Sirius, Remus and Harry were just starting dessert, when Harry's phone signalled a message. He took out the mobile, a rather simple model, not some top of the line thing his dad had bought him. Ha had just sold the phone and put the money he got from it on his savings account.

But back to the message, he unlocked the screen and looked the screen, a frown appearing on his face.

From: Mom
Harry, could you call me? We really need to talk. X Mom.

He didn't understand, his mom normally didn't text him or really talked to him at all. He looked at his godparents and let them read the text on his phone. They too had their doubts on the message, but they told him, it sounded unlike Lily, so they encouraged him to call his mom.

With a nod, after their dessert, they made their way to their car. As the men got in, Harry hit speed dial and waited for his mom to answer the questions he had now.

"Yes, Harry, thank you for calling." His mother sounded a bit nervous.

Harry grimaced, "yes, mother, you asked. Now why did I have to call?"

He heard his mother wince at his calling her 'mother', "you are with Sirius and Remus, are you not? Could you all come to Andromeda Black's house?"

Harry frowned and looked at the car his godfathers were in, he sighed, "I'll ask them. I will text you what they say."

His mother sighed, "That's all I ask."

Harry pursed his lips together as he got in the backseat of the car, his godfathers looking at him with a question in their eyes. He sighed; she wanted me to call her because she wanted us to come to Andy's house. But I don't know why. I told her I'd text her if we'd go."

Sirius frowned, "Andy? Why would Lily be at Andy's. Ah, well, I guess we'll find out, text her we'll be there in 15 minutes."

Harry nodded and got his phone out of his pocket and sends a quick text to his mom.

To: Mom
be there in 15 min.

After the short drive to Andromeda's home, they parked the car in front, seeing Lily's car already there. Harry grimaced, he actually didn't want to see his mother today, but she had sounded quite desperate, so he had agreed.

With a sigh, he followed Remus and Sirius into the house, given a warm welcome by Andy, Ted and Dora, who had always been like family to him, Andy was Sirius' favourite cousin and between him and Dora there was only a 5 years age difference, meaning they had been best friends for the most part of their lives. He had come here a lot as a child, when his parents were too busy to take care of him and had Sirius and Remus babysit.

As they were ushered into the living room, he saw his mother for the first time in weeks, she didn't look that good, bags were under her eyes, her once vibrant green eyes were dull and her red hair had grey in it. The lines around her mouth and in her forehead were more pronounced, yet when she saw him, she smiled, a real smile and with some hesitation made her way to him, holding out her arms.

Harry hesitated for a moment, but in the end he hugged his mother close to him, it was apparently what she needed, as she broke down, sobbing into his shoulder, saying she was so sorry and to please forgive her.

Harry looked a bit helpless at that, he had never been that good with crying people, even more so with crying women. So he did what seemed best and led his mother to the couch, sitting her down and taking a seat next to her, he was soon joined by Sirius, Remus and Andy. Dora and Ted were in the kitchen preparing some tea.

As Lily stopped crying, Harry smiled at her and asked; "Can you tell me why you wanted to meet us here, mom?"

Lily nodded, "I filed for a divorce."

This shocked the men in the room, they hadn't expected that.

Lily continued; "he has been cheating on me for quite some time, I've known for about as long as he had the other woman. But I just couldn't get myself to care. But now, I haven't seen my son in so long and he just doesn't seem to care. All he does is drink and have sex. Gryffindor Corp is on the verge of a bankrupt and he just doesn't want to see that. He talks about retiring and letting you clean up the mess, but I won't let him do that. I even heard him talking about making sure that you had the right wife; he was talking about that Weasley bint."

Harry had paled after hearing his father was cheating on his mother, and had turned green after the mention of the Weasley girl, she had been a stalker in high school, assuming that seeing as Ron was his best friend, had been at that moment, she was automatically his girlfriend, he had rejected her numerous times, but she always kept coming back. That his father wanted them together was just disgusting, he was gay for heaven's sake.

Lily looked at the facial expressions on her son's face, "I tried to talk it out of his head, saying that I didn't think you liked Ginny, I knew you were gay and I think he did too, but didn't want to believe it. I once heard him mumbling about that no son of his could be a pillow biter."

