to merge for a while now.

I'm currently looking for a Beta for this fic, so, if you know someone who would be willing to edit my work, please, send them over to my page to message me. I'm also looking for a prereader. Any offers. Experience in these areas and constructive criticism is something I'm looking for but please message me!

Right, this is probably my first human, angsty, problematic fanfiction I've written so I would love to hear what you think.

Disclaimer: All characters and original storylines belong to their appropriate owners. Even if I wished that these two were mine. Especially Tyler ;)


Tyler is lost. Still struggling with his elder brother's suicide and his father's constant distancing, he finds himself stumbling, not knowing what to do. One night out in New York City has him stumbling around for a girl. A broken, but beautiful girl who he spoke only a couple of words to, yet something about her had him hoping, wishing that he'd meet her again. Fate was something he'd never believed in but that café on the corner changed his mind about that.


I just lay there, struggling for breath, trying to hold in the pain that was ripping through my body. My lungs, my ribs, my face, all ached, all bruised. My heart was the one thing I didn't think would survive. The bruise there was permanent. Holding in the agonising pain that rippled through my muscles as I tried to get up, I held back the panic that threatened to rip through me as I cried out for her,

"Mallory!" A twist of a knife to my heart knowing there would be no reply, "Mallory! Fuck! Please!"

A muscle gave way and I fell on my front, my eyes too heavy to look up to the still open door, the frame damaged from its forced entry. Everything began to replay in my head but this time I couldn't try to stop it, I couldn't try to change what happened. It was set in stone as the ghosts of the people who had taken her from me raced through my mind.

"Bring her back . . ." I gasped, hopelessly fighting back tears, "Please, bring her back . . ."


Whatcha think?

Got to say that Tumblr and youtube have been my inspirations for this little fic. Especially a certain song, Don't let me go by Barcelona. Give it a listen and then reread this with it playing.

Hope to see you guys soon. My spare time is piling up so hopefully a lengthy chapter one will be up soon.

Love you guys.

Nic x