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Ficlet 1 - Silent Night


It was Christmas Eve, and though the Kurosawas were not Christians (of them, Natsume was the most religious, since she followed the Way of the Gods), their Academy had many international students who held the holiday in high regard. As such, it only made sense for them, as their hosts, to honor the day as well. If nothing else, coming together to wine and dine, exchange gifts, and be merry for a few hours was always a pleasure. That the Silph Company was willing to sponsor the event (what better way to show off their seasonal wares?) – well, that made the having the celebration all the more tempting.

Ultimately, Kurosawa Manor was thoroughly decorated for the occasion. A sizeable wreath was hung on the front door, silver bells were tied to each of the doorknobs, and the windows were strung up with white lights and fake icicles. The rooms were decked in green and red, with gold and silver ribbons strung up around the light fixtures; boughs of holly were placed in the bathrooms and on the mantles; and Christmas roses were used as the centerpieces for each table. A massive Christmas tree stood in the gathering hall, its branches almost sagging under the weight of all the hand-painted bulbs, the glass and porcelain ornaments, and the ropes of tinsel, popcorn, and colored lights. The crystal star that topped it off shimmered entrancingly, casting rainbows onto the ceiling. Presents for the Secret Santa exchange clustered at the base of the pine – and from the size of the pile, that event alone would take an hour or two.

On the tables nearby were appetizers and chilled pitchers of eggnog, with tins of sugar cookies and ginger snaps set among the arrays. The real meal was still being prepared by the Mrs. Kurosawa Senior and some of her friends. The last time they'd tried to make a turkey had ended in disaster, so this year they were making batches of fried chicken as the main course. There would also be bowls of roasted chestnuts and cranberry sauce, fruit cakes and plum pudding, biscuits and glazed ham, and an array of vegetables dishes, including corn, potatoes, and yams. Overall, the Western foods were heavier than what most of them were used to, but if their students had taught them anything, it was that they'd eat anything if given the chance.

The smells of this feast were wafting throughout the house, and along with them drifted the verses of popular Christmas carols. Though few in the manor could understand all of the words (it had been years since they'd endured English lessons), the pair upstairs recognized the current song as "Silent Night" and thought it to be rather fitting.

Mewtwo, in the guise of Yuè, was buttoning up his shirt when it began playing. He glanced over at where Natsume sat at the vanity, a smile tugging at his lips. She was in a long, red dress, the waist loose enough to accommodate the considerable swell of her stomach. She'd picked out a gold necklace with a teardrop of garnet falling from it, and was carefully placing in the matching earrings. There was a shawl draped over the bench beside her. Though the hearths were stoked up, they didn't want to risk her catching a chill. He pulled on his vest, which matched the white pants, shirt, and shoes he was wearing. He wasn't certain which tie to go with; Natsume, he was certain, would pick a suitable one. He turned to her with a pair in hand and saw her beginning to brush her hair.

With a widening smile, he stepped up behind her, laying the ties on the vanity in front of her. He then took the brush from her hand, running it through her hair gently, letting the silky strands flow over and through his fingers, coaxing out the tiny snarls. He saw her close her eyes in the mirror, heard her sigh, and watched, with some tenderness stirring in his heart, as she laid a hand on her stomach. She would be giving birth any day now, and their daughter, for her part, seemed just as eager to come out as they were to meet her. She moved more often than not, and when he and Natsume were lying in bed together, he would wrap an arm around her and she would often guide his hand to her stomach so he could feel it. Feeling their child stir tended to have one effect on him: he would nearly melt, cuddling Natsume closer and being humbled by the life they'd made together. He'd whisper words of endearment and felt, more than saw, Natsume smile in the dark.

When he was finished brushing her hair, Natsume opened her eyes and looked at the ties, comparing them to his outfit. When she tried to push herself up, he steadied her by placing his hand beneath the small of her back. She gave him a grateful look and picked up the white tie with silver snowflakes on it. She looped it around his neck, tying it up and tucking it in until it was perfectly in place. Then she reached back to the vanity and picked up a white ribbon with a pair of silver bells on it. She already had a red ribbon with golden bells around her wrist. He let her tie the white ribbon to his wrist and heard the bells chime as he reached out, brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear. She cupped his hand in hers, their fingers intertwining as their hands fell to their sides.

As the doorbell rang, announcing that the first guests had arrived, he gave her a smile and raised an eyebrow, as if to ask, "Are you ready?" She smiled and stepped forward, leading him along in answer.

The party went well, though more than one guest, when seeing Natsume up and about, suggested that she find a seat and rest. Natsume, for her part, had taken their comments rather well: she'd frowned and retorted that she'd much rather stand, since not moving was much less comfortable, she was tired of being in bed, and the sooner she went into labor, the better (her due date was in a few days, but she was ready now, if the baby was willing). If walking around would facilitate that, she'd happily run around the manor. Yuè, for his part, had given those guests an embarrassed and apologetic look and had led her over to Erika. The two friends had spent the evening catching up, with Erika giving Natsume a list of spices that could supposedly help induce labor, "just in case."

It was later that night, after the guests had left and the family had settled down to sleep, that the baby had decided that no, she wasn't ready to settle down yet. In fact, she'd been quite determined to raise a fuss. Yuè had awoken to his wife's gasp of pain as she tried to get up – which was no easy feat for her – and had heard her whisper, in equal parts fear, exhilaration, exasperation, and relief, "The baby's coming."