At this Remus and Sirius looked sick, that James could do something like that. Had the man been a homophobe the whole time and just played them.

Lily cleared her troath, "well, I filed for a divorce, I have enough evidence, not that your father is that smart, he always brought his whores to the manor, when I was home. And I gave a rapport about his treatment of you, if I pull this off he will get a restraining order, the same with the Weasleys, the youngest at least, I know you get along quite right with the eldest ones."

Harry gave sigh, he was almost relieved, never to see his father again, the man was his father biologically, but he had never been there for him, if he had to introduce his father, it would be fathers and their names would be Sirius and Remus.

As the night continued, Harry even told his mother about his new job. She was really happy for him and told him that, even congratulated him on his own accomplishments and achievements. You could see on her face she was really proud of the things her son had achieved on such a short time. She did say that he shouldn't wait too long to reveal the truth to his bosses, as to avoid the collapsing of his dream job.

He had agreed with her and told her he was going to meet again with Draco, seeing as his father was a big man in Slytherin Corp and see if they could find the best way to deal with it. Lily had met the blond Malfoy heir once and he and her son had gotten along great. Only James' interfering had broken the friendship. Or so it had seemed, Harry came clear and told her he had never given up on the Malfoy heir and they had stayed in contact with each other through mail and later trough texts.

Soon it was midnight and they left the Tonks family and Lily to go and sleep at their own house. Harry staying over at Sirius and Remus as he didn't want to be alone after all the revealing that had been done tonight, it had been a bit much, but he was glad his mother had come to her senses.

Once in his room, Harry had fallen asleep almost instantly, thinking about the day after, when he would go shopping with Draco and talk about what the best possible solution was for the problem that came to the for ground. He had to come clean to his employer and the friends he had made at Slytherin Corp, and he was sure Draco would be a huge help with that.

The only thing of that weekend he didn't look forward to was a dinner on Sunday; his father had invited him without his permission so now he had to go. He hoped that he could clear everything with director Riddle before then and just spent the whole night speaking to his Slytherin co workers and avoid his father. Seeing as it was a dinner to present all the new accomplishments of the big companies in England. A part of him wanted to see his father suffer.

The next day came fast; Harry had asked Draco to meet with him in Harrods in London, a huge shopping centre, meaning they could talk, shop and even get a drink when they wanted. So as Harry stood waiting for his blond haired best friend at the entrance, nerves making itself known, it had been after all quite a number of years since they had last seen each other.

At exactly 10 AM, the time they had agreed to meet, a young man with blond hair appeared, stopping in front of Harry. Draco hadn't changed that much, he still had silvery blond hair, mercury collared eyes and a pale skin, only now he was dressed in designer clothes, had lost all of the baby fat and made a striking adult, with the same air around him as his father had.

They smiled at each other, happy to see the other again, after so many years of only digital contact.

They entered Harrods and went for a drink, Harry was for a change dressed more like he really was, designer pants, a crisp white shirt and a black blaze, a perfect blend of what he wore in his double lives, he would do a lot to be able to just be himself.

They ordered a pot of tea and took a seat at a table, if anyone would recognize them in that moment they wouldn't know what they saw, the heirs of the greatest companies in Britain, talking like best friends, which they were.

Harry found that he still could talk to Draco as he could when they were kids, both with an open mind and willing to listen to the other. That was something that Harry had missed with Ron and Hermione.

With a bit of insecurity, Harry came clean to Draco, he told the blond all of his plan, and that he was sick of the way his father treated him, even what his mother had told him the night before. But most of all he assured the blond that he in no way had wanted to mislead or spy on Slytherin Corp. HE just wanted away from his dad and he had loved the was director Riddle had dressed the T spot and asked for employees. The man just screamed charisma and frankly, it was something his father had never possessed; if he was honest he would never want to work for Gryffindor Corp and felt right at home at Slytherin Corp.

Draco had been listening patiently, nodding in the right moment, and making small 'hmm' noises to show he understood.

