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Allen panted with exhaustion. They had been battling Akuma for a while now, and Allen didn't know when it would stop. It was supposed to be a simple, routine mission to find Innocence, but everything began to go downhill when they got to the village rumored to have the Innocence fragment. Level 4, 3, and 2 Akuma had been awaiting the two Exorcists. A Level 4 Akuma was difficult to beat even with three or four Exorcists, and a general, but Kanda and Allen had no backup or general. The innocence had to be powerful; it might even have been the Heart… Allen didn't know if it was. "Kanda! Are you alright?" The white haired Brit called to his comrade.

"Che, I'm fine Moyashi." Kanda grunted in answer. Allen smiled in quiet relief and continued his battle. That was when the Level 4 decided to sneak behind Kanda and try to attack Kanda from behind. Allen was the first to notice his comrade was in danger, and without thinking of his own wellbeing, took the attack for the Japanese Exorcist. Kanda quickly turned when he saw a bright light, and heard a soft cry of pain behind him. "Damn it, Moyashi! Why did you take the damn attack! My regenerative abilities would have healed me!" Kanda cursed angrily. "I-I didn't want to see you get hurt, knowing I did nothing to prevent it…" Allen whispered softly, as he began to fall to the ground.

"Heehee, I was able to get rid of an annoyance to the Earl." The Level 4 chuckled evilly, with its childish voice. "D-damn it! You better not die, you Baka Moyashi! If you do I'll bring you back and kill you myself!" Kanda growled, as he felt guilt and anger overwhelm him. "Give it up, the boy is dead! My attack couldn't have failed! I'm a Level 4!" The Akuma annoyingly bragged. 'Mugen, take from force… I WILL take out this Damn Akuma… And make the Moyashi regret such a stupid action my life.' Kanda thought fiercely. "What do you think you are doing? Ready to die, because your comrade has fallen? Isn't that cute?" The Akuma cackled. "You WILL regret hurting what's mine. You will wish you never met us, or came after the Innocence!" Kanda growled, as he activated the two illusion blades.

"You Exorcists really are strange creatures. I won't fall to the likes of you, and I WILL be the one to kill you." The Akuma stated arrogantly. "I will not die, not now, not ever against something as pathetic as an Akuma. The Moyashi once told me the souls inside of the Akuma suffer… He told me what he sees when his eye activates, and how it seems to search for the Akuma." Kanda stated coldly, "Let me end your suffering." Kanda soon destroyed the Level 4 as his anger and life force, fueled and gave him a reason in his fight. "Moyashi… I'll find the Innocence then we will get back to Headquarters." Kanda promised darkly. "It's Allen, BaKanda… Get it right." Allen muttered, as he opened his eyes.

"Moyashi. I'll be back soon, so don't you DARE move from this spot." Kanda growled threateningly. "Alright… But be careful." Allen sighed as fell back into unconsciousness. "And don't scare me like that again." Kanda whispered. He left the unconscious boy, and headed towards the Innocence they had fought so hard to retrieve. The Innocence was in a beautifully carved figure of a person that, ironically, looked like Allen. 'That Moyashi better be okay… He can get himself in trouble doing the simplest things…' Kanda thought with a small amount of worry and guilt. The Samurai hurriedly rejoined his fallen Comrade, putting the figurine in his coat pocket. The wooden figure was said to change the way it looked, and sometimes people swore they could hear it sing. Kanda didn't care much about these rumors; he only cared that they successfully retrieved, and could leave to get aid for Allen.

"It's time to go, Moyashi." Kanda stated with gentleness few knew he possessed.


"Allen, Walker is blind, and may never be able to see again." The Head Nurse announced to the worried Exorcists, Finders, Scientists, and C.R.O.W member. "B-but, he'll be okay, right?" Lenalee asked tremulously. "He will live, and most of his wounds will heal without scarring." The Head Nurse reassured. Komui sighed and asked, "Marie, can you help Allen-kun get adjusted to his loss of sight, and maybe teach him how to get around without it?" "I'll see what I can do, Komui-san." Marie answered his voice sounding sad. "I'll teach him braille." Link offered. "Thank you, Link that would help a lot." Komui sighed, before he went back to his usual silly attitude, "Now let's get back to work, while I build another Komurin!"

"Chief…" The other Scientists sighed with exasperation and warning. "What?" Komui asked with faked innocence, "Komurin is just a sweet innocent child, he never hurt anyone…" "Yes he did, he has hurt Allen, Lenalee, Krory, and Lavi. I think Komurins have hurt about everyone in the Order, and now that Allen is blind he can't really defend himself or run away." Reever snorted in annoyance. "Che, if he creates another of his dumb robots, I'll just destroy it with Mugen." Kanda grumbled, "I still owe the Damn Moyashi for taking the damned blow." "Kanda… What happened was not your fault… Allen wouldn't want you to be angry or feel guilty…" Lenalee whispered in a soft voice. "Too bad. If the Moyashi didn't want me to feel that way he shouldn't have taken the stupid attack." Kanda growled angrily. "That is the way Allen is, Yuu-chan! You should know that by now!" Lavi exclaimed.

