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Chapter Ten: When you run into the wolf

Harry decided to test out the new coin bag by slipping back inside The Hideaway. Glancing around, he spotted Jonathan, who was sweeping the floor, with his back turned to him. Harry reached inside the pouch, pulled out a small handful of galleons, and walked up behind the inn keeper. He was still under his cloak so he had gone unnoticed, thus far. The teen slid the galleons into one of the man's back pockets, then quickly headed back out the door.

Jonathan paused as he felt the newly added weight in his back pocket. He pulled out the money as a look of puzzlement formed on his face. Then realization flickered in his eyes before he grinned and shook his head, casting a glance at the slightly ajar front door.


Harry walked down the alley, intending to exit to the muggle world and travel to his newly acquired manor in hopes of placing himself out of Zerin's reach. He heard a yell and felt Buraki tense on his shoulder, ready to strike at any possible threat.

The teen peered down a dark side alley between two crooked looking buildings. His improved vision could make out the shape of two bulky adult men, and two girls that looked to be a few years younger than Harry. By the look of things, the girls did not welcome the adults' presence. Just as one of the men tried to grab for them, Harry yanked his cloak off, whipped out his wand and shouted, "Stupefy!" which sent the first man barreling into the second. They hit the wall and appeared momentarily incapacitated. Harry ran up to the young girls, "Are you alright?!" he inquired.

"Y-yes, thank you! My sister and I got separated from our parents when these men dragged us down here!" explained the taller of the two frightened females.

"Well Diagon alley is just around the corner there, be quick before they wake and get back up!" directed Harry.

"Thank you so much!" replied the shorter, as the two took off.

Harry was just about to leave himself, when his wand was wrenched from his hand, and tossed to the side. Beefy hands snatched Harry's robes and whirled him around, shoving him into the wall. Buraki reared, hissing fiercely, before the snake himself was stupefied and sent flying off Harry's shoulders.

"You just cost us our catch, brat!" Growled the man holding him up. He was eying Harry up and down, "I guess you're going to have to be the replacement."

The other bedraggled man smirked, "Yeah, he sure is pretty enough to be a women. Maybe he'll be just as good a lay."

Harry was filled with that familiar panic once more, his eyes widening fearfully. The man holding him against the wall moved to touch his thigh, when a large fist came into sight and smashed into the man's jaw. The teen heard a loud snarl, "Go take your filth elsewhere before I shred your throats!" then saw the two men running away.

The unknown man took a step towards Harry, "You alright kid?"

He looked up at the tall, muscled, man. The green-eyed boy gasped as he recognized the heavily scarred man, Fenrir Greyback.

The werewolf noticed his reaction and stepped closer, "Easy kid, I ain't like that street trash you just encountered, I'm not gonna..." he trailed off when he took in the teen's features, "Wait a minute..."

That's when Harry made a break for it, but Greyback was faster and manage to get a hold of him. "Harry potter?! Now what brings Dumbledore's little golden boy to the shadowy streets of the big bad Knockturn alley?" The man grinned, "I know someone who will be very pleased to see you again." It didn't take a genius to figure out that he was talking about Voldemort.


Greyback yowled in pain as Buraki bit down on his hand, a long row of sharp teeth sinking into his flesh. This forced the werewolf to release Harry, who ran back into the open alley, only to be sent slamming into the ground after a large explosion came, shattering a nearby building.

After shaking off the shrunken anaconda, Greyback ran out after the boy and skid to a halt at the sight of the destroyed buildings. There standing smugly upon the rubble was Zerin, as well as a few of his blue robed henchmen. The chaos demon immediately zeroed in on Harry and smiled cruelly, "Ah, my dear Serpent Lord! I'm so delighted to run into you again."

Greyback shot a confused look down at the boy in front of him, who was clenching his teeth and pushing himself off the ground.

"We left off with such a sour departure, dear gem. I believe it's time to give in and simply come with me." said the demon who extended his hand towards Harry, even though it was out of the young man's reach.

"He won't be going anywhere with you!" Came the shout from Johnathan, who was now running to Harry's side. He held up what looked like an extra black chunk of coal and threw it to the ground. Instantly, the alley was filled with a thick darkness.

The inn keeper then, in the midst of the confusion, dragged Harry towards an exit, "Instant darkness powder, those Weasley twins are pure geniuses! Now, there's a small muggle town through this particular exit, but I recommend passing it into the woods beyond. It should buy you some time in getting away from that fellow that was giving off those creepy rape vibes."

"Thank you Johnny, I owe you one!" said Harry

"Yeah, thanks buddy!" added Buraki who quickly made it back to Harry's shoulders.

The man just blinked with surprise and waved goodbye as they ran off, 'I knew that snake could freaking talk!'


Meanwhile, Fenrir Greyback was coughing and trying to swat the wispy cloud of darkness away. Once it vanished, he realized the Potter brat and the man that he recognized as The Hideaway's inn keeper were gone. He also noticed the look of rage on the man before him; no wait,this was a demon, he could smell it. Said demon barked at the robed men, "DAMN IT,...well don't just stand there, FIND HIM!"

While the men scrambled to obey, the werewolf backed away and apparated away to inform his master of the recent events.

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