Burt had been acting strange all afternoon. As soon as Kurt had returned from his lunch break, he'd noticed a change. His Dad kept … looking at him. It was weird. It was like this nostalgic, misty, far away gaze, and whenever Kurt caught him he'd clear his throat awkwardly and look away, pushing his cap forward. It was ridiculous.

So, obviously, Kurt was at his wits end when they were in the car on the way home and his dad was dead silent. Normally, he'd try to make small talk, maybe chat away about the cars he'd worked on that day while Kurt nodded and pretended he cared. But … today it was just, silence.

"Okay, Dad, seriously – what the hell?" Kurt's voice broke through the air, abrupt and slightly louder than intended.

Burt looked stunned out of his thoughts, he shifted uncomfortably, "What?" eyes flitting briefly across to Kurt in the passenger seat.

"You've been acting strange all afternoon!" Kurt noticed the flash of … something, behind his eyes, "…What's going on?"

Burt looked away, focusing on the road, shrugging. "I don't know. I guess I just … sometimes I forget how much you've grown over the last few years. I guess it's just hit me that … well, I. I'm just – really proud of you, Kurt."

Kurt blinked. "Wha – I." His eyes softened, face flushed, "Um - thanks, Dad-…"

Silence, once again. Burt leant over, turning the stereo volume up.

Kurt shot him a questioning glance, before shaking his head and looking out the window.

Hours later at home in their dining room, Burt was still acting out of the ordinary, only now so was Carole, who was grinning at him at different intervals for no reason. Burt kept looking toward the front foyer like something was about to suddenly appear.

"Kurt, can you go get Finn and tell him dinner's almost ready?" Carole turned from her spot at the stove waving a wooden spoon in his direction.

Kurt looked down at the extra spot at the table his Dad had set with an inquisitive stare, before shrugging, "Yeah. Sure." And with that he rushed up the stairs.

When he came back down, Finn in tow, nothing could have prepared him for the sight at his dining table.

Because there, sat across from his father, fidgeting uncomfortably in the white dress shirt he was uncharacteristically donning, was Blaine.

Kurt's heart jumped in his chest, his eyes flitting from his father to Blaine.

"… Blaine? Wha- what?" His voice was soft, disbelieving, heart jumping all the way out of his chest.

Blaine smiled nervously, standing, but it was Burt who spoke –

"Blaine came in to see me today, and we … had a chat. I've, um – well, I have seen how hard it's been lately on you Kurt, I'm not stupid." Kurt's breath escaped him; he couldn't believe any of this, eyes flitting back and forth between his father and Blaine. Burt continued, though, "This isn't … this isn't me letting you off the hook for lying to me, okay? And this is not me giving my blessing for any kind of … well. Funny business." Kurt's eyes widened impossibly, face hot, and Blaine let out an uncomfortable cough. "– but I am willing to be more understanding. So, well, Blaine is here for dinner."

Kurt's hands shook, his knees threatening to give out. "Th-thank you. Dad. I can't even- um." He shook his head, smiling and turning toward Blaine, who was staring at him like he'd never seen him before. They stood like that for what was probably an uncomfortable amount of time, because soon Finn was breaking the silence with his curiosity.

"Dude, um – what the hell is going on?"

Kurt turned, graced with Finn's uncomprehending expression – "Uhhh-"

Blaine jumped in, then, "Hi, Finn. Um. I know this is – well I." His hands twisted at his sleeve, before taking in a breath, "I'm gay. And Kurt and I – well, what I mean to say is – um, I'm in love with Kurt."

It was hard to tell whose eyes were wider, Kurt or Finn's.

"But – what – I mean …you like girls, dude - … What?" Finn looked down, looking like he was trying to understand advanced calculus.

Kurt rolled his eyes, "Finn. It is possible to lie. And I love Blaine, too, so …I hope you can accept that." He blushed, eyes darting to Blaine's, biting his lip to keep the impossibly large grin threatening to spread on his face at bay.