"Don't call me that Baka Usagi. And shut up." Kanda growled with little venom. "See you guys! Komurin still has a lot of work to be done on him! I'll make him so he can help Allen-kun get around the Order!" Komui called. "Nii-san…" Lenalee sighed with exasperation. "Stupid Chief…" The other members of the Science Division groaned. "I think we should all pray for Allen, and his safety. He has been a victim to Komurin in the past… Not once, but multiple times…" Lavi sighed. "Agreed." The others sighed in tiredness already imagining the mess Komurin would create. "Che. Moyashi was the one that got himself into this mess." Kanda grunted. "Kanda! Be nicer! Allen got injured protecting you!" Lenalee shouted as tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

"Kanda, upsetting Lenalee isn't a good idea!" A calm, soft, polite, and kind voice called from inside Allen's room in the infirmary. "Allen-kun! You're awake!" Lenalee, Lavi, Krory, Miranda, Marie, Reever, Johnny, Tapp, and the others (besides Kanda) shouted in relief. "Che, Baka Moyashi shouldn't have gotten in the way then. She wouldn't be upset if you hadn't." Kanda grunted coldly, not letting his own relief come into his voice. "So you're okay, BaKanda… And my name is ALLEN, not Moyashi!" Allen retorted. "Allen-kun… He's going to be okay…" Miranda sobbed happily.

"I can't see anything, and my eyes are bandaged… Could someone explain why that is?" Allen asked in mild confusion. "You are blind, because you took the attack, and it injured your eyes. We don't know if it is permanent, Moyashi." Kanda stated bluntly. "I-I see… I still plan on being an Exorcist, I promised myself I would. I promised Mana I would keep walking until my death." Allen murmured softly. "If that is your decision, then so be it." Reever said in relief. "Allen, you are taking this rather well. Are you sure you're alright?" Lavi asked in concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I already chose to be an Exorcist, even if I went blind. That was my choice a long time ago, and I'll stick by it." Allen answered truthfully. "Moyashi really is determined, so bothersome." Kanda grumbled. "My name is ALLEN not Moyashi… Get it through your thick skull BaKanda…" Allen sighed in exhaustion. "Rest, Allen-kun, you need it." Lenalee stated in a soft tone. "And get better soon, Moyashi-chan, so we can lead our cute brother around!" Lavi chuckled in amusement. "Kanda, do you still have the Innocence on you?" Miranda asked in curiosity. "Che, here it is." Kanda grunted shoving the wooden figurine, which looked like Allen, to the German Exorcist. "Why does it look like Allen-kun?" Chaoji asked in mild curiosity.

"Heck if I know why the troublesome Innocence took that form." Kanda growled. "Komui-Nii-san mentioned the Innocence can take on the form of some of the most beloved people in a place, and Allen-kun is rather well liked here, because of his kindness, politeness, and openness." Lenalee murmured. "True. It is easy to fall in love with Moyashi-chan!" Lavi chortled. "Che, the Moyashi is not as open as you think. He doesn't show his true feelings, and he's hiding things." Kanda coldly interrupted as he began to leave. "Allen has a b-better attitude than you at least s-soba man." Krory mumbled nervously and fearfully.

"Aww! Kuro-chan actually stood up for Allen-chan!" Lavi exclaimed childishly. "He better be okay… Allen is one of the few people I like…" Timothy whispered quietly. "He will be fine, Timothy, now do your homework." Emilia chuckled gently. "Yes, Emilia." Timothy Hearst sighed grumpily. "The Noahs… What about them? They won't delay… They could take this time to kidnap Allen-kun, and destroy a lot of Innocence fragments…" Lenalee asked Link. "That is why I'm here, partly, and the reason we will be tightening security around Walker." Link stated calmly. "Yeah, we don't want Allen-chan leaving, turning against us, or becoming the 14th…" Lavi muttered sarcastically. "We should probably be going it's getting late, and some of us might have missions in the morning." Tiedoll said in a kind, caring voice. "You are right, Tiedoll-sama!" Chaoji Han exclaimed dutifully.

"Good night, Tiedoll-san." Lenalee sighed, as Johnny, Reever, Tapp, and the others left. "Good night, Lenalee-san." Froi Tiedoll said with a gentle smile. The Exorcists left the area around their injured comrade's room, and gave the roughly 15 year old peace and quiet.


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