A/N - This story is also about Scorpius as well as Draco and Hermione so there will be places where neither of them will be present. I hope people still enjoy the story even though there is other elements than Dramione.

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The noise in The Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was ear splitting. It was the first night back at school after the summer holidays and old friends were catching up with each other while new friendships were being forged by the freshly sorted first years.

Clearing his throat the headmaster of Hogwarts, Harry Potter, stood up and called the room to order. "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. Before we begin the wonderful feast, I have an announcement to make. This year Hogwarts has the prestigious honour of hosting The Triwizard Tournament."

Ripples of noise broke through the Great Hall as students whispered amongst themselves. It was a well-known fact that Professor Potter had himself competed in the tournament while he was at school.

"As usual, another two schools will be participating in the tournament alongside Hogwarts. As we will be playing hosts to students of the two schools and their headmasters, I want everyone to be on their best behaviour. We are going to show the wizarding world that Hogwarts is the premiere wizarding school in Europe." Harry's words led to cheers and yells throughout the hall, his students were extremely loyal to the school and it's legacy.

Harry smiled at the response and once again called for silence. "First of all I would like to welcome, Professor Polanski and the students from Durmstrang institute."

The doors to The Great Hall burst open and a severe looking man in his mid-fifties entered the room. Behind him came six male students all dressed in the wintery looking uniform of Durmstrang. Harry noticed that there was no big production as they entered the room, unlike when he was at school.

Harry greeted Professor Polanski and showed him to one of the two empty seats beside his own chair at the Professor's table. While Professor Polanski took his seat, his students headed to the Ravenclaw table and sat down. Harry was slightly unnerved by this, he had made room at the Ravenclaw and Slytherin tables. He had expected that the Durmstrang students would sit with the Slytherins, he hoped the Beauxbatons students didn't mind consorting with Slytherins.

Before he introduced the next school, he needed to double check the headmistresses name. During all the preliminary organisation of the tournament he had been dealing with the deputy head of Beauxbatons. Checking the name, Harry stood stunned. It couldn't be her, it had to be a coincidence.

When Harry didn't move or speak for several minutes Neville Longbottom, the Herbology Professor, cleared his throat gaining Harry's attention. Harry turned and flashed his friend a small smile before he turned back to face the students who were anxiously awaiting the next arrivals.

"Now I would like to welcome Madame Granger and the students from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic." Harry said, finding his voice.

Harry waited with baited breath as the doors opened and the contingent from Beauxbatons entered the room. The group of six students, four boys and two girls, were led by an elegant looking witch in her late thirties. Harry was left in little doubt that the witch was his old friend Hermione Granger.

"Hello, Harry." Hermione said, coming to a stop in front of Harry.

"Hello." Harry smiled, pleased to see his friend.

Remembering he didn't have time for a reunion at the minute, Harry directed Hermione to her seat and her students towards the Slytherin table. Once everyone was seated, Harry stepped up to his podium and began to address the room.

"There are some rules in place for the tournament. Each school will be represented by one champion. Anyone who wishes to put their name forward can enter it in The Goblet of Fire." Harry swept his hand to the side and the magical goblet appeared. "The Goblet will be placed in the entrance hall from tomorrow, you have one week to enter your name. No-one under the age of sixteen is permitted to enter the competition."

Loud chattering and grumbling broke out among the students but Harry soon regained order. "The age limit is there to protect students. I know from bitter experience how hard and gruelling the tournament is. I must warn you, only enter if you are sure you can handle the pressure. Once your name is in the Goblet, you cannot change your mind." Harry let his solemn words sink in before speaking again. "Now it's time to eat. Enjoy!"

As the food appeared on the tables, Harry headed back to his seat at the Professor's table. He had been hoping to talk to Hermione but when he arrived at his seat he noticed she was talking to Neville, who was sitting on the other side of her. As Harry waited for Hermione to finish with Neville, he thought back to the last time he had seen his friend, nearly twenty years ago.


"You don't have to do this, Hermione." Harry said, as he watched his friend pack her bag.

Since Voldemort's downfall three months ago both Harry and Hermione had been staying at The Burrow with The Weasley family. Harry was staying there because he no longer had a home with The Dursley's and The Weasley's considered him a part of the family. Hermione was at The Burrow because her parents were in Australia with no memory of ever having a daughter. Kingsley had tried to reverse the memory charm that Hermione had cast a year ago but had had no success, so Hermione's parents were currently living under their new identities.

"I do. We both know I can't stay now." Hermione said sadly. She had just broken up with the other third of their trio, Ron Weasley.

