Finnick was standing there. "Finnick!" I yelled and grinned. "You killed me" he said looking angry.

"You killed me and your there with annie, pretending i WAS NEVER EVEN THERE, YOU KILLED ME, YOU BLEW ME UP" He yelled. I could feel the tears. Then I was back in the arena. Rue was standing there. "I hate you katniss, you could have saved me!" She screamed. I stumbled backwards. Then i wasback at the barricade. Prim was standing there,crying. "How could you katniss!" She screamed. "YOU COULD HAVE SAVED ME! You are happy, even with me dead! I guess you dont care, I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!" Prim was sobbing." Prim, i love you, im so sorry prim, im sooooo sorry, i tried, i couldnt save you, its my fault, im so sorry" i cried and sank to my knees. Then it was Cinna." I hate you fire girl, just because you held out those damn berries, im dead" He looked angry. This was not cinna. Im in the capital. Peeta was staring at me. "You could have saved me from the hijacking! You could have protected me" he looked away." I hate you you stupid mutt" and with that i was left alone. Then snow was there. He smirked. "No more left for the girl on fire". He broke me. He won. I failed...

Someone was shaking my sholder. I sat up, face wet with tears and saw that it was Primmy. Primmy hugged me. She was shaking.

"Mommy,Erics missing" she cried! What! I bolted up and ran to get Annie, Haymitch and Finn up.

"HAYMITCH, ANNIE, FINNICK!" I screamed. Finnick was the first one out. He looked alarmed.

"ERICS MISSING, WHAT IF HE WAS TAKEN" I was screaming. Haymitch came out next, looking more scared then i have ever seen, these kids are his family too. Annie bolted out of her room and looked around, painicing.

"Prim, did Eric say anything last night about going somewhere" Haymitch asked. She shook her head. I ran downstairs and got dressed and before anyone could say anything, i was out the door.

"ERIC" I yelled. I tried again. " ERIC" Still no answer. Finn came running out of the house.

"Mother and Haymitch and Prim are staying home, waiting to see if he will come back. I nodded and started yelling out to Eric again.

"Eric" Finnick yelled. I couldnt bare it if my baby was... I couldnt finish the thought. We ran for about a hour and started yelling again.

"Mommy" I could hear a faint voice. I looked to Finn, he could hear it too. Then we ran. Faster then i did in the hunger games, faster than the quarter quell. Faster then that stupid hovercraft. Then, i saw him. He was in a corner and was crying. We ran up to him.

"Eric, why are you out here" Finnick asked him.

"I heard mommy scream, along with Primmy and uncle haymitch, you and daddy and aunt annie." He sniffled. Me and Finnick looked at eachother. Jabberjays.

"Listen honey, that wasnt really us, they are just birds that try to scare you into thinking that we are hurt. I promise it is all going to be okay.

"Miss Everdeen, how nice to see eachother again. I turned around and Emerald was standing there, holding Peetas wrists behind his back.

"EMERALD" i screamed. Peeta, looks frightened but gives me a confused expression. i see Haymitch and Annie and Prim running. Prim knows snow though and so does Eric. They know what he did and what he did to Peeta.

"SHES SNOWS GRAND-DAUGHTER" I screamed again. I was terrifed. Haymitch and Annie, Finn, Primmy and Erics mouths drop open. My lip trembled. Oh my god.

"Drop him" I growled. She smiled evily.

"Listen closely, Miss Mockingjay, i cant do that. You killed my grand father and my mission is to break and kill you. Even if that means killing him. " she motioned to Peeta who looked angry.

"Dont TOUCH HER" He tried to get away. I pounced on her.

"HELP HERE" I cried. Annie took the kids and Peeta to the side. Emerlad smirked and hit a button. A load of peacekeepers were coming towards us. I jumped to my feet and grabbed the kids and Annie, the boys close behind us. I got to the woodsy part of district 4 which was safe. Finnick!

"FINNICK" i yelled. Haymitch told me it was too late, i shook my head.


