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Chapter 1

"You are my last option Cain! Az has run off to who knows where, abdicating the throne, which means I have to be Queen." DG was furious. How could he not understand that I need him to do this for me. She thought.

"You wont need to be Queen for a very long time, DG -" Cain started but couldn't finish his sentence.

"Sooner than everyone thinks!" DG hurumphed herself onto the sofa of her room. "Sooner than everyone thinks." she whispered again.

"What do you mean DG?" Cain knelt in front of her, taking her hands. She shook her head. "Deeg, why sooner than everyone thinks?"

"My mother is dying." She whispered, barely audible, like she was surrounded by people and only wanted him to hear. "But she doesn't know yet, at least not officially. Father and I know because we have it on the Other Side. Even over there, its hard to cure." She took her hands out of his and covered her face to hold back sobs. I will not break down in front of Wyatt Cain. I will not break down in front of Wyatt Cain. She repeated over and over to herself in her head.

"Why do you need a husband and Consort from this side so soon? Why not wait until after you are Queen? Find someone special, Kiddo. Fall in love." Cain knew he could do nothing to sooth the pain. He knew what she was going thru, at least to some extent.

"I need to get married NOW Cain. The people won't except me until I am married and I don't trust anyone except you, Raw, and Ambrose. I can't marry Raw and I refuse to marry Ambrose! You are my only option. Please do this for me." She removed her hands and he saw that her eyes were glossy and wanting to explode from tears. She stared at him. The silence was unbearable.

"I need to talk to Jeb about it." He smiled. "I all ready did that. He said yes. We've become friends now. And before you say any thing, I already rand the idea past my father, and he approves."Cain pulled her to her feet. "What if I had said no?" He was curious.

"Then I would have had to resort to Ambrose." She shuttered at the thought and then smiled. Just then Ahomed came into the room. All he did was look at DG, pain on his face. He closed the door and crossed to DG, seemingly ignoring Cain. "She knows. She knows she's dying. The doctors just told her. And she knows we never told her we knew."Just then, DG's doors went flying open and their was her mother, standing their, yelling about how they should have told her. Both Cain and DG both realized that their fingers were still barely locked together. They pulled them apart and took a step away from each other. Ahomed looked over at DG and she gave a slight nod and a small smile. He smiled back at her, glanced at Cain, and went back to his wife.