As Harry stopped talking, the blond stayed silent for a few seconds, then nodded to himself and locked eyes with the brunet in front of him, smiling, "Harry, what you have told me is rather something. I know it is a lot and will probably escalate if you don't come clean to Tom, Severus and my dad; they are after all the head of Slytherin Corp. I do know, however, that they have always had respect for you and to an extend you mother, Severus had been her best friend when they were little. Your father however, is an arsehole, but seeing as you think the same about that it shouldn't be a problem. They are, I am sure, willing to listen to you. And I kind of set up something, I had a nagging feeling it would be something like this, because Tom had called and asked if I could take out his new secretary, who has green eyes and black hair, who had a dreadful clothing style. I figured this to be you and set up a diner date tonight, I told my dad and Tom that I would meet with you, as Harry Evans, and give you a makeover, seeing as we both know you have a fashion sense on par with me; you just accompany me, after an afternoon of shopping of course. At this dinner you can come clean, seeing as now; you look every bit like Harrison Potter. They will recognize you. It will be perfect, if you tell them everything you know, they could even help your mother in her court case and destroy your father's reputation and take over Gryffindor Corp."

Harry was smiling at the end of Draco's conversation; it would work out in the end. Draco had grown up with the men he had to come clean to and he was really sure the blond knew what he was talking about. So, after finishing their tea, they stood and started their shopping spree, Harry normally didn't use the credit card his father gave him, in protest, but he was angry at the man and he had ordered him to get an outfit for the next night, he knew they were really low in budget, but well, he could spoil himself and he had made enough money in his new job to take revenge on his father.

It did good, to just spend and not worry about it, as it was his father's money and he was planning on giving away most of these clothes after tomorrow, he just wanted to annoy his father. The things he really wanted he brought with his own money.

At noon, the young men stopped for a light lunch, just a sandwich in the cafeteria where they had started, after that they entered London intending to shop some more in the city and the little shops.

The afternoon went by pretty fast, in no time, they were picked up by a limousine of Slytherin Corp. the green logo shining on the side of the sleek black car. In it, they drank the glass of champagne waiting for them and talked some more about the things they had missed this morning and just the little things in life. After a lot of laughter and a short car ride, they arrived at one of the most high class restaurants of London, the Lunar cycle, it was ran by Fenrir Greyback, an old friend of director Riddle, who also had the backing of the company, meaning that when Slytherin Corp needed a place to dine, they could do it at the Lunar for free. At least that was what Draco told him.

Once out of the car and into the restaurant, they were let to a back table, the three top men of Slytherin were already there, seated around a round table with a booth style couch around it. As they looked up, he saw the recognition in their eyes, followed by the doubt and even a little anger in them.

Harry swallowed only Draco's hand on his arm held him back from running away. Nervously, he took a seat, letting Draco get in first, so he was on a corner and had enough space to run, if it should be.

As he bit his lip and looked at the three men in turn, he saw Lucius looking indifferent, probably still hearing from him on a regular basis from Draco. Tom was looking interested, with a glimpse of confusion in his eyes. Severus, as last, had anger in his eyes, but the black eyes were mostly filled with curiosity.

Harry swallowed again, this was it, and told the men around him what had happened, why he had done what he had done, and even excused himself for misleading them. HE had told them of the life his father wanted him to lead, even about the betrayal of his 'friends', his everlasting friendship with Draco and the marriage contract, if his father got his way, to Ginny Weasley. The talk he had, had with his mother the night before and her thoughts on all that had happened the last 20 years.

In the end it had stayed quiet for 5 minutes, making Harry feel uncomfortable, and even scared, he began biting his lip again, until Draco hissed at him to stop. With a lot of doubt in his eyes he looked at the men in front of him again, they were looking at him with worry in their eyes.

It was Lucius that spoke first; "Harrison, I have had the feeling for many years now that I do know you. You have been a great friend of Draco and I thank you for staying that even after your father interfered. What you have told me just now about your father is something I find disgusting; no man should treat his wife and child like that. You and your mother are always welcome in my home, and I will do anything to help Andromeda with Lily's case and bring your father down."

Harry smiled at that, he had liked Lucius as a little boy, when they had met briefly in the first week of elementary, and Draco had introduced them. He was so glad that the man had stayed the same.

Severus had just nodded alongside his long time friend, he didn't speak, but Harry saw his eyes change to a warmer light, he had heard from his mother that she wanted to meet again with the man, and after telling him that, he almost glowed.

