Author's note/ There are two trolls that have been bullying me. Jo Belle keeps calling me a traitor, while some Hitler loving prick wants me to join his cause. They have been causing much distress to me and my family. This will get even with them. I am using my original Characters in my other fanfic - Sophoclean Chronicle –so if you want to know more about them, you can read that fanfic. It's actually pretty good.

Sophia versus Jo Belle

There was a cool breeze moving through Nacrene City, while Sophia, Landon and Pedro sat outside the Warehouse Café eating on their lunch: nachos with tons of cheese – Landon's favorite, and Sophia and Pedro liked it as well. Sophia was being in a good mood; Team Rocket had not caused them any problems today – usually Todd, Suzy, or Anarchy would pop out of nowhere and cause havoc. It was a peaceful day for everyone – Sophia decided to use this chance to go and train her Tepig – who really needed to some training since she was planning to take on the gym leader.

Also in town was Ash Ketchum, getting his balls heal at the Pokemon Centre. Misty was nagging him whether he was ever going to rebuy Misty her a new bike to replace the bike he destroyed them the first time they had ever met. She was storming about the centre with her hand folded, ranting on and on about that stupid bike. When will stop, wondered Ash in his head as his balls were being healed, it's starting to get to me. I better replace it so she can stop complaining. The nurse handed him his balls back and he began to wander towards the door when some short guy with an emo hair cut came through the door. What made him even more notable is his Hitler moustache. Looking closer, he realized that the person before him was Hitler himself.

"Holey motley!" he yelped, stepping back. "You're supposed to be dead?"

"I am," he said simply. "But since some witch – a troll to be precise - has raised me back from the dead and into life."

"But that it is impossible," Ash tried to logically explain.

"Logic is relevant when it comes to trolling," Hitler explained. "Now where is the local Rabi?"

"Why do you want to find a Rabi - So that you can kill him?" Ash asked, shaking his head in disgust. Misty looked pretty annoyed as well, caused by this stupid tyrant's comment. "There is no way in hell will I tell you anything like that! You should be in hell anyway, evil being!"

"Well I will find some rabies myself," he said, without realizing what misspelling he had just made. Ash and Misty laughed after the breath.

Back at the Warehouse Café, Sophia, Landon and Pedro had almost finished eating their nachos with tons of cheese, when some girl with long dirty blond hair walked up towards the café. As she was walking, she stepped on her own hair – it was too long – and tripped over, falling face first onto the ground – muddy and watery. She moved her face off the ground and started to cough. Just the moment, some group of trainers came out of the café - after eating big and mean meal – and walked over the girl like a carpet, moving towards the outer Pinwheel Forest to find some massive stone named the Challenge Rock to see if their Pokemon are strong enough to punch it and gain its trainer a Star Piece.

"I wonder who she is?" asked Landon, as he approached the girl to help her up.

The girl mumbled something but none of them could understand. She kept mumbling the same thing over and over again, but yet again they still could not understand a single word of hers. She started to get annoyed, and when she had enough, she took out her fist and punched Landon, knocking him out cold.

"Why did you do that?" Sophia said foolishly – the girl won't be able to understand her.

"Me angry – punch punk!" she screamed, slapping Sophia in the face. "Jo Belle angry - slap need you!" she said in a very butchered that only she could truly understand properly.

"That was very mean," Sophia tried to explain to her, speaking at a level which a small child could understand. "You should not have done that. Go say sorry."

"No – battle – me – win," she said, one word after the other, none them connecting that well, nor easy to be understood, except Todd, one of the members of Team Rocket – he was fluent in retard.

"She wants to battle you," he said obviously.

"You don't say, Sherlock," Sophia said longingly and sarcastically.

"Boy – rite – battle – GO!" she said, taking out two Pokémon – she was too stupid to realize that you keep them in balls. It was a Magikarp and a Psyduck. She did not even bother announcing what Pokemon she was going to use. Nor did she tell her Pokemon what to do during the battle. And it was obvious that she had not bother to level her Pokemon – they were the same level, which was very low –as when she first caught them.

"Very well," said Sophia, taking out her balls. "Tepig and Pansage – let us get this over and done with, quickly if need be."

The Magikarp flapped it arm thingies, trying to splash its opponent, but it was not effective as well. Pansage chuckled a little bit before shooting on some seed bombs, knocking Magikarp back to kingdom come. It was move of a mega-crap. Psyduck, seeing this, started to panic; running around and then charging into the door of the Warehouse Café, knocking itself out.

Jo Belle, realizing what had happened, started to hit herself with a random pan she had just picked up, knocking herself out. As she was doing this, Hitler had arrived at the Café.

"Rabies anyone?" he said.

To Be Continued…