The Final Showdown

"What are we going to do?" panicked Landon, now rushing about not being able to control himself. It was obvious to Sophia that things had got too much for Landon. She felt pity for him since he could not take that much stress before breaking down. She too was scared for her life. This giant was gigantic – bigger than any tower, including the one in the United Arab Emirates. He was really tall. This meant that Sophia was the modern day King David and it was up to her to defeat this foul thing that threatens to destroy everything and anything, just because it wants to. She knew that she had to do something, but she did not know what. She had to come up with something fast before it destroyed the forest – she really wanted to catch a Pokemon there and since she had not had a chance yet to do that it would mean that she would not be able to do that ever again. This made Sophia very sad.

"You got to do something," reminded Pedro, who standing beside her. His beautiful but handsome look gave her enough courage to reply. He looked every more attractive than most days. She really wanted to have some time with him only, but she had to do something very important first – defeat this giant.

"I am working on it," she said, trying not to be too mean and angry. "Give me enough time and I will do something." She could though. She had a few Pokemon on her that could help her in a Pokemon battle, but she did not know even they could defeat this thing up there in the sky. The giant started to smash a few trees over as trainers throughout the forest run out of it for cover. Hiding the in the town was not going to protect them since the giant will eventual work on the town next. Sophia started to breakdown, just like Landon had done, but she snapped out of it. She had to stay strong, for everyone else.

"Just solve this before this giant does something truly stupid," Pedro's voice started to shake, which he usually did not do since he a pretty confidant person. Even Jo Belle looked nervous.

"Help – scare – near end – go must!" she was screaming, while her face was in the mud. But it was clear enough for Sophia; this giant had taken things way too far. She had to defeat him. But how was a massive question she just could not explain.

Her Tepig could send out a few fire balls, but they were not the really small. They would have no effect against a massive being such as the big giant. Her Boldore could also throw some rocks at the thing. It had an accurate eye that could hit some dead on. That eye of the giant could blind it. But even if he was able to do that, the giant would still craze about destroying thing – this time it would not have any eyes to witness what it is doing. What about her trusty Pansage, who is a friend of the earth. It could use its seed bomb to drain the enemy's strength away. Once it had done that, it could whip its arms around the giant – its arms are very long – and drag it down. The only problem is that it would have enough strength to even drain the giant's health down. If it tried, it would only do a minute dint. Not enough to do anything. It did not even have enough strength to drag it down with its wine whip. It would need a few hundred of its own kind to do even that – and even there it would be struggle. Her Audino was only good at healing other Pokemon, and her Timburr had not been caught yet – and even if she had it, she would not be able to defeat the giant with it. All the solution she tried to come up with did not work. All her Pokemon were too weak, and even if she was a Pokemon master with really strong Pokemon she still would not be able to defeat this giant. Not even the best trainer in the world could do so. They were hopeless, and nothing could save them!

"I… cannot do it," she admitted defeat. "We are done for." Everyone stared at her socked. Never before had anyone heard something like that come out of Sophia's mouth. She usually never gave up, even when she gets defeated. But she had to admit it eventually. There was someone stronger than her, and the person did not even have a Pokemon to battle with. This made her feel even more disappointed. "Sorry, I'm am." Everyone looked really annoyed. It was not Sophia's thought that she could save the day.

Suddenly out of nowhere came a boy around the same age as Pedro's age. He was wearing a red suit jacket and tan pants. He even wore dress shoes. He had longish blond hair with green eyes. Sophia instantly recognized who he was. He was Evan Befall and he belonged to the Befall family, who run various companies throughout the Unova region. This made him very wealthy and very famous across Unova. She could not believe that she was meeting him, let alone him coming to her defence.

"Let me handle this," he said confidently, striking a pose as he said that. "My beautiful Pokemon will do the job just fine." He spoke in a deep voice, as if he was a country western star.

"Wow," she said, speechlessly.

"Come out Audino, my male Unfezant, Munna, Dewott, Liligant, and Blitzle – combine as one and defeat this thing," said Evan, taking out six of his balls – which was all of them. As they leap out of his balls, they combined into a massive Pokemon that was a combination of all of them.

Suddenly Jeremy and Michael appeared. "We are here to give moral and spiritual support. Defeat this thing. He needs to go straight away!" Evan nodded in agreement, before staring back at the giant, pointing at it.

"ATTACK!" he yelled.

The combined Pokemon leaped into the air and shoot out a combination off all the attacks that its separate Pokemon knows. The sight was amazing. It went off like nuclear bomb. Once the smoke went away, there was no giant left. But because the combined Pokemon – which was called Audunfezmunwottgantzle – had an Audino in it, it was able to heal the forest and not kill anyone but the giant.

"I will be off," he said, swooping Sophia off her feet and kissed her romantically. "Tristes adieu faut." And he was off. Pedro looked really jealous but she did not care. She wondered if she would ever come across her again. They decided to go back to the centre to rest. Jo Belle remained face down in the mud, which amused everyone. No one bothered even helping her. She deserved it.


Author's note/ I hoped you like this. I am sad to tell you that this is not in canon so this not happened in my other fanfic. Even Befall will be appearing my main Pokemon as Sophia's new travelling partner. But before I do that I will be finishing my Twilight fanfic and my Bible and My Little Ponies fanfic. I cannot wait to continue writing it since I really enjoyed writing it.