He would later have to thank her parents for driving them to the hospital. Teleportation, after all, was not advised for pregnant women, nor for anyone who's thoughts weren't calm and collected - and Yuè's thoughts were neither. He'd remembered to grab the overnight bag, at least, and had sat in the backseat, holding Natsume's hand. He'd maintained a brave face, but she'd felt his palm sweating, so she'd known that he'd been just as nervous as she. She'd given him a sympathetic look, had grimaced in pain as another contraction hit, and had waved him away when he'd asked her how bad it was. "I'll be alright. We have been through worse, love." When they'd finally arrived at the hospital, his father-in-law had helped him lead Natsume inside. His mother-in-law had parked the car and, thankfully, had remembered to bring in the bag.

The next twelve hours had been long and painful for both Natsume and Yuè (his fingers had been rather sore afterwards), but after it was all over, they had the daughter they'd been trying so hard to make. They'd named her Ai, and as Natsume had rested, their friends – who'd arrived in the interim – all had a chance to greet the newest member of the Kurosawa family.

It had been more of a trial to get home from the hospital than it had been getting there. Everyone had wanted to have a chance to hold the baby, and when they hadn't been doing so, they'd been pressing plush toys into their hands and whispering advice into their ears. No one, it seemed, had actually wanted them to go home.

Then there'd been helping Natsume into the car. She'd leaned heavily against Yuè as she'd walked, faltering every few steps, until finally Yuè had wondered if carrying her might be more efficient. But she'd made it to the car, despite his doubts, and had sagged into the back seat with him. She'd dozed off almost immediately afterwards. Her parents had driven them home, occasionally glancing back at them and cooing over their granddaughter. By the time they'd gotten home and settled Ai into her crib, it had taken another hour to gently, but firmly, convince the new grandparents that they should leave for the night. That accomplished, they'd eaten a light meal and fallen into bed, emotional and physical exhaustion catching up to them.

Of course, Ai woke up two hours later with a wail. Yuè stirred to the sound first and, seeing that Natsume was still asleep, got up and went to Ai's crib quickly. He didn't want the newborn to wake her mother so soon. His daughter looked up at him with watery, violet eyes, her face scrunched up as she cried. He reached into the crib and carefully took her out, cradling her against his chest. She felt so light and fragile to him then; it was rather frightening, knowing that she was entirely dependent on Natsume and him for her life.

But he would give her everything he could. He'd felt her quickening in his wife and was so, so touched by the knowledge that she was a blend of them both. That she existed seemed, even now, miraculous to him – for it meant that Natsume had fallen in love with him, despite knowing what he was, and that they'd made this life together, despite the obstacles that had been in their way. It was nearly enough to make him believe that Natsume's gods were real – and kind.

He rocked Ai in his arms and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "It is alright. Shhh, my Ai, it's alright. If you keep fussing like that, you will wake your mama. And she needs her sleep – it took a lot out of her to bring you into this world, you know."

Ai slowly quieted, staring up at him with wide eyes and grabbing at his finger. Her little grip made something in him warm and twist and made him want to cry as well. He didn't do so, but he did hug her a bit tighter. "That's right. I've got you. Papa's got you."

That was right. He was a father now – and what a terrifying thought that was! But he'd also yearned to take on that role ever since Natsume and he had started trying. He would have done it just to make Natsume happy, but oh, after he'd listened to Ai's heartbeat with his wife's hand clutching his…oh, that had done it. They had a baby – he had a family now – and while he was worried about all the things that could happen to them (that had almost happened to them), he was also euphoric. They were his and he was theirs – and he would do anything to keep them safe and happy. Anything at all….

"I think she's hungry," Natsume said suddenly, her voice tired but warm.

Yuè turned around and saw her smiling at them. She pulled herself up with a grimace, leaned back into their pillows, and unbuttoned her nightgown to expose a breast. He appreciated the sight for a moment, but then slipped into bed beside her and carefully passed Ai to her. His wife led their daughter to her breast, and after a bit more fussing – which Natsume teased her about – Ai began to nurse. He understood, of course, what he was seeing from a scientific standpoint – but even so, it still amazed him how Natsume's body had carried her, given birth to her, and was now continuing to nurture her. He wondered, briefly, if their psychic abilities didn't pale when compared to this.

He wrapped an arm around Natsume, tucking her into his side. She sighed and leaned against him, cuddling their daughter and brushing her fingers through Ai's wisps of black hair. She began humming a lullaby, seeming too tired to actually sing the words. Eventually, Ai finished her meal, gurgling afterwards and falling asleep.

Yuè offered to take her, but Natsume shook her head and whispered, "Five more minutes – then I'll sleep." She continued humming and levitated a washcloth from their bathroom cabinet, dabbing it at Ai's mouth to wipe away the spittle. "Do you think we'll do right by her?" she asked quietly.

He pressed a kiss to her temple. "I am certain we will. You are doing a wonderful job thus far."

Natsume smiled sleepily. "It hasn't even been a day yet. I haven't had many chances to mess up."

She was drooping from exhaustion, so Yuè said, "Let me take her. You need your sleep."

She nodded reluctantly and let Yuè take Ai back to her crib. He tucked her in and pressed one of her stuffed animals – the mew he'd picked out – to her side. The newborn reached out, grabbing onto the toy and sticking the tip of its tail into her mouth. He shook his head, amused, and whispered, "Good night, little one."

As he slid back under the covers with Natsume, she cuddled into his arms and whispered into his neck, "You shouldn't worry, either. You'll be a good father to her."

He smiled into her hair. "You have so much faith in me."

He felt her quiver with a laugh. "You saved us from a big, scary monster. Of course I do."

The memory of that creature made him shiver. He held her tighter, reminding himself that he hadn't lost them, that they were here with him, happy, healthy, and safe. "I love you both," he whispered, finding comfort in expressing love and receiving it in return.

Indeed, she hugged him back and murmured, "We love you, too." Then, with another quiet laugh, she added, "Now let's get some sleep while we can. I am sure she'll be awake again soon."

And so they did…and so she was.

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