I bolt up, shaking and covered in sweat. Then, a hand starts rubbing soothing circles on my back.

"Peeta?" I asked, my voice quivering.

"Yeah,whats wrong, nightmares?" He replied with concern and worry in his voice.

"Yeah, Prim, Finnick, Rue and Cinna were there. They all kept screaming and saying that it was my fault" I couldn't help but start to sob.

"Katniss, love, its not your fault! They died because they wanted to do something right. It was not your fault. " He sounded a bit demanding but with tenderness and care.

"I could have saved them. But, they wouldn't want me living with guilt and grief, right?" I sniffed. I had become so emotional. Peeta nodded.

"Can you check on Primmy and Eric?" I asked sweetly. Primrose Alice Mellark was my daughters name, who was 10 and Eric Haymitch Mellark was my son,who was 6. It took about 10 years for Peeta to convince me to have them. Either way, after the games are over i still feared them coming to take my children away.

"Sure, ill be right back" And he walked off into their rooms. I peered at my alarm clock and it read 9:30. I groaned and rolled over. Too early. I was just about to go back to sleep when i felt two people jump on me. I snuggled under the covers farther.

"Let Daddy handle this" i heard Peeta whisper. Then he started tickling me.

"Peeta! Stop it,i cant breath" i was laughing uncontrollably and screaming. Peeta slung me over his shoulder and brought me downstairs.I was panting hard and beet red. Peeta and the kids were doubled over, laughing.

"Its not funny" I said in a huff. They woke me up again at 9:30 and tickled me to death. On a SATURDAY!

"Of course it isn't, well who wants some breakfast?" Peeta yelled, jokingly. We all nodded and and then, as if on cue Haymitch comes barging on. Not bothering to knock.

"Whats with all the screaming" haymitch mumbled.

"They decided to wake me up with a nice tickling" I scowl. Peeta is holding in his laughter.

"Couldnt keep his hands off ya, could he" Haymitch smirked.

"Oh shut it, Haymitch" but, i am blushing beet red, Peeta a shade darker.

"Well, your sober, never thought i'd see the day" Peeta announces. I bursted out laughing and Haymitch gave Peeta the death glare.

"Well, anywho, how are you guys" Haymitch came over to our kids and poked their stomachs.

"Were good, Uncle haymitch." Haymitch smiles and looks at us.

"Have you told them yet" i give Haymitch the death glare, and mouth no.

"Well Haymitch wanna stay for breakfast" peeta asks. He defiantly noticed the tension. Haymitch was talking about the Hunger Games.

"Sure, lover boy, you aint gettin rid of me until my stomachs full. He smirked. I rolled my eyes him and stuck my tongue out at him. Same old day.

"Oh and kathiss, your mother called me, she wants to talk to you but you wont pick up the damn phone" he mumbles.

"Its katniss and i dont want to talk to her, i cant." I grit my teeth to keep from slapping him. He knows better then to bring her up.

"Katniss, you should go talk to her" peeta says. He nods.

"Fine" I hiss. I get up, grab the phone and run upstairs. I sat down on my bed, took a shaky breath and dialed the hospital number.

"Hello, District 4 hospital service" Someone said on the other end of the line.

"Hi, i need to speak to mrs everdeen" i growled.

"Hello, who is this?" My mother asked.

"Hi, mom" I whispered.

"Oh my, katniss? How are you? I havent been talking to you in so long" she gasped.

"I know. H-how are you doing? I.. " i took a shaky breath. " I miss you and... Prim" it comes out as a sob.

" i... Miss her too" she cries. We weep for a while and then catch up on things.

"Listen mom, i have to go but ill come visit with peeta and the kids, okay?" I ask her.

"Oh yes katniss, i would love to see you, bye baby" she whispers the ending as if she wasnt allowed to say it. I hang up and turn around to see peeta and haymitch watching me. They see my face is wet with tears and i have a feeling they know its about prim.

"Are you okay" Peeta looks at me. I sigh.

"I'm... Fine" I force a smile and then walk downstairs to where the kids are playing.

"Dinners ready" i tell them and we stuff ourselfs. I smile, thinking of how we went through the games to sitting here, at peace with kids and haymitch and peeta. Peeta looks at me questionly and i shake my head and mouth nothing. Because, it was nothing.