Okay, as requested, the beach scene. Peeta's look at it. Yeah, I'm going to keep it sweet and short. As always.

The words just went in one ear and out the other, she just smirked and pressed her lips against mine. I tried to tell her something more, but something different was present in this kiss. So I gave up, and kissed her back. I felt her strange passion over take my body. It felt warm and different, and I liked it. So I gave the kiss all I had. I felt her hands wrap around my neck and she moved closer, she wrapped her legs around my hips. She pressed on my chest, and kissed me with everything I ever dreamed of.

I found my self pulling her even closer as I wrapped my arms around her back. I ran my hand through her perfect braid, until it all fell out onto her shoulders. I kissed her, and what felt like hours was proberly only minutes. Everything was hot and blissful, and I loved her so. And something definatly felt differetn. Maybe she knew it was the end for one of us, and it all came to her. Maybe she actually does love me? Something inside me wished we had made love, and made a child. So it could all be real,like forever. And when he did save her, she would go home with a part of him.

Than we both came to our senses, and stopped. Finnick had been shaken fromhis slumber. I'd keep watch with him, he wasn't going to do it alone. Besides I'm not tired, and I'd rather dream about Katniss with my eyes open. I put her to bed, well bed in the sand anyways, and went and sat next to Finnick.

"You love her, more than she deserves." He whispered, but than he got up and started to walk along the shore. So I couldn't respond, maybe he didn't want me too. Simply because he didn't watch those who were listening to here. I sat up all night thinking about, not Katniss, but what Finnick had said.

More than she deserves? What? I have always loved her, and always will. What couldn't she deserve? All these questions raced through my poor brain, and I hadn't got one wink of sleep. So yeah you could guess it hurt. Really bad, but so did the sun. it was rising and man did these capitol people keep it hot and bright.

"Hey Mellark. Saw you and your gal last night. I was going to say get a room, but than I thought about it. So next time, if there is time for a next time, go make out in the jungle." She smirks at me, than with a wink she adds, "That way if you want to take anything off, you won't be embarress when I wistle."

I am taken back, but than that is Johanna Mason for you. I laugh, and laugh. Yeah, I fall back in the sand. Thinking about it hurt, but laughing about it felt better…

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