"Is it really that bad?" Harry asked. "Can't you work it out?"

"No, Harry. Me and Ron want different things." Hermione sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed. "He wants to settle down, get married and have children."

"Don't you want to get married and have children?" Harry asked, sitting next to Hermione.

"Yes someday. But not now. Me and Ron have only been dating for three months and he's already got our entire future mapped out."

"Is it the fact he's got your future mapped out, or the fact you don't really want to be with Ron that's causing the problems?" Harry asked. He hadn't failed to notice how much his two best friends had been fighting since their romance began.

"Both." Hermione admitted.

"But it doesn't mean you have to leave." Harry said, watching as Hermione re-started her packing.

"It does. We both know things will be bad between me and Ron, this relationship has destroyed our friendship." Hermione said, putting the last of her clothes in her bag.

"It doesn't mean ours is ruined though." Harry said, determined to keep his friend.

"I know. I'm just making it easier for you." Hermione said. "Ron's your best friend, Ginny's your girlfriend and The Weasley's are practically your family. This way you're not put in the awkward situation of having to choose between us."

"Why would I have to choose?" Harry asked sadly. He asked the question even though he knew that the entire Weasley family would take Ron's side in the break up and Hermione would no longer be considered part of the family.

"You know you'd have to choose eventually. This way you don't have to." Hermione smiled sadly at her friend.

"Where will you go?" Harry asked, standing up and helping Hermione pack the last of her books.

"France. I spoke to Kingsley and he's arranged for me to redo my final year at Beauxbatons. I can then start my teacher training in France." Hermione said.

"I'll miss you." Harry said. "You've been a massive part of my life since I was eleven."

"I'll miss you too." Hermione said, pulling Harry into a hug.

"What will I do without you?" Harry asked, burying his face in Hermione's thick hair.

"You'll be fine." Hermione said, trying not to cry.

Hermione and Harry hugged for several more minutes before separating. Hermione picked up her large bag and shrunk it to a more manageable size.

"Bye Harry." Hermione sniffed. The tears were streaming down her face as she realised she might not see her friend again. "Be happy."

"Bye, Hermione." Harry was also crying at the thought of losing Hermione.

With one final hug, Hermione turned on the spot and apparated away, leaving Harry alone in The Burrow.


"Harry." The familiar sound of Hermione's voice brought Harry out of his thoughts.

Harry's eyes drifted to the small feminine hand, belonging to Hermione, that was placed gently on his right arm. Harry was surprised to see Hermione was wearing both a wedding and an engagement ring. He had assumed she was unmarried when she was still using the name Granger.

"Are you alright, you look in a world of your own." Hermione said to her old friend.

"Sorry. I was just thinking about the past." Harry said.

"I've been doing a lot of that lately, knowing I would be coming here and seeing you." Hermione admitted.

"Is it a bad thing seeing me?" Harry asked.

Hermione smiled and shook her head. "No, it's a good thing. I've missed you."

"I've missed you too." Harry said, smiling at his old friend. "I've often wondered if you were happy."

"I am." Hermione said. "Are you?"

"Yes. Me and Gin got married and we now have three kids. Two boys and a girl. How about you?" Harry asked.

"I'm married and we've got two children. A boy and a girl." Hermione said, smiling slightly at the thought of her family.

"Why do you still use the name Granger if you're married?" Harry asked.

"I only use it professionally." Hermione shrugged. "Besides it stops the children getting embarrassed that their mother is the headmistress."

Harry nodded, it wasn't the first time he had wondered if his own children got embarrassed by having him as a constant presence in their school lives.

"So how did you end up teaching? When I left you were heading into the Auror training programme." Hermione said, before Harry got a chance to say more on the subject of Hermione's marriage.

"I was an Auror for eight years. But I had an accident during a raid and was hurt. It wasn't anything too serious, but it got me thinking about my family and what would happen to Ginny and the children if anything had happened to me." Harry explained. "Professor McGonagall had asked me a couple of times about teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts. So I talked it through with Gin and accepted her offer."

"How long have you been headmaster?" Hermione asked.

"I took over when Minerva retired four years ago." As he was speaking Harry glanced around the room and realised that the feast was starting to draw to a close. Most of the students had finished eating and were just sitting around talking amongst themselves.

Disappointed to be interrupted Harry apologised to Hermione before he stood up and officially ended the feast, dismissing the four houses. Once all the students from Hogwarts had exited the room, Harry turned to the two other heads of the visiting schools.

"Are you sure you don't wish for rooms in the school, Professor Polanski?" Harry asked the severe looking man standing beside him.

