*I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARCATERS! (Except for Estella, Naramie, and Únuk)

Summary: Throughout the years Estella has searched for the whereabouts of her beloved. Follow her journey as she meets new people and learns to trust again. Post "The Elves' Story"…AU.

Meleth nîn

Search and Sorrow

Estella hopped of her horse Naramie and followed her brothers into the Dúdedain village. They had come to discuss pressing matters that their father, Lord Elrond, felt would soon affect their people. Arathorn, chieftain of the Dúdedain, approached them with a welcoming smile.

"Well met my friends. Pray tell, what brings you all the way out here," Arathorn asked. He knew that if the children of Elrond were present then things must be grim.

"Well met Arathorn, our father bids us to discuss disturbing matters with you," Elladan, Estella's first younger brother, said.

"Disturbing matters…of what do you speak? Has your father seen some threat to my people," Arathorn asked worried. If there was a threat coming his way he wanted to be notified so he could get his wife and son to safety.

"It is a matter we must discuss in private with you Arathorn! We must not stand idly by as the hour grows ever darker," Estella seethed through clenched teeth. She did not like being this close to the humans and wanted desperately to leave.

Her time in Mordor was not easily forgotten…especially with what happened to Legolas. Her brothers, sensing her hesitation, urged Arathorn to a private location were they could discuss what they needed to.

Arathorn led them to the main tent and motioned for them to sit down. Arathorn sat down after the elves and addressed them.

"What do you wish to discuss? Has your father seen something that threatens my people," Arathorn asked.

"Our father has not seen anything that threatens your people," Elrohir explained.

"Then what brings you here? Surely there is something you wish to share with me," Arathorn asked.

"Princess Legolia of Mirkwood had a vision concerning the lives of your people Arathorn," Elladan explained.

"Princess Legolia? You mean the last of the four elves to be born in Mordor," Arathorn asked. The elves had told them of their imprisonment and the four children that had been born and raised there. He knew Lord Elrond's three youngest children were those children, along with King Thranduil's daughter.

"Yes…she had a vision of death descending onto your homeland. A death she believed to be brought by orcs," Elrohir replied.

"How can you be so sure this vision will come true? How do we know that a threat even looms over us," Arathorn asked suspiciously.

"Legolia does not lie Arathorn! I raised her myself and know her as no liar! If what she sees come to your people then it will come…whether you wish to believe it or not," Estella shouted venomously. She stood up and stormed out of the tent.

"You must forgive her Arathorn, Estella has not been herself since she lost her beloved. Elrohir would you go check on her," Elladan turned and asked his twin. Elrohir bowed respectfully and left to find his wayward sister.

"It is alright Elladan, your father told me of the sorrow she faces and I honestly hope that prince Legolas is not dead as others seem to think," Arathorn replied sorrowfully.

"If I know anything about Legolas it's that he's strong-willed and will not die until he sees Estella again," Elladan reassured.

Outside the tent…

Elrohir found Estella by her horse, petting it. Elrohir walked up to her slowly.

"Are you alright sister," he asked worriedly.

"I'm not sure Elrohir. Arathorn is too blind to see the threat on his borders and we have found no trace of Legolas. What if he truly is dead," Estella asked, facing her brother with glassy eyes.

"You and Legolas are connected through your bond of love. Do you truly feel as though he has passed on," Elrohir asked. Estella concentrated on her bond with Legolas…it was faint but there all the same.

"He is alive…I can feel it," Estella said slowly.

"See? Legolas will not leave Middle-Earth without you…especially not until he finds you again," Elrohir comforted. Estella hugged her brother but immediately released him when she felt an evil, yet familiar, presence near the camp.

Elrohir must have felt it somewhat too because the next moment they were racing towards the main tent. Bursting in, Estella and Elrohir laid fearful looks and Elladan and Arathorn.

"What is it? What is wrong Estella," Elladan asked hastily.

"They're here…the orcs have found us," Estella said breathlessly.

Working quickly, the warriors assembled to defend their homes while the women and children stayed back in safety. The battle was fierce but they had managed to defeat the horde of their enemy. But the cost of the battle had been high...Únuk had slain Arathorn by piercing an arrow through his eye.

So it was with a heavy heart that Estella and her brothers returned with the few of the Dúdedain who had survived. Estella watched as Gilraen broke down in tears as Elladan told her of her husband's death. Word from Rivendell had reached the survivors that Gilraen and Aragorn would take haven in Rivendell.

Lord Elrond had sent a message saying that the child was the last hope of the Dúdedain and of all men. Therefore, the child and his mother would come to Rivendell alongside his children and any wounded in their party.

As they departed toward Rivendell, Estella could not help but wonder if Gilraen and Aragorn would truly be safe in Rivendell.