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Love At First Sight

One day when Mika and Toni were walking home from their school, University High, a young man walked by. Mika didn't know him but Toni did.
"Hi Toni," the young man said.
"Oh, hi Toya what's up?" Toni asked him.
"Not to much," Toya said.
"So have you seen Jackson today, Toya?"
"Yea I have, Toni, he was at track practice didn't he tell you?"
"Oh I forgot!" Toni blushed in embarrassment.
"Geez Toni, can't you remember your boyfriend's track times?!
"Well I gotta go Toni! Oh and nice to meet you Mika!" Toya waved and ran off.

"Mika you know since I have a boyfriend why don't you just ask Chris out? You know you like him and he likes you." Mika looked at Toni and asked if she was sure.
"Yes I'm sure, Mika, the way he looks at you. You can tell for sure I know that look from anywhere!"
"Well I guess you're right Toni but I'm scared he'll turn me down! Well I mean I really like him and if he turns me down what do I do cause I don't want to lose him as a friend?"
"Well I'm sure he'll say he would go out with you! He likes you!" Mika turned to Toni and says, "Okay I guess you're right. But where should I ask him out at?"
Toni turns to Mika and replies, "I know just the spot, how about the school yard?"

Mika stops walking and turns to Toni. "Um ... Toni it's so close to people and I want us to be alone."
"Hmm ... then how about the park?"
"Well ... I guess it would be okay and Chris loves the park ... okay!" Toni jumped into the air and shouted, "Okay Mika! It's going to be great! And I'll get Jackson to ask Chris to meet you at the park! How's that sound?"
"Okay it's a deal!" So Mika and Toni walked home.

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