"No thank you. Our ship has adequate sleeping facilities." Professor Polanski said, gathering his students around him. "We will see you in the morning, Professor Potter. Madame Granger." Professor Polanski nodded to the two and swept out of The Great Hall, his students trailing behind him.

"I'll show you to your rooms." Harry said to Hermione who nodded and smiled politely at him.

Harry led Hermione and her students to the third floor, at the end of the corridor he came to a large oak door. Saying the password, Unicorn, Harry led the group into a large common room. The room had numerous sofas and chairs in the colours of all four Hogwarts houses and several desks to study on.

"There's three rooms through the door on the right for the students." Harry explained to Hermione, pointing to the relevant places. "And the door on the left leads to your quarters."

"Thank you Harry." Hermione said, looking around the large room.

For the first time since they arrived, Harry took the time to look at the students with Hermione as they examined their new living quarters. The two girls in the group were giggling quietly to themselves while the four boys were standing next to the fire.

A familiar flash of platinum blond hair by the fire had Harry taking a second look at the group of boys. One of the taller boys in the group had very familiar white blond hair, a pale complexion and piercing grey eyes. If Harry hadn't know better, he would have sworn that Draco Malfoy was standing in the room. Obviously the boy was the next best thing, Malfoy's son.

"You six go and sort out your rooms. And no fighting." Hermione said to her students before Harry had a chance to ask about the mysterious boy who was clearly a Malfoy.

When the six students had left the room, Hermione politely told Harry she was tired and wanted to rest. Harry hurriedly agreed and left Hermione and her students alone for the night.

After Harry had left, Hermione headed to the door that led to her own quarters. The room was a nice combination of living room and bedroom, meaning she could retire to her room to relax instead of having to stay in the main common room with her students.

Hermione spotted her luggage and decided to unpack her belongings. She was nearly finished when a knock on her door interrupted her. Hermione had a pretty good idea which of her students was knocking on the door. Sure enough when she opened it she found a tall blond boy with grey eyes standing on the other side.

"Come in." Hermione said, holding the door open.

"Nice room." The boy said, flinging himself onto the sofa.

"Get your feet off the furniture, Scorp." Hermione scolded, batting at the young boy's feet.

"Sorry, Mum." He said, placing his feet on the floor and sitting up properly.

"Did you want something?" Hermione asked her son.

"Not really. I just wanted to make sure you're alright." Scorpius shrugged.

"Why wouldn't I be alright?" Hermione asked, puzzled.

"Dad was just worried that because you hadn't seen Potter for a while there might be trouble." Scorpius admitted.

"Your dad worries too much." Hermione chuckled, sitting next to her son. "There was no trouble."

"You didn't tell him did you?" Scorp asked, his face twisting into the smirk his father was noted for.

"No I didn't. We all decided it was best that no-one knows about our familiar connection until either after the tournament or the champion has been picked." Hermione said.

"After the tournament. I'll be picked for Beauxbatons champion." Scorp grinned cockily.

Hermione shook her head, sometimes her son was a carbon copy of her husband when he was younger. "Don't be so cocky. If you're picked as champion, then we don't tell anyone I'm your mother. That way I can't be accused of being bias."

"No one who knows you would ever accuse you of that. You never give either me or Lyra special treatment at school." Scorpius said.

"It's still better if we don't give them a chance." Hermione told her son. "So keep quiet until either next week or the end of the tournament."

"I'll keep quiet, don't worry." Scorpius said. "But what about dad. If I'm picked as champion he'll be coming over to support me. I'm not sure he can pass up an opportunity to annoy Potter."

"That's Professor Potter to you." Hermione scolded causing her son to roll his eyes. "And don't worry about your dad, I can keep him in line."

Scorpius grimaced at the smirk Hermione wore when she mentioned keeping his father in line, he really didn't need to think about his parents in that way. Over the years he had been embarrassed on more than one occasion by their public displays of affection and his father's innuendo's.

"I think it's time I went to bed." Scorpius said, standing up. "Night, mum."

"Night, Scorp." Hermione gave her son a kiss on the cheek, before he exited the room.

Once she was alone again, Hermione headed over to the fireplace and grabbed a handful of floo powder. The fireplace wasn't connected to the floo network for travelling but could be used to make floo calls. It was something Hermione had requested when the arrangements for accommodation were made. It was necessary for her to be able to speak to her husband daily and to check up on their daughter.

Settling down by the fire, Hermione threw the floo powder into the flames. "Malfoy Chateau." She called out, before sticking her head into the fireplace to converse with her husband.