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Allen sighed for what felt like the thousandth time. No matter what he tried he couldn't shut his brain down or get comfortable enough to actually sleep. "Moyashi won't even let me sleep in peace." Allen heard a grumble from outside the door. "Kanda?" Allen asked in a soft and uncertain voice. "Yes, that is my name Baka Moyashi." Kanda grunted coldly. "The name is Allen, BaKanda, get it right." Allen sighed. "M-O-Y-A-S-H-I." Kanda spelt out slowly to emphasize the nickname. "Whatever, BaKanda. Just leave me alone, so I can recover in peace." Allen Sighed in a tired voice. "Why did you take the blow? Tell the truth, Moyashi. What was the true reason you took the blow?" Kanda sighed in quiet irritation.

"I know you hate me, and I see you as a rival… But, I still care. I still view you as an important friend of sorts." Allen sighed. "I see, Moyashi, you are just too soft hearted, naïve, and an idealist. I hate people like you, but for some reason, I hate to see you get hurt or killed without trying to help." Kanda growled bluntly. "I see, thanks Kanda. That made me feel a little better." Allen said softly, and his breath finally evened out to show he had fallen asleep. "Moyashi… You really are an idiot." Kanda sighed as a memory hit him. "I want to be a destroyer that saves." Kanda shook his head at the naivety of the statement. 'But he has matured, grown, become wiser since then. War really does age and change people.' Kanda thought with a sigh, wishing the war was over already, and innocent people like Allen or Lenalee hadn't been dragged into it.

"Kanda? Are you okay?" Lenalee's voice asked softly. "Che, of course. Why wouldn't I be fine?" Kanda denied coldly. "Because, you are worried about Allen-kun too. You don't want to admit it but, you are." Lenalee answered back gently. "Whatever. I'm going back to bed." Kanda grunted. 'Allen-kun… I'm sorry I wasn't there and I couldn't help you…' Lenalee thought with sadness. "Lenalee… Don't blame yourself." Lavi said kindly. "L-Lavi! What are you doing up?!" Lenalee gasped in surprise. "Gramps had me studying some book, and I decided to go on a walk to escape it, when I saw you." Lavi chuckled. "Bookman is going to get mad when he finds out that you're shirking you duties." Lenalee scolded. "Lenalee, I don't want you to feel bad, about something that isn't your fault. Please stop feeling guilty." Lavi sighed.

"Thank you, Lavi… I feel better now that you put it that way." Lenalee said with a smile. "No problem, now go to bed Lenalee." Lavi murmured softly. He watched Lenalee leave and turned towards his best friend's room in the Infirmary. "Allen-kun… Please get better soon… This is tearing all of us up on the inside. Even Bookman, although he won't admit it." Lavi stated quietly before he went back to the Library. "Idiot Apprentice, getting yourself hurt already? You really are an idiot." Another voice sighed from the shadows, as a figure began to step into the dim lighting. Cross Marian stared at the door of the room that held his injured apprentice, Allen Walker. "Idiot, you should be more careful with your health." Cross sighed. He pulled out a cigarette and began to smoke.

"Cross, you really shouldn't be smoking in an Infirmary." A childish voice stated quietly. "Ah, Komui. Trying to escape your workload already? Using the guise of checking up on the Idiot?" Cross chuckled. "Allen-kun really someone different. He affects anyone in different ways." Komui sighed. "As in, you see him as a cute little brother, and are developing a complex of protecting him?" Cross sighed with minor annoyance. "Yes and no. He will never be at the same level as my precious Lenalee, but I do want to protect him." Komui sighed. "Sure Komui. Like your complex won't spread." Cross's dry voice stated sarcastically.

"Then why are you here, Cross? It's obvious you care about Allen-kun." Komui retorted. "I don't want to hear the brat's whining." Cross stated coldly. "Sure. That is the reason." Komui stated with a cackle and tone of voice that showed he didn't believe it. "Let's agree to disagree, and move on with our lives." Cross said lazily as he continued to smoke. "You know Allen's life isn't that long… We also have to take into account the fact he was born with parasitic Innocence, it evolved, broke Critical Point, and saved Allen-kun's life multiple times." Komui sighed. "I know Stupid, Insane Supervisor. I was the one to train the brat." Cross murmured his voice taking on a conflicted quality to it. "I want Allen-kun to be happy as long as it doesn't involve Lenalee." Komui sighed tiredly.

"Even if Allen wanted Lenalee, he would treat like a precious, beautiful, fragile princess, and would treasure as well as protect, and take care of her." Cross said softly. "I know. I'm just not ready to give up my little sister yet." Komui stated quietly and honestly. "The Idiot is an honorable, sweet, caring softy." Cross grumbled. "He's also loyal, unlike a certain General I can think of." Komui snorted. "So what if I like to have my fun?" Cross asked boredly. "It's getting late; we should really be getting to bed." Komui sighed in a sad voice. "What happened to the Brat is no one's fault except his own." Cross said as he took his uncaring tone up again. "It's just… I hate that children, and people Allen-kun's age are dragged into this blasted war." Komui admitted. "I do too. I hate this war with all my heart." Cross reassured.

"If there was a way to completely prevent the war, or end it now, I would take it as long as it didn't cost any Exorcist their life." Komui sighed tiredly. "We all feel the same. We want to end the war with minimal losses, sacrifices, and deaths." Cross stated," It doesn't matter if you are a normal human, a Finder, a Scientist, a Chef, or an Exorcist, most if not all of us share that sentiment." "You're right Cross. But, what will you and Allen-kun do at the end of the war? Allen-kun doesn't seem to have anywhere else to go, or any other future he wants." Komui stated worriedly. "I don't know yet. Maybe I'll roam around, and take the Brat with me. Who knows?" Cross answered with complete honesty. "Doesn't sound like that great a life to me. But, it's better than having nothing." Komui sighed.

"It will be harder if the Brat is blind; he'd never have time to get used to his surroundings, and would forever be bumping into furniture, and other things." Cross grumbled. "That is true, however sad the fact is." Komui sighed melancholic. "The truth hurts like a bitch." Cross stated thoughtfully. "It sure does. It really seems that fate has it in for Allen-kun." Komui sighed. "Doesn't it? But the Brat will keep moving forward no matter how much Fate doesn't want him to. He promised Mana he would keep walking after all." Cross stated in a knowing tone. "Mana was really important to Allen-kun. Why?" Komui asked in curiosity. "Imagine if you were abandoned and treated badly because of your left arm being like his. Now imagine if someone took you in not caring about before mentioned arm, then they died. Do you think you understand now?" Cross murmured.

"I guess that makes sense. No wonder Allen-kun was so devastated… I think that anyone would have turned their Foster Father into an Akuma if they had been through that." Komui whispered. "Yep. And the Brat still blames himself and feels guilty about doing it." Cross grumbled. "Thank you for helping me understand Allen-kun better." Komui thanked the General quietly, and then went to bed. "No problem. The Idiot needs people who can better understand his emotions, and actually see through that damn mask of his." Cross whispered. He looked at the door of the room that held his Apprentice one last time, before sighing and heading to his own room to sleep.


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