Saturday sees the entire BAU team at Chateau Prentiss once again. They are sitting in the living room dissecting everything about the Doyle/Reynolds case. Morgan throws his hands up in frustration.

"So, they drag Emily's name through the mud, essentially call her a slut and a terrorist, and then just…just…let it slide when they find out Easter was the problem? That's fucked!"

Emily nods. "I know. They were hoping for a scapegoat and instead got proof a man they honoured, praised and practically canonized is really a shit who sold his own government out for revenge."

Reid shakes his head. "Emily, he sold you out, too. That has us all pretty pissed, too. He's not going to stand for all he did to you. The torture, the beatings, the- -OW!" Reid jumps as Garcia kicks him.

Emily's eyes are wide, her face red. She stares at each member of her team in turn. "Oh, my God…"

"Emily, it's my fault, not theirs," Garcia said. "When my friends and I found the files I read them and I needed…needed help making sure I understood what I was seeing. And, well, because I couldn't handle being the only one that knew. I needed them, Emily. Please don't hate them, hate me."

JJ reaches over and takes her wife's hand, offering support. Emily uses her other hand to reach out to Garcia.

"I could never hate you, Penelope," she says softly. "I couldn't hate any of you. I'm just…embarrassed, I guess, that you know more about her…about Lauren than I would have ever wanted you to know."

Morgan sits forward, staring into her eyes. "I am damn proud of you, Emily. Knowing what you did, what you went through to stop that man only improves my opinion of you. And, to be honest, kind of makes me scared to spar with you," he finishes with a wink.

Emily chuckles as everyone grins. "Well, I'll go easy on you. Promise." She takes a deep breath. "Uh, call it insecurity but I have to ask: do the rest of you feel the same? Or do I need to answer any…anything at all for you?"

Rossi sits forward. "I just have one question, Emily. Why do you regret what you did?"

Emily is confused by the question. "Uh, why? Uh, where do I start?"

Rossi shrugs. "I don't know. You peeled through layers of shitheads like a cook peels through an onion. You gained the confidence of a man that notoriously let no one in. You took information to a team that was able to further destroy the networks that fed him and that he fed. Why the hell do you regret what you did? You should be damn proud of yourself."

"I second that," Morgan offers.

Emily stares at the coffee table a second. "It was one thing going into it to know I might have to…to sleep with Doyle to gain his trust." She takes a deep breath, finally ready to admit to her friends what only her wife and her shrink knew. "But…somewhere along the line…Lauren Reynolds really did fall in love with Ian Doyle. I can't…explain it except to say I was so convinced I was her, that in some ways I really became her. When we were arrested in Tuscany, I actually felt guilty that I'd led him to that point, especially when he looked at me and nodded, letting me know everything would be okay. I was sure I'd never see him again."

"And then he escaped North Korea," Reid says sadly.

Emily nods. "Yeah. In the back of my head I always knew it was possible but it still hit me hard and took me by surprise. So, I guess, to get back to Rossi's question: I was embarrassed to have you see me as a slut, embarrassed that you had to come after me, embarrassed that I had never told you all about this. There are so many regrets I hardly know where to begin or end with them."

"Then end with them here," Rossi says, tapping a finger on the coffee table. "He'd have killed untold numbers of people either by his own hand or by dealing the weapons that that would have killed them. No one had ever gotten as close to Doyle as you. Anyone that even came close ended up dead. Four agents were killed by San Mejia. You killed him. You beat him and that got you to Doyle. And by using the same tactic JJ used in the bank, you got into Doyle's head and took him down."

JJ had started as she considers what Rossi had said. "Shit…hadn't…hadn't thought of that, Rossi."

"Both of you used what you had at your disposal to stop the bad guys. Hell, even Garcia used those feminine wiles the first time we tangled with Phillipe. That doesn't make any of you sluts and there is nothing that should make you feel embarrassed and definitely no reason to regret your actions. You read him, you played him, you stopped him. Twice. Be proud, Emily, not embarrassed."

JJ chuckles humorlessly. "In the bank I couldn't help but shake my head at the fact that men think with their dicks. Uh, no offense, guys," she says to her teammates. "But it just seems like so many of these guys we take down think so much of themselves that they forget that they can make mistakes. They think us ladies are so weak we'll just swoon if they bat their eyes at us or compliment us. We stoke that a bit and we take them down. It's fucking pathetic, really."

Hotch nods. "Yeah, it is. And I hate the thought that any of you ladies think you're whoring yourself out for the Bureau or your country. Just know that when you use that tactic, we don't think less of you. I know I personally think even more of you. It's a dangerous game to play and if it backfires it can be deadly."

Emily nods. "I'm proof of that. And we don't have that market cornered. There was another agent when I was under that was a guy. He was making his way to a German woman who was the female version of Doyle. He…he didn't get to her. Well, he did but…well…he was discovered. Doyle would have put a bullet in my head. What that woman did to the male agent was…God…it was ugly."

JJ studies her wife. "You found him?"

Emily slowly nods. "Yeah. Was supposed to get an arms shipment from him. Instead, found his body…or what was left of it. It was…" she just trails off, not wanting to put that image in the minds of her friends.

Garcia pats her on the leg. "Is it okay if I pretend he gave up life as a super secret agent to raise daisies?"

Emily looks up at Garcia and starts to laugh. "Pen, if you ever change, I'm turning in my badge and gun and moving to France to live in seclusion on my vineyard."

