Summary: Bruce Banner hid many secrets in his life, but none were more heavily guarded then the fact that he had a son. His name? Harry Potter.

Warnings: Love of the slash kind: Bruce/Tony and possible Steve/Harry


A knock sounded throughout the room. Both darkly dressed figures paused, and the taller inched toward the door. Motioning with his hands, he sent the younger one to his hiding spot.

"Dr. Banner, please come outside with me. We have much to… discuss." A woman's hardened voice drifted form the other side of the door. There was a slight pause before Bruce Banner did as asked.

The boy previously sent away slowly crept out of his hidden position. Inching towards the door, he tried to listen in on what he could.

"We are activation the Avengers Initiative; you are requested to join by Fury."

"And exactly what makes you think I will go with you?"

There was a slight pause, before a hidden signal was made. Men previously hidden by the shadows made themselves known, brandishing their guns in warning. An emotionless laugh left Bruce's lips, before he grinned at the group in front of him.

"I suppose that means I should pack?" The women fixed him with a look the showed her disagreement, but let him go with a curt nod.

"Ten minutes, Dr. Banner, that's all you have." He ignored her words, opening the door slowly. The boy that was previously listening in to the conversation sat perched on the couch, a feral look crossing his face.

"You know I can't take you. Harry, please, please just stay here!" He offered no reply to the whispered words. The older man sighed, before pulling him into a quick hug. Letting go almost immediately after initiating the contact, he sated the Other Guy's internal demands.

"I can't make you do anything… just… be careful okay?"

"Of course, father." The soft voice answered. Bruce Banner took on more look at his son before walking out the door. He felt something wash over him slightly, and he knew Harry had cast something on him. He understood, of course. His biggest secret would have to make its appearance sometime.

Back in the house, alone this time, the boy finally allowed himself a smile. He would wait until the right moment, but soon. He would make his move very soon.

Distress. He could feel it through his link with his father. His father was feeling a lot of it, and it was starting to worry Harry. He knew his father was one of the best at controlling his emotions, but there were so many unknown variables in this situation. So many people in one confined space, and all of them advanced or the best the human race had to offer. And now a God as well. Granted, he was more of a demi-God, but it didn't make him any less dangerous. He was hidden underneath his invisibility cloak, watching for any signs of imminent danger.

Then Stark arrived. His father's emotions shifted to that of respect, and something else. Something he had never experienced through the bond, he was naturally curious. Keeping an eye on the man, he listened as the Director entered. He missed most of the conversation, getting distracted with the thoughts of the man known as Iron Man. He heard something about a man named Loki and then New York, but he couldn't find it in himself to care. His focus was on the Iron Man and his father. They seemed to be getting along well, considering he had heard that Stark "didn't play well with others". And Harry could respect that. He knew what it was like to be a loner and make that decision for yourself.

Before he knew it they were all moving their separate ways. Leaving his father for a moment, he moved to follow the woman he had seen earlier. Red hair that reminded him of someone and a form-fitting suit, she walked purposefully. He assumed she was given a job by the Director, and he assumed it corresponded with this Loki person. Curious, he followed her to some sort of cell. A big cell. The Other Guy kind of big. Suspended above a drop of sorts, it was structurally strong enough to hold his father. White hot anger surged through him. Hissing softly to himself, Harry turned his attention to the man occupying his father's cell. Dark hair with bright green eyes assaulted his mind, but in front of him was a man with dull blue eyes.

Eyes were important to Harry. His own eyes were an unmistakable green that would always be his identity; his connection to his father and the Other Guy.

He watched as the woman, Black Widow, tried to play the part of a vulnerable and emotional girl. She didn't fail, but he could tell she was faking it. However good she was, a hint of real emotion gave way and that was what gave her away. Her real anger seeped into her eyes, and it opened her mind to Harry. She was worried about a fellow Agent. Loki, it seemed, had his own plans.

"Are you so weak you need another with you?" Harry mentally sighed in his head. This was the Loki he was worried it was- the Norse God. Slipping out of the room, he sent one look back to the man that was silently watching him.

Harry relocated his father, noticing the scepter that was on display. He had entered when his father and Tony were speaking to Steve, the leader of their little group.

"-He's Nick Fury! He's a spy. He's the spy. Of course he's hiding something!" Ah, so they had finally figured out they weren't given the full story. Not wanting to hear them argue, he tuned them out. He heard Steve leave and re-enter with Fury as the rest of the group were gathering. His father had made the same connection he had about the cell- no, the cage.

There was a sudden movement on the helicarrier that sent Harry sprawling forward, his cloak slipping with him. Strong arms wrapped around him, and he realized that he could see himself.

The cloak was gone, and he was in a room possibly filled with the deadliest people on Earth. And his father. Honestly, he was more worried about the latter.