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Koda and April sat back as she watched Leonardo and Donatello chase after Raphael. It was flu season and Donnie had created a shot for each of the turtles. Mikey, Leo and Donn all had theirs and now it was down to holding down Raph so he could take his.

"I'm telling you guys. I feel fine, there's reason for the stupid shot." Raph called as he ran through the living area.

Donn and Leo stopped in front of the girls, panting and leaning on their knees. "Where's Mikey? We need as much help as we can get." Leo was able to get out.

"He said he was going up top and to my place after I told him Riley was back home still." Koda informed him.

"Is that really the best idea? Letting Michelangelo go out by himself?" April asked. "It's still pretty early for his to be out anyways.

They guys straightened up. "What's the worst that could happen?" Donnie asked. "He knows enough to stay in the shadows."

Michelangelo opened the cover on the manhole and jumped out. After placing it on once more, he jumped, flipped and climbed his way to the top of the nearest building. Placing his board on the rooftop, Mikey jumped on and pushed off. With the new TPod Donnie gave him on replay, he was made his way to the twins apartment. Nodding his head to the beat, he performed multiple tricks before nearing the right roof.

Storing his board next to the ones the girls hid, he maneuvered down the fire escape. Turning off the TPod and reaching out to open the window, the sound of voices stopped him. He knew one was Riley's, but he was unable to point out the other.

"I don't know Rye, these 'friends' of yours sound strange to me."

"You just have to get to know them Ally."

Has the girls actually told the turtles secrets? They promised they wouldn't. Mikey continued to listen in on the strange conversation.

"Listen to yourself. Your telling be your boyfriend wont let you tell anybody about him. What if someone knows if he's a criminal and he doesn't want you to find out?"

"Calm down. I promise they aren't criminals and I promise you, nobody in New York knows about them."

"How is that possible?"

"Let's just say their new."

So the stranger didn't know about the secret, but it sound like Riley was making plans to introduce them. "Sweet." Mikey did a mini celebration. "Maybe it's time for an early introduction."

The girls had joined in the mighty Raph vs needle race when Riley came running into the lair. Her eyes were wide while she held her hat. "Uh, we might have a problem."

The group ran over to the girl. "What the matter?" Koda asked.

"Where's Mikey? Is he okay?" Leo's voice was laced with concern.

"Yeah, we're fine, but why did Mikey show up at our place?" She was curious and worried but didn't sound mad at anybody at the same time.

"He wondered why you didn't come down and I told him you were staying at the house tonight." Koda explained.

Riley rolled her eyes. "That's because Ally was coming over!"

"Who?" Raph had made his way back to the living area.

"Did she see Mikey?" Donnie asked.

"That's exactly it!" Riley explained. "We were just chilling in our room when Mikey comes flying through the window and totally freaks out Ally."

"Well, he had always gotten excited to meet new people." April tried lightening the mood.

"So you left her a stunned girl at home while your brought Mikey back?" Koda asked.

"No way, we thought it would be best if we brought her here." Riley explained.

"If she was freaked out by Mikey." Donnie processed. "Wouldn't showing her three more turtles be a bad idea?"

"That's the other thing. After Mike jumped through the window, Ally just, uh well, fainted."

"Where are they now?" Leo asked. "I thought you were bringing her down here."

"He was right behind me, he should be here any s-"

"Coming through." Mikey jumped down the stairs and rushed to the couch to set down his load.

"Here they are." Riley gestured.

Knowing exactly what to do, Donn took Leo and April to grab a few medical necessities. The twins, Mikey and Raph stayed in the room with the unconscious girl, waiting for her to wake up. Koda lifted her head and placed it on her lap as Riley took a seat at her feet.

Raph took in the blonde girl. Her shirt was black with silver flames while she wore blue jeans and black sneakers. Around her neck was a silver chain leading to a heart locket with a diamond in the center. Her eyes twitched and he knew she would wake up soon.

"Mikey, may I ask what one earth you were thinking, revealing yourself to yet another human?" He hit his brother upside the head.

"I-I just thought that, well, maybe.."

"Guys shhhh. She's waking up." Koda hushed them as Ally brought a hand up to her head.

"Oh boy, I just had the strangest dream."

Her eyes had yet to open but Koda had started to reassure her. "It's fine, there's nothing to worry about. I promise."

It was an uneasy silence as they waited for her to open her eyes and react once more the giant turtles.

"Get Him!" Leo's cry broke the silence as he, Donnie and April jumped him, giving him his shots.

The cry caused Ally's eyes to snap open and reveal vibrant green eyes. She sat up and screamed at the sight of the guys. "What's going on here?"

Riley was the first to respond, and grabbed her friend's shoulders. "Don't worry. Remember the friends I told you about? Well these guys are them."

"Riley, please tell me I'm still dreaming." Ally's eyes were wide.

"Trust me Ally. Once you get to know them, you're going to eat those words."

The girls eyes flickered to the four turtles, now on their feet and back to Riley. "I don't see how."

"I'll start you off. Ally, meet the turtles. Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael. Guys, meet Allison." Riley helped her friend up.

The guys bowed and were surprised when they received a bow back from their newest guest. "Welcome to our home." Leo introduced.

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