Harry Potter, for once, wanted to accomplice something by his own strength and weaknesses. By his own mistakes and the correction of said mistakes, not someone else's. As was the case, that someone else, was most commonly his father; James Potter.

Harry loved his father, he really did. But the man was the CEO of Gryffindor corp. meaning he had influences all around the world and make regular use of them. He expected certain things of his son, which, he, Harry, had done his best to achieve. But now, as a young adult, he was tired of living in his father's shadow. Of being, the son of James Potter, he wanted to be his own man.

So he came up with a plan, during the weeks, when he lived in his own apartment, he would take on the name of Harry Evans, a middle-class citizen, with too big glasses, short, messy hair and slightly baggy clothes. Not the most proper attire, but he went with the notion that beauty was on the inside and he would have time to prove himself for whatever job he did want to do. He had after all, a degree in business and project management. He was aiming for a job as secretary and then climb his way up to floor manager or chief of a department.

But that was his week life, in the weekends, when he was in the company of his parents; he would be Harrison Potter, son of the CEO of Gryffindor corp. A well mannered and well dressed young man, with longish black hair pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck, with intense green eyes. Making girls and woman alike swoon, he would please his father with the son he wanted and could mould to his image.

In a couple of short weeks job hunting, Harry was in luck, one of the top companies of the country required a secretary and part-time barista, for the floor where the managers, chiefs and CEO gathered almost daily. The only problem was, the company that was looking, was the rival of his father's company.

After a day of thoughts and a bout of courage, he applied for the job and send off his resume with the letter required for the post.

At the end of that same week, he had gotten a response, they would like to see him the following Monday at 8.30 AM, for an interview. He was to register at the front desk and would then be given directions as to where he would be expected. He was warned that he was not the only one coming for an interview.

The day of the interview was nerve wrecking for Harry, he would be, willingly, going against his father's wishes, becoming something the man saw as a lower class of society. With his rival company at that.

With slightly shaking hands, he adjusted his dark green tie, for this occasion he had dressed a bit more proper than he intended for this part of his life, he was wearing grey dress pants, slightly too big, so held up with a belt. A white dress shirt and a green tie. A slightly casual blazer was lying in his lap, its colour a darker grey than his pants.

He wanted this to be over with. All the other people in the room, were dressed far smarter than he was. But he also saw a couple of air heads, who did nothing than talk about the CEO of Slytherin Corp. A good looking man, if the gossip was to believed, by the name of Tomas Riddle.

When his name was called, he stood and dusted of the imaginary dust of his pants, put on his blazer and exited the room, followed by the accusing looks by the air heads.

As he was lead into a conference room, he saw 3 men, sitting before him in comfortable chairs. The man in the middle cleared his troath, "Harrison Evans, I presume."

Harry nodded, "yes, sir."

"Good, I am Tomas Riddle, the CEO of Slytherin Corp. The blond on my left is Lucius Malfoy; he is the relations manager of our business. The brunet on my right, is Severus Snape, head of our research department. As you will be seeing the three of us the most, we will conduct the interview."

Harry nodded again, "alright sir."

The interview itself took about 20 minutes, in those few minutes, more than enough questions were asked, answered and reviewed. As it were, Harry quite enjoyed this, the men were quick witted and clever. Asking questions, sometimes very similar and sometimes very different, yet all hanging together.

As the men announced the end of the interview, he stood and shook hands with them, thanking them for their time and wishing them a nice day.

As he was waiting in the lobby, his godfather Remus was picking him up, as the only one who knew what he was doing. He saw one of the air heads walk out in tears, looking at her closely he saw she was the girl walking in after him, she must have screwed up or made a really bad impression on the powerful men in the conference room.

Anyway he took out his cell phone again and called his godfather, the man answered and apologised, he, apparently, was stuck in a traffic jam, but would be there in the next 10 minutes.

Back in the conference room, the three top men of Slytherin Corp. were discussing the last few candidates. The blond girl that had walked in as the last of the pre-noon interviews, had been rejected the moment she walked through the door and had fallen silent. Big eyes staring up at them, a fan girl, as she had been, was not what was needed.

But the young man before her, Harry Evans. He showed promise, and lots of it. He was polite and to the point. They all could see the young man already had promised himself he would be great and do his best effort to get there. The only thing that worried them, was his clothing style and the feeling he was keeping something hidden from them. But they rejected that, everyone had secrets, let the young man have his, so long as they are not damaging for the company, who were they to complain.

Also about his clothing style, Tom was sure, if he worked here for some time, they could get someone, preferably Lucius' son, Draco, to take the guy shopping.

After some more talk, they descided to let Evans come back, the week after for a step in program, he would be accompanied by 4 others, making the total possible employies stay at 5. Out of those 5, the one who showed the most promise at the end of that week, would be hired.

For now, they ate their lunch and awaited the afternoon candidates for the interview.

Remus Lupin was a caring man, especially when it evolved his husband, Sirius, or their godson, Harrison. So when the young man called him late a week ago. Asking him to meet the following day, he had been a bit surprised, whivh only grew when eh saw the way his normally proper godson was dressed.

In the little café, where they had chosen to meet, Harrison was waiting for him a slightly baggy jeans, a lose T-shirt and a open blazer on top. It was a huge difference of the normally brand wearing young man, who preferred tight clothes or suits.