Carole spoke up then, a knowing smirk on her face, and Kurt realized she'd known then, as she announced that dinner was ready and for everyone to sit down.

Dinner was – surprisingly easy. There were few invasive questions from Burt, but it seemed like he knew a lot more about Blaine than Kurt thought – and that was what got to him. Blaine had gone to his father. Even though Blaine hated father figures, even though the mere idea of meeting him had him running for the hills the last time they were dating. That was… It was the sweetest thing any body had ever done for him.

As Carole and Finn bickered over the amount of food on his plate, Kurt slowly snuck his hand under the table to where Blaine was sat next to him, curling his hand over Blaine's, squeezing lightly. Thank you, is what he wanted to say. The past few weeks without him had been hell, despite his brave face – which had obviously not fooled anyone, including his father, go figure.

Later that night, after dinner and dessert, when Finn was upstairs and Carole was getting ready for bed while Burt and Blaine and Kurt washed up, Burt set down some – inevitable - ground rules. They weren't to be alone in a house together. Burt was to know where Kurt was at all times, and his curfew had been decreased to 9 p.m. every night during summer, and they would negotiate again when school started.

However, at the end of it -… he and Blaine had permission to see each other. And Kurt was busy questioning whether or not Blaine actually had magical powers when it came to his father, because this was something even Kurt could not have pulled off.

After washing up, Kurt and Blaine were allowed to go down to Kurt's room to talk, door open, of course, and they were finally, blissfully, alone.

Blaine pulled him in, not even giving him a chance to say anything, crashing their lips together in an instant. Kurt moaned, his body collapsing into Blaine's, wrapping his arms around his shoulders, molding their bodies together. Their tongues met, Blaine pulling at Kurt's shirt. Kurt whined, loudly, and Blaine pulled back.

"Shit, baby, I missed you so much." He tucked his face into the curve at Kurt's neck, breathing him in.

Kurt's eyes welled up, making him feel exposed, but he held on tighter, "I missed you too – so much, Blaine, - I can't believe you – you talked to my Dad?"

Blaine nodded against his skin, "Yeah, it was – it was Cooper's idea. I just thought that – maybe, if he knew more about us he'd um, give us a chance."

Kurt beamed, leant back and placed a kiss to his forehead. "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Blaine shook his head, though – "You don't understand. I was willing to try anything, honestly. God, Kurt, I can't even – for some reason, it hurt more this time to be away from you. And that's – saying a lot, because the last time was fucking awful."

Kurt nodded, whispering against his cheek, still clinging on tight, "I know – I know, I was the same, I promise. Missed you."

They held each other, then, rocking back and forth. After almost a year of learning one another, changing, growing, comforting – it felt like they'd come through a storm and all that was left was the desperate need to never let go.

Blaine took a step back, laying his hands on Kurt's waist. "I promised you I wasn't going to let you go, right? That still stands."

Kurt smiled, curving his arms across Blaine's neck, "Even when I'm old and grey?"

"Especially then."

"Even when I'm tired and bitter and snapping at you every five minutes?"


Kurt bit his lip, looking down, Blaine's gaze was hypnotic but intense – it just clawed into his skin and made him feel everything. Nervously this time, with a smaller voice, Kurt questioned again –

"What about … when I'm running off to chase show business in New York?"

Blaine caught his eyes, standing tall, hands squeezing comfortingly at Kurt's waist – "I'll be right there with you."

All joking aside, everything was suddenly so real and sinking in. Kurt leant in, and captured Blaine's lips once again.

They were unconventional, and they had both made mistakes. But they were given a second chance to begin again, and both boys knew that second chances were few and far between. This time they'd cling to it, because neither one was willing to let the trials of life distract them again.


I AM SO SORRY that this took so long! Any way, this story needed to be wrapped up, I felt. I wanted to tell the story of them falling in love, and to drag it on would have been difficult for me. Thank you to every single person who has read, followed, favorited or reviewed. This was my first time writing and your support means everything.

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