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Ficlet 5 – Naughty Conversations


"You've been quiet all morning, Erika. Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong. I mean - it's just - Takeshi wants us to try something new and I'm – well, I'm not sure about it."

"When you say something new, do you mean he wishes to try out a new recipe? Usually you're open to those. Ah, wait, you're blushing. So you mean intimately, then."

"Well – yes – I mean, we've been rather – um – traditional to this point and it's been great. But now he wants to – well he wants me to – and you know how he is, Natsume! He's so – enthusiastic – and I'm a bit worried about what might happen if he – er – loses control."

"Isn't that part of the point? To lose control?"

"Yes, but there's not a chance of me choking normally. …Hey, what do you think about this fabric?"

"It would go well with your spring kimono – you know the one. Now if that is what you're concerned about, there is a simple solution."


"Yes. You simply take and maintain control of the situation."

"O-okay. But how do I do that?"

"Well, if he misbehaves, you can always bite him. That will reprimand him quickly enough. If you want to avoid that, though – hold this – then I recommend tying him to the bed. Eagle-spread would be best."

"Wha-what? Tie him up? Natsume, I'm not sure that's my…style."

"Perhaps not. But stepping out of your comfort zone can be rather…thrilling. I assure you, he will appreciate you taking charge. Men in general find that appealing, despite their insistence that they wish to be the dominant partners in the act. Oh, but you should make sure to use sturdy ties. Cotton would be best, as silk ones tend to come undone more easily."

"…You've done this to Yuè, haven't you?"

"I…yes, I have. It was his birthday. He always gets so dour on his birthday, so I wanted to do something nice for him. And he appreciated it – quite enthusiastically, actually. He even returned the favor shortly afterwards. Which is another thing: if Takeshi wants you to do this, then he must be willing to reciprocate. That is only fair."

"So…what was it like?"

"…Of all the experimenting Yuè and I have done, it was one of the more...gratifying…experiences. But then, Yuè is quite…."

"…You look like the cat who's eaten the canary."

"He is surprisingly delicious, my Yuè."

"Uh…okay then. Well, at least that explains how you've done so much more with him, despite dating him for only half the time."

"In the privacy of the bedroom, Yuè and I are rather passionate people."

"Mm-hm. That perpetual hickey on your neck agrees with you there."

"Hence why I wear so many scarfs and turtlenecks. Now what do you think of this…?"

"So, how was your day with Erika?"

"Quite pleasant. We had some interesting discussions."

"…Did one of those discussions include Takeshi's recent - request?"

"Ah, did he mention that to you?"

"Rather often, actually. He asked me if there were any flavored substances I might recommend. Having no experience with such things, I advised him to make his own judgment and not pry into our sex life."

"Aw, poor Yuè. You sound annoyed. I advised her to tie him up, if it's any consolation."

"…You told her about-?"

"Well yes. Erika and I have no secrets from each other. If you're worried about me sharing your size, though, you needn't do so. I didn't go into specifics. Not that she wouldn't have been impressed if I had."


"I said nothing about you that wasn't a compliment. There are few people I've found as attractive as you, you know."

"There is no one I've found as attractive as you."

"Oh? I'm flattered. Have you seen some of the League representatives?"

"I have. My point stands."

"How odd. Everyone has other people they find attractive."

"I do not deny there are other, aesthetically-pleasing humans. But I have never wanted to take one to bed as badly as you. It…somewhat alarms me, how Takeshi's eyes tend to stray to any woman whose breasts are a certain size."

"But he always stays loyal to Erika. It's normal to appreciate other people's looks. There's no harm in it. Even I have people I'm tempted to fantasize about."

"Oh? Such as?"

"My, jealous are we? Alright. When I was younger – and forgive me for this, because I know it will give you nightmares for weeks – but I found Sakaki rather attractive, with those muscles of his. See, I knew you'd give me that look. Rest assured, I never seriously considered him. He's as old as my father, and there was just something about him that felt – off. Now I don't even find him all that handsome. There was also Ibuki, and she – well, the way she dressed left little to my imagination, so that may have been inevitable. As for the last one – well, I carried a torch for Goyō for a few years. Very bookish, gorgeous hair, and his psychic powers – yes, he could have been a good match for me."

"I see…."

"Oh, love, are you upset with me?"

"No. I do, however, feel a pressing need to establish my place as first in your heart. And in your bed."

"You know you're the first in bo – oh!"

"Ah. But even so. Even so, Sakaki would have never been considerate to you. He placed his pleasures first – and scarcely gave a thought to the pleasures of others. And Goyō – he would never have gotten his nose out of his books long enough to bury it elsewhere."

"Oh – oh, Yuè, we don't – we don't have time-!"

"And Ibuki – heh, you like that, do you? Ibuki does not have the proper equipment to please you. Even you must admit, there is no replacement for the real thing, is there?"

"Y-Yuè! We – we need to meet with – ah! Dinner, we – we have dinner to – oh gods!"

"We can afford to be late. You would not have been happy with any of them, Natsume. Not like you are with me…."

"…Oh yes…."

"Heh. You make such a cute face when I do this to you."

"Sh-shut up! Shut up and-"

"Mmm. As you wish, my dear."

And after that, there was no more talking.

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