But the surprise was far from over, not only his clothing style had changed, so had his goals in life. At first as Remus listened to his godson explaining to what he wanted with his life, he couldn't help but think that this was a plan designated to fail, with a hurt and possibly broken godson as the result. But the more he listened, the more he could see that Harrison had thought of everything to keep his two lives seperatly, he and 'Harry' didn't look the same, at least nor in places people used to look. And if they did, one could probably explain it by playing them off as far cousins, seeing as 'Harry' had chosen Evans as his last name, the name of his mother.

At the end of their tea outing, he had to agree that Harrison had taken everything in consideration, and he was never more proud of the young man who wanted to live his own life and make it on his own, instead of just becoming his father's shadow. Not many young men take that initiative, to willingly go out there, in the world, and start from scratch, only to grow and succeed in what they wanted. Something he was sure, Harrison would do perfectly.

So now here he was, in his car, picking up his godson from his first interview, with the rival company of his father's no less. But the smile on the young man's face when he took place in the passenger's seat, was enough to tell him it had gone good. And even if he didn't get the job, a good first interview does wonders.

In the ride to Harrison's apartment, they stayed mostly quiet, thinking about what to say when they could take in the privacy of Harrison's home.

Remus could be nothing but proud when he heard his godson's tale, the smile on his face alone, made him almost certain it would all be alright and Harry would get the job he aimed for. So he could begin working his way up. A smile appeared on his face, he had such a smart godson, he was glad the young man had chosen this route for his life. There were flaws to his plan, but knowing Harry, the young man would work it out.

Harry was more than happy as he told Remus what had occurred at Slytherin Corp. He was proud of the way it had gone and the things that were said. He was sure he would soon hear from Director Riddle, Mr. Snape or Mr. Malfoy.

And he wasn't wrong, by the end of the week, a mail was sitting n his inbox. Congratualating him on his wonderful talk and inviting him to an internship for the next week, at the end of that week, it would be descided who of the 5 interns would get the job.

He was just a little nervous when Remus drove him to the building of Slytherin Corp. He felt bad for having to ask his godfather for this, but he didn't have his own car yet, seeing as the car his father wanted to get him was way to flashy for his taste and thus rejected. So he wanted to buy him own when he got his first pay check. Also Remus was the only adult in his immediate environment who knew of his plans.

With a smile to Remus, and a world of good luck, he entered the massive grey building with green logo. Straightening his dark blue jeans, white dress shirt and dark blue blazer, he walked up to the reception. It was in a matter of minutes, a young woman named Pansy had helped him and directed him to a first floor conference room, where 4 others were seated, 2 woman and 2 men, all around his age.

The first woman was a blond, with blue eyes and stragely enough, ear rings in the shape of radishes, she had a dreamy look in her eyes, but smiled at him in greeting. She wore clothes in rather flashy colors, an orange knee length skirt, with a yellow top and a red blazer on top.

The second woman was dark skinned, if he had to guess, he would say she was Indian. She was dark brown eyes and hair, which was done in a long braid; she was dressed in a dark purple three piece suit.

The first male also had darker skin, this time hinting at an African heritage, his light brown eyes were smiling and his dark brown hair was kept short. He was, like himself, more casual dressed, in a black jeans, a grey dress shirt and a black jacket.

The other male had dirty blond hair, which reached to his ears, and cold blue eyes, he was dressed extremely smart in an Armani suit, he blamed his father for recognizing the brand.

Pansy smiled at them all, "since you are all here now, director Riddle will be here shortly, please sit down and maybe have another coffee or tea. As soon as the director arrives the tour and information session will begin.

The blond woman spoke first, "hello, my name is Luna Lovegood. While I know we are competition, I'm quite sure that if we show initiative and our skill, we could still get a place in this company, even if it won't be such a high starting point as this job will be.

The other woman nodded, "Padma Patil, a pleasure, I agree with you Luna, from the things I heard from director Riddle and Slytherin Corp. they always need people and could surely get us another job in this wonderful company.

The dark haired man, nodded too, "Dean Thomas, pleasure. I agree with you ladies, I was rather surprised to get that e-mail. Bu t none the less very grateful for the opportunity."

The blond sneered, "Well, we'll see who will come out victorious, I am Zacharius Smith, and I could care less for your opinion."

Harry frouwned, "pleasure to meet you all, I'm Harry Evans. I think Mr. Smith that you would be surprised as to what some healty competition could bring you. As for the rest of you, I completely agree. I hope we can make the best of this, and maybe we will all make some new friends at the end of this week."

The others, excespt Smith , smilled at his, when suddenly a troath was cleared. Aperently director Riddle had arrived. He looked at them with a smile on his face, only when his glaze rested on Smith, did a frown appear.

He cleared his troath again, "well than, it would seem most of you know what this company stands for. I am glad to hear that, however, Smith", the young man looked up, misinterprenting the tone the director used, "you can leave already, I seek now we made a wrong descision."

The young man's expression changed from hopefull to despair in a few seconds, with a hanging head, he gathered his brief case and left.

The director was all smiled again, "well than, people, let's get started, a tour will be done be me. So I hope you all pay attention. We will go trough every unit of this company, followed by an information session by my second in command, the head of foreign relations, Lucius Malfoy. After that your first day will be as good as over, you are welcome to my office for any questions, as I am sure Lucius will be happy to answer. He will also go over your sceduele for the next week for all of you. And Friday the descision will be made as of who will get the job of secretary at my floor and serve as a barsista at the cafeteria located there. As for the other three, we have, as Ms Lovegood and Ms PAtil said, we always have jobs to spear. I wish you all the best of luck, if you could follow me."

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