Love At First Sight


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Mika and Toni arrived home. It was 3:30 and Jackson was soon to be there to pick up Toni for their date

"Oh my gosh, Mika. Look at the time! Jackson will be here soon and I don't know what to wear!"Toni said exasperated.

"Geez Toni, I've seen you act this way. It's like you're growing up without me." Mika said with a tear.

"Don't make me laugh, Mika" Toni blushed sheepishly.

"Anyways, don't worry I have the perfect outfit and hair do for you." Mika replied happily.

So Mika took Toni into the bathroom and worked her magic. She did her make-up and hair with curls at it's ends. Toni was so glad when it was over because she was getting tired of sitting in the chair. She then hurried to the closet got the outfit Mika said to wear and went to the mirror to look at herself.

"Wow, thank you Mika I look so beautiful." Toni said shocked.

Mika was so pleased that Toni liked it. She knew she would have.

"Thank you, but you're so easy to work with." Mika practically bubbled with happiness.

Just then the door bell ranged.

"Oh geez, he's already here Mika. Please go down there and tell him I'll be right down okay."Toni said

Mika complied, running down the stairs and opening the door.

"Hi Jackson, Toni will be right down. Please come in and sit." Mika said smiling.

"Alright." Jackson toyed with flowers in his hand.

Toni was just coming down the stairs as Jackson was about to sit down. When Jackson laid eyes Toni and his jaw dropped. Mika was grinning when she saw the look on his face. She was excited about the fact that she did a great job on Toni.

"Hi Jackson.'' Toni said blushing.

Jackson closed his mouth and thought to himself, wow she's beautiful today not that she isn't every time I see her. But ... wow.

"Here, these are for you Toni." Jackson remembered to give Toni the pink roses.

"Thank you Jackson, the're beautiful." Toni contentedly inhaled their sweet scent.

"I'll take those Toni and then you and Jackson can be on your way." Mika said smiling at her like a sly fox.

"Thanks Mika, we'll see you later okay. Byes." Toni said in an exasperated tone.

Toni and Jackson left the house with Mika standing by the door.

"So where are we going today Jackson." Toni said happily.

"Somewhere special where we can talk and have a great time." Jackson replied smiling.

Jackson took Toni to the park they always went to. They rented a boat and sailed upon the serenely rippling waters of the lake.

Toni didn't say anything until Jackson talked.

"Toni, I have something to tell you. It's good news so don't be alarmed."

"What is it Jackson?"

"Chris is coming back from England tomorrow for the party. But promise me you won't tell Mika.

It's going to be a big surprise for her okay?" Jackson asked.

"Are you serious? No way! He's coming back just for Mika and the party? Is he staying and not going back to England after?" Toni asked astounded.

"Yeah he's staying Toni. I promise you that." Jackson said.

"That's great! I'm so glad and Mika will be too." She smiled.

Just then Toni and Jackson locked eyes with one another and they both leaned in for a sweet and tender kiss.


Back at the house Mika was daydreaming about Chris and the party tomorrow.

"I wonder if Chris will ever come back from England." Mika wondered out loud.

She thought for a while. I know the party tomorrow is going to be great but it would be ever better if Chris would be there.


At 6:30 that evening Toni and Jackson returned from there date.

"Well, guess I'll see you tomorrow Jackson." Toni said.

"Yea." Jackson nodded.

They both leaned in and kissed one another passionately this time.

"Well, goodnight Jackson and sweet dreams." Toni said blushing.

"Yea you too Toni and dream of me okay?"Jackson blushed as well.

"Don't worry I will."

After waving goodbye to Jackson and watching him walk home. Toni opened the door and saw Mika standing there smiling.

"So how was your date?"Mika grinned.

"It was great. You know ... I really love him."Toni turned crimson.

"Well lets go up stairs and you tell me everything, okay sis?"Mika said with a evil grin.

"Alright but I'm not going into details."Toni laughed.


The next day was the party. Mika and Toni woke up early to get ready for it. They spent two hours getting ready. Toni was so happy because she was going to see Jackson again.

Around 1:30 Toni and Mika set out to Jackson's house for the party. Toni rang the door bell.

Jackson answered right away.

"Hi you two. Come in and make yourselves at home." Jackson said smiling.

"Um ... Jackson where is everybody?" Mika asked shocked.

"Yea Jackson I thought everyone was coming." Toni said.

"Well actually I only invited you two and someone else very special." Jackson smiled.

Toni knew who this other person was but had no idea that he was only inviting them to his house. Mika had no clue and looked on clueless at Jackson.

"Come on out." Jackson called out.

Suddenly Mika turned and saw Chris come from the kitchen. Mika's eyes went blank and her mouth fell open. She started to cry but stopped herself.

"Hi Mika." Chris said smiling.

"Oh Chris!"Mika said running to him.

Mika ran straight into his arms and hugged him tight.

"Mika I'm so glad to be back and to see you." Chris said.

"Chris so does that mean you're back for good?" Mika questioned.

"Yes, I am."Chris said smiling down at her.

"Listen I have something to ask you Mika." Chris said nervously.

Chris knelt down and brought out a black box trimmed in gold ribbon.

"Mika, will you marry me?" Chris asked sincerely, a smile gracing his lips.

"YES, Chris, I'll marry you!" Mika threw her arms around his neck, drawing back to kiss him on the lips and opened the box. It was a beautiful tear drop cut diamond ring.

Toni and Jackson were so happy for them. Just then Jackson knelt down.

"Toni I have something to ask you too." Jackson said.

"YES, the answer is yes Jackson." Toni said before Jackson could even ask the question.

Then Toni kissed Jackson fully on the lips.

"Oh sorry you didn't ask the question."Toni said blushing.

"Will you marry me then, Toni?"Jackson smiled.

"YES, I will! Sorry about that."Toni grinned.

Then Toni kissed Jackson again. Mika was laughing at what her sister did. She could never recall being so happy for herself and her sister.

"You know."Chris said to Mika.

"I want us to get married the same day as Toni and Jackson. What do you say Mika?"

"That would be wonderful." Mika said smiling.



Three years have passed now. Mika, chris, Toni and Jackson are out of high school. Their wedding was wonderful for them. Mika, Chris, Toni and Jackson all got married in the same church at the same time. They're all living happily now. Oh by the way, they live right next to each other and Mika and Toni are expecting twins as well.


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