I ran back to where Finnick was struggling to fight off peacekeepers. I shoved him away.

"RUN!" He shook his head. "Take me instead" I told them. They nodded and I was marched to the latter. Finnick looks at me with tears in his eyes and runs for help. Its too late. I boarded the hovercraft.

"Where are we going" I asked. I was not scared. I started the rebellion,ended it and won 2 hunger games. I am the Mockingjay. I am a victor.

"To the capitol. You will behave or suffer the consequences." A tall peacekeeper told me. I nodded.

"Were here" A speaker boomed out through the hovercraft. I stood up and climbed down the ladder. I knew where I was. The training centre. From the 74th games. I have my old tribute room, im guessing.

"Whats happening now?" They give strange looks to each they glare at me.

"We are going to kill you but we want you to suffer, so you will be thrown in a cell with a couple of others close to you.

"Follow us" They march me to where the cell is. I scowl. There are 3 people in there also, backs to the wall so i cant see their face. The peacekeeprs lock the cell and walk away. The people turn around. There skin is a tiny yellow, their very skinny and they look weak. I scream as i realize who they are.

"Cinna, Finnick, Prim" I am shaking. They try to smile at me but it comes out as a grimice. I hug each of them.

"PEACEKEEPERS" I screech. Finnick and Prim wince while cinna closes his eyes.

"Yes" the tall peacekeeper says.


"They know you, so we are going to keep them. I growl.

"HOW DARE YOU" I scream. They just shake their heads and walk away. I slide down to the corner, refusing to make eye contact. Then they come back. Emerald along side them.

"Miss mockingjay"Emerald says. I wince at the nickname.

"Im not the mockingjay anymore, you broke me already, just like snow did, let them go" I think about Annie.

"You will go and answer questions later." I frown and scream. I have been doing that alot lately. I turn to Prim and Finnick and Cinna. Finnick and Prim stare at me.

"F-f-finnick, Prim-m , Cinn-a-a." They keel staring.

"Guys, please talk to me" I beg. They keep staring. I keep trying, still no answer.

"Prim, mom misses you, please listen." She seems to snap out of it.

"Katniss" She sprints over and hugs me. "Prim, its my fault, im so sorry, im so sorry, it my fault, i thought all of you died, i was gone into depression, im so sorry" I cried. Prim just "shhhh, its okay" trying to comfert me.

"Finnick, Annie misses you, Your son is seventeen, he looks just like you and fishes" I tell him. His eyes widen. "Katniss" He grins, then frowns.

"I heard you, sorry i didnt answer, i couldnt believe i see you. You went into depression" I nodded.

"Tick, Tock, like wiress. Cinna?" I called out to him. He whispered horsely.

"Hello, girl on gire, we meet again" i leap up and hug him.

"Emerlad" i call out. She comes.

"You wont hurt Peeta or Annie or JoHannah or Haymitch or Finn or my kids right" My voice quivers.


"Kids" they all say in usion. Oh right. I smile weakly.

"Lets sleep" Cinna says.

"I cant, for the past year i have had nightmares, you guys are the only ones in them, and rue. If i go to sleep, and see that your dead again, it will befome real" I explain. Finnick gives me a sympathetic look.

"Miss mockingjay" Emerald grins evily. She drags in Annie.

"ANNIE, DONT HURT HER" Finnick screams. Annies eyes widen.

"FINNICK" she screams. She gets thrown in and runs to Finnick. I cry and cry, and cry.

"You broke me, now let them go" I growl. She sighs and then nods.

"Prim, go to mother, Finnick and Annie find Finn and Cinna, find Haymitch, they are all in district 4" I tell them. They nods. Prim whispers into my ear,

"I wil, find help and you will get out, i promise, i love you" she says and the tears come. I hug her and then everyone else.

"Bye" I whisper as they disappear. Maybe forever. Emerald gives me one last glare, and then vanishes. Leaving me alone, maybe forever.