Turtles, Allison = Nick, silverfire (respectively) twins=me

In the last five minutes, Allison was informed that the turtles lair was located underground in the sewers and their Sensei and father was I giant rat. It started to make more sense after Splinter told her the story of their lives.

The girl walked up to the twins and nudged Riley's arm. "I see why you wanted to keep these guys a secret."

"They are pretty great aren't they?" Riley asked. "Believe it or not, it gets even crazier though."

Allison was surprised that they had even more to their story. "Doubt it."

Riley pulled her friend over to a corner as Raph chased Mikey into the room yelling something about a water balloon. "Seriously, they have a bunch of enemies. Their more mutants out there out for the guy's heads. Some of them at cool, but most are pretty dangerous."

"Wow." Allison watched as the red banded turtle caught his brother in a headlock. "That's Raph, right?"

"Oh, yeah. Mikey always finds a way to agitate him." Riley continued.

"Huh. Does Mikey get under everyone's skin?" Ally asked.

"It's his mutant power." Riley said dreamily.

"And we have a plan to get him back." April followed by Koda joined them.

"How's that?" Ally asked.

Koda filled her in. "Apparently the guys Mutation Day is coming up. According to Leo anyways. And we are going to blow their socks off with the cake."

"Who's getting a cake?" Mikey escaped from Raph and made his way to the group.

"If it's made of algae and worms, I refuse to look at it." Raph complained, making his way to the group.

"Eww, algae and worms sounds disgusting!" Ally let out. "You guys actually eat that stuff."

"It's all we had, until we learned about the amazing pizza." Mikey explained.

"Did you guys know that Koda used to make pizzas?" Ally offered.

"Yep. She's still makes us a pie every once and a while." Leo joined the group who had moved to the couches.

"That's not a bad idea, who wants pizza for supper?" Koda suggested. A chorus of 'Alright' and high fives was her reply. "Okay. Wanna help slice the toppings Leo?"

The two left the room just as Donnie entered. "What's all the excitement?" He plopped himself next to April.

"The girls are making a cake for our Mutation Day." Raph explained.

"And Koda's making pizza for us right now." Mikey added.

"Until then, we have plenty of time to do some training." April offered.

"Can I watch?" Ally asked excitedly. "I've never seen ninja's train before!"

The guys looked at each other. "Don't see why not." Raph spoke for them.

With that, the group made their way to the training room where they decided to spar starting with Donn and Raph. Winner would keep the floor. It was after a couple rounds, Raph winning all so far, that Allison saw how deadly their practice could be. After a few more, Mikey and Donnie each getting a win in, she realized Riley and April were at the other end of the room, not paying attention to the guys.

Walking over she called out. "What're you guys doing?"

"We've seen them practice multiple times." April stopped her kata. "And Master Splinter expects us to practice some on our own."

"I'm not following."

"I mean, we're female ninjas. Just, not at the swing-weapons-at-each-other's-heads stage yet." She clarified

"You guys are ninja's too?" Ally exclaimed. "That's awesome!"

"Tell me about it." Riley set down her bow and walked over to the target with multiple arrows in the bull's-eye.

"Is Koda one too?" She asked.

"Course I am." Koda and Leo had entered the room.

Ally nodded, taking it in. "Would I be able to be one?"

Koda shrugged. "I bet you could talk Master Splinter into teaching you."

"That all depends on what you got." Raph walked over and Donn and Mikey spared.

"Well, I'm flexible and can jump." She smiled. "That has to count for something."

"Flexibility must be balanced with grace." Splinter surprised everyone. "But what truly matters if you want to learn the way of the ninja, is your will."

"So does that mean you'll train me?" Ally asked the rat. He smiled, giving her a slight nod. "Great, when do we start?"

Splinter agreed to have a training session with the girls after supper, considering the pizza was to be pulled out of the oven right away. When they did begin, it wasn't all Ally thought it would be. Instead of shooting arrows or perfecting punches, they sat on pillows and meditated.

As the girls were in the training room, the turtles washed dishes.

"So?" Leo asked Raph, handing him a plate to dry.

"So what?" He asked, drying it off.

Taking the plate from him Donnie rolled his eyes. "You know exactly what." He threw the plate Frisbee style towards Mikey who caught it and shoved it into the cupboard.

"I have no idea what you guys are talking about." Raph dried another dish and passed it off.

"Pretend all you want, we know what you're thinking." Leo continued to wash.

"If it makes you feel better, I don't know what they're talking about." Mikey admitted to his brothers.

"Mikey, when have you ever understood what we're talking about?" Raph raised his voice. "I don't even know why you guys would think that. I'm leaving that romance stuff to you."

The rest of the dishes were done in silence. As soon as they were finished, Raphael stormed off to his room, leaving his brothers in the kitchen. Shrugging it off, the three went over to the training room where they found the girls meditating as Splinter watched over them.

"Riley, focus. I know your eyes are just closed." He scolded.

"But I-"

"No talking, just focus."

Ally had just sat back and watched at first but felt the energy around her made her close her eyes and empty her mind. At first she was nervous, but the feeling evaporated quickly. She could still hear Splinter scold Riley every so often, but kept her own focus.

She also noticed the change of atmosphere when three of the turtles entered the room and joined the meditation session. Not knowing which three it was, she was tempted to open her eyes and peak, but feared the risk of getting yelled.

Deciding to wait till the end of session, she kept her focus. She thought about the turtles and their story. She decided to forgive her friends for keeping her out of the loop. She also thought how crazy it was that their 'secret boyfriends' were mutants, but mostly that Raphael was still single.

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