Harry's birthday gift

It was Harry's birthday – He finally made 19 years old. He felt like a man, he felt important and he deserved it. Since the One Direction phenomenon started, he couldn't think that much; only live with 4 boys that, all of the sudden, turned into his best friends. Specially Louis Tomlinson. He couldn't hide what we felt about him anymore – he was deeply in love and didn't even know how. Tomlinson is amazingly gorgeous and sexy, no doubt about that, but he's a bit dorky – Maybe that was reason! Although they tried to hide it, all their mates knew that (except Niall, but he was starting to suspect) and Harry was getting more and more horny when he was around Louis.

-Where are you, Harry? – Louis screamed and walked into the house. Harry got scared with the scream and spilt his glass of Coke on the floor.

-Fuck! – Said Harry, upset by the situation. He picked up a napkin and started cleaning the Coke, while Louis entered on the kitchen and put his sport bag on the floor. He started laughing when saw his love boy on his knees and got closer to him.

-What have you done?

-Shut up, Lou, it's because of you, you scared the hell out of me! – And he picked up another napkin.

-And you dropped the glass? Why are you so scary-cat?

-I'm not, shut up.

-No, I won't. – And grabbed Harry's face. Harry slightly blushed and stared at Louis's blue eyes. Nothing was said at that moment. –I won't shut up, Harry, not until we stand together. – And kissed him gently. Harry didn't even have time to close his eyes, he only stood there, letting himself being kissed by – Louis was enjoying himself with that. A tongue entered in his mouth and, this time, Harry decided to show what he's got. He stroked Louis's face and kissed him, now more violently.

-Don't stop… - Whispered Louis, now unbuttoning Harry's shirt. 'Things are going pretty fast', Harry thought. He laid himself on the floor, pushed Louis by his shirt and kissed, also unbuttoning his clothes. Body against body, they were too excited to stop.

-Do you think we should…? – Asked Harry, and stopped cuddling with Louis, who had a honest and cute smile in his face.

-Do you want to..? I don't want to force you.

-I want to do everything with you. – And stripped Lou's pants out. And boxers.

-You think you can handle it…? – Whispered.

-Lou, I'm not a kid.

-To me, you're my kid, don't want to hurt you. – Laughed and pushed him against the wall. Harry had a deep breath and waited for it. – I'm coming. – And laughed again.

It hurt. Harry had screamed of so much pain while Louis was penetrating him, although carefully. Louis seemed to know what he was doing, he never tried to make it hurt and made it softly, tenderly. Harry was his baby, he wanted to protect him. He really was in love – Although this wasn't his first gay love, this one was different. With him, he felt like a teenager, he felt alive. He wanted to live with him, experience everything and be able to wake up with him by his side. When he realized he was dreaming while fucking him, he stopped.

-You ok? – He asked a soft murmur in Harry's ear.

-Hurting so much… Can't do more. Sorry. - And gave a faint smile. Lou took off his dick, relieved for his honesty. He grabbed Harry's hand and went to his bedroom. There, he lay down with him and hugged him.

-Can I be with you? – And got closer to his body, with his eyes closed. Lou couldn't resist to his cuteness and pushed a small curl of Harry's hair.

-I thought we were already together, silly boy. – And kissed him gently.

-I am trying to be serious, Lou…

-And I'm also being serious. I thought we were together. Your eyes can't lie to me.

-I never lied to you.

-And I'll never lie again.

-Have you ever lied to me? – Harry stared at him, obviously mad.

-Only to my heart, when I tried to convince myself you were not the one for me. – Louis gave a bright and big smile.