Morgan wraps an arm around Emily's shoulder. "I'll be right there with you, Princess. Without Garcia being Garcia my world would stop spinning."

The team had hung around until about 5. After dinner, Emily, JJ and their children had settled in the living room to watch…wait for it…yep, you guessed it…Cars. As she had put it in the DVD player, Emily had looked at JJ.

"So, uh, how long exactly until the obsessive desire to watch the same movie over and over again ends?"

"Well, let's see…how many times have you watched Star Wars?"

Emily laughs. "Oh, dear. Not good."

"Nope, not at all."

After the movie ends, JJ carries a sleeping Rocky upstairs as Emily carries a sleeping Henry. After laying him down in his bed, Emily kisses his head.

"Despite your taste in movies, Henry Alan LaMontagne, I love you."

He hugs his bear tighter, making her smile. She strokes a hand through his hair and goes to see if her wife is done with Rocky. JJ is just walking out of their little girl's room.

"She's changed and down for the count," JJ reports.

Emily smiles and nods. "Good. Time to give you your last present."

JJ stops walking and stares at her wife. "Emily, the jewelry was enough."

Emily pulls her along. "Trust me, Jen."

In the bedroom, Emily guides JJ into the recliner by the window. She then hands her wife a small, almost flat package. JJ opens it and stares at the "gift" in confusion.

"Uh, not that I'm ungrateful, but, um, why did you give me scissors?"

Emily smiles. "That's just part one of the gift." She hands JJ another package. "Here's the rest."

JJ shrugs and rips off the paper. When she opens the box she inhales sharply.

"That's all of them, Jen. Four credit cards, 3 licenses, 2 birth certificates, 2 passports," Emily says softly.

JJ looks up from the box of Lauren Reynolds documents and stares into Emily's eyes. "Are…are you sure?"

"I said one day I'd want to destroy them and that I'd want you to help me do it. I'm sure, Jennifer. Let's do this."

JJ pulls Emily into a deep kiss. "I love you, Emily."

Emily produces her own pair of scissors and, together, they destroy the last remnants of Lauren Reynolds. Once everything is reduced to tiny bits of plastic and confetti, JJ looks at her wife.

"Welcome home, Emily Prentiss."

Emily smiles. "There's no place, and no one, I'd rather be."

Dr. Kendle Manton puts her pen down on the desk and sits back in her chair. She smiles at the women in front of her.

"On paper it will work. Jennifer, I have to ask this: are you sure you want to conceive this way?"

JJ smiles and nods. "There is nothing I want more than for all our children to be related to each other by more than a piece of paper. If God's will matches mine, this will happen."

Kendle smiles. "Then let's get started. I'll order a full physical including blood tests. If all comes back positive we'll start planning the insemination date. Any ideas when you want to start?"

"Well, we were hoping to at least get past, or close to, Rocky's birthday. That way we can keep about 20 months between her and her next sibling," Emily says.

Kendle nods. "Good plan. Close enough to be friends without stealing limelight from each other. Now were there any issues with your last pregnancy, Jennifer?"

JJ shakes her head. "No. Well, except that it took my about 2 weeks to realize I didn't have the flu."

Kendle laughs. "Ah, so unplanned?" JJ nods. "So this will be a whole new experience for you. Good," she says with a wink.

Emily sits forward. "Uh, I know Jen's done the research and showed it to me but, um, there really won't be a problem that Mark's the donor and she's the womb?"

Kendle shakes her head. "Not at all. This is actually done a lot more than people realize. The fetus is already fully developed in the lab so her DNA won't be part of the mix. Think of JJ as an incubator. Just like when farmers take eggs from chickens and put them in a machine to mature until they hatch."

Emily glances at her wife and can't help but chuckle at the look on her face. "Uh, I actually get that, Doc."

JJ raises an eyebrow. "I do, too, but could really have done without the incubator reference. Something tells me that will be tossed back at me a few times." She turns and glares at Emily. "And if the team gets in on the joke you know what will happen."

Emily nods. "Yep, cut off for life. Still kinda funny."

Kendle smiles. "Well, it's July now. We've got a couple of months before insemination begins. Let's go ahead and get the physical done as well as preliminary blood work. We'll do that again closer to insemination date but this will give us a chance to treat anything that may be in there."

JJ nods. "Sounds good." She glances at her watch. "So, Em, head on to work. You can't miss that meeting. I'll be in as soon as we're done here."

Emily gives her wife a kiss. "Okay, though I'd really rather be here than a meeting with the secure ops committee."

JJ smiles. "I know, sweetheart. I'll see you soon."

Emily stands and extends her hand to Kendle. "Anything she needs, Doc, no matter the cost."

Kendle nods. "I know. Hopefully this will be a much more boring pregnancy than yours."

"I sure as heck hope so." She runs a hand through JJ's hair. "Healthy and happy for 9 months. That's all I want leading up to a healthy baby boy or girl."

Kendle smiles. "I second that emotion."

JJ shrugs. "Well, then I guess it's unanimous."

The three ladies chuckle. Emily and JJ exchange another hug and kiss before Emily leaves for work.

Out in her SUV, Emily takes a moment to look through her phone at pictures of Rocky and Henry. She smiles at them.

"I hope you know my love for you won't change. It will only grow as our family grows."

She gives the screen a kiss and puts it away. She whistles a happy tune as she drives to Quantico to start another week being Batman.

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