Tom spoke as last, "I greatly admire your strength and courage, Harrison, it isn't everyday someone denounces their father, I know I did the same, yet your case is even worse than mine, but that is a case for later. Right now I want to tell you I have decided to fire Harry Evans from my company."

At this Harry nodded, he had prepared for this, he even wanted to stand and just get away from there at that moment, and his worst nightmare had just come through.

But then Tom spoke again, "Yet in the meantime, I would like, very much, if Harry Potter could start on Monday."

At this Harry looked at the man in front of him, who wore a smile on his face, and just began nodding franticly, "Yes, of course."

He couldn't believe it; he had just gotten the backing of 3 of the most powerful men in England. One who was the father of his best friend the other, if he had read the signals right could become his stepfather in the near future and the last one, who was the director of his dream company, had just taken him as he was and kept him to the job he had dreamed of. He just felt great.

The rest of the evening had passed quickly, they had good food, some glasses of wine and a splendid dessert, and of course the company was excellent.

As they dropped Harry off at Sirius and Remus, they agreed to meet with him the next evening and 'rescue' him from his father. They wished him a good night and were off.

The next night, Harry's nerves were already on the edge, his father had started the night with just telling him what to do, what not to do and who he HAD to talk to. He was not that far from screaming to the man. As it was now, they were just entering the room were the dinner was being held, and already 2 redheads and a brunette made their way to them. His father began smiling and began talking to Ron and Hermione.

Ginny on the other hand, who was wearing a dress that showed a too deep cleavage, was hanging onto his arm, chatting his ear off. He changed his mind, now he wanted to scream at the red head next to him, who now was talking about going out and even marrying.

As he clenched his teeth, he saw his father look at him with that look in his eyes, dragging his eyes from Harry to Ginny and back. Harry glared at the man, he better not be implying what he was implying. As he grinned at him now, wiggling his eyebrows, Ginny hanging on his arm, still chatting his ears off and Ron and Hermione were looking at him like he'd better do something, an unreadable look in their eyes.

He exploded; "What the hell is your problem? You come here and tell me what to do and who to talk to. That whore on my arm needs to stop, I am gay, proud of that, and Father, just so you know, I'd rather be a beggar the rest of my life than inherit Gryffindor. So fuck you all! "

As he stopped shouting, everyone was looking at them, he even saw Tom stick up his thumbs at them, making him smile.

HE was grabbed by his shoulder, turned around and met the face of his enraged father, "what do you say to me boy? You will do everything I say, I won't let you screw this up. I am your father!"

Harry sneered at the man, "fuck you, you never were my father, you were a slave driver! And you screwed up Gryffindor Corp all on your own, if you think I'll save all the dumb asses working there, you're wrong, I already found a job all on my own."

The three young adults behind his father, who had turned red at being called dumb, were looking at something behind him. James looked that way too, his face red, Harry wanted to turn, but he felt an arm wrap around his waist, Tom's cologne tickled his nose, he smiled.

James rages, "What the hell are you doing here Riddle?"

Tom grinned, "Didn't your son tell you, Potter. He works for me now, as a matter of fact, I'm sure Lily will join my company soon too, knowing her and Severus won't be able to deny their feeling after the divorce is through."

James turned even redder, than started yelling, that he never would let that whore go, that his son wasn't a fag and would marry Ginny because he had agreed to that.

All the people around them were looking disgusted at the Potter; that he would and say things like that to his wife and son.

It wouldn't last long, the head of the top 10 companies of England, Albus Dumbledore had appeared, Percy Weasley, who was a bailiff. Albus took the world, "James, I am disgusted by what I just heard; you have no place here, as Percy will announce."

The older man gestured to the younger next to him, "Mister Potter, I am here in name of the Bailiffs of London, with this Gryffindor Corporation is declared bankrupt; I'll leave you to tell to your employees. Also, I got a message form Mrs. Tonks, your court case in over 2 weeks; I would search for a lawyer if I were you."

With that James, Hermione and the Weasleys were escorted out of the building, no longer welcome at the dinner. Harry was escorted to the Slytherin Corp table by Tom, but not after getting a pat on the back from Albus and an open invitation to come by for tea.

The rest of the night was great; the food was great and the company even better. Harry did notice that Tom's arm stayed a bit longer on his waist then needed, maybe something to discuss with Draco, he thought giggling, as he turned to his best friend.