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"Thinking/psychic talking/CellPhone"

"Pokemon/Hanyo form"

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Five year old Naruto panted as he leaned against an alley wall, he had blood running down his arm from the kunai stuck in his shoulder, a present he had received from the nice villagers the were hunting him down to wish him a happy birthday.

You see five years ago, Kura, the Kyubi no Kitsune, had been ripped out of his mom, Kushina Uzumaki, by a man calling himself Madara Uchiha. He had used a pair of Sharingan eyes to control Kura and force her to attack the village, before the fourth Hokage sealed her into him, the bastered.

He had briefly met Kura the year before after an attack on his birthday, of course ho only learned her name before the fourth Hokage's seal activated when Naruto touched the seal, which allowed him to meet his 'dad', he also meet his mom, who was trapped in the seal like Kura. His 'dad', had force him out of the seal saying that it wasn't time yet.

Within the seal

"Damn this seal," Kura said pushing trying to tinker with it from the inside while Kushina, who was chained to the wall watched.

"Why do you care so much about my son?" she asked looking at the demon queen. After Naruto's brief entrance the year before, Kushina and Kura had done a lot of talking, more than when she was sealed inside her.

"Because with you trapped in here with me, someone's got to worry about him even though the only thing I can do right now is heal him," she said still looking over the seal trying to change in so that she can do more for Naruto.

"Add a counter clock wise seal over the original seal, it should counteract the seal for the most part and allow you to use your power for more than just healing him," she said getting a confused look from Kura. "I never wanted Naruto's life to turn out like this, and I never thought Minato would try to turn our son into a weapon, and since I'm the one who created the seal I figure I might as well help get back at the bastered that sealed us in here," she smirked.

With a small nod, Kura placed the reverse seal over the seal before feeling more of her powers return. With a fox like smirk on her face, she pushed her power out creating a portal for Naruto to leave the hell hole he called a village.

Outside Mindscape

As Naruto was preparing to run, hearing the mob he thought he lost quickly approaching, he stopped and stared as a blue swirling portal appeared next to him.

Quickly looking between the portal and the mob that was approaching, with the shinobi throwing kunai and shuriken at him, Naruto jumped into the portal, reasoning that where ever it took him was better than Konoha. Just before he entered the portal, a few more kunai struck his back, causing him to blackout from the pain as his body fall into the swirling vortex, which closed upon his entry


Naruto slowly opened his eyes and smiled seeing that he was back in his mindscape, he had been trying to return all year, but something was blocking him. Suddenly, a pained cry caught his attention.

Turning towards the noise, Naruto saw a hilarious sight, his mom, who was released from the chains holding her to the wall, kicking his 'dads' ass, while Kura watched with a smirk on her face.

"Hay Kura, what's going on?" he asked walking over to the cage holding Kura, gaining the attention of the three. Kushina smiled and waved at him before going back to the beating in order to stop his 'dad' form talking.

"Well kit thanks to your mom, I was able to place a seal over the one holding me, which canceled the part of it holding my powers, and your mom, which allowed me to open a portal to a different dimension," she smiled getting wide eyes from Naruto and Minato.

"So that portal was your doing?" he asked getting a nod from the demon queen. "Thank you Kura, you're the best," he said slipping through the bars and hugging the queen of demons.

"I'm glad you're happy kit, of course there is a small change that's happening to your body," she said getting a curious look from Naruto and Kushina, who had finished beating Minato, destroying him. "Since humans aren't capable of traveling dimensions, so my Aura is turning you in to a half demon," she said getting confused looks from the two.

"Aura, don't you mean chakra?" Kushina asked looking at Kura.

"No I mean Aura, Aura is the power that you shinobi use for your jutsu and stuff, however for some strange reason, you decided to call it chakra instead of Aura," she said shrugging. "Anyways, my Aura is changing you into a hanyo, or half demon, basically, it's increasing your senses, your physical strength and speed, and your original Aura levels, which were already higher than a normal humans," Naruto grinned at this, he was going to be bad ass.

"So do you know where we're going?" he asked excitedly with stars in his eye.

"Yes actually, we just entered the new dimension," she said closing her eyes as the information about this dimension entered her mind, one of the many perks of being the demon queen, instant knowledge of the world and its entire history. "The dimension is full of creatures known as pokemon, who use Aura in a similar way that the people of your dimension did, just without the hand signs.

There are apparently many different types and species of pokemon all around the world, and human, once they reach a certain age, are able to go out and capture these pokemon in things called pokeballs, which are like storage seals back in your dimension," both Naruto and Kushina widened their eyes at this. "Humans then use the pokemon the capture to battle in competitions known as the pokemon league and in contests which show of a pokemons power and beauty. There are also other fields and classes of jobs involving pokemon, such as, Breeders, who help raise and hatch pokemon eggs, Musicians, who use pokemon to play music, Watchers, how sketch and observe pokemon, Professors, who study pokemon and how they live, and many others."

"I'm going to be the best in all of the field," Naruto declared with fire in his eyes.

"Very well, then I will teach you everything I have learnt, I will also teach you everything I know about Aura," Kura said getting a wide grin from Naruto. "However, you might want to wake up know, the woman who found you is starting to get worried," she said getting a nod from Naruto before he vanished.

Outside Mindscape

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and glanced around the room, noticing he was in a hospital room with a nurse looking at a clipboard.

"Oh your awake, how are you feeling?" the nurse asked with a small smile once she noticed Naruto.

"Where am I?" he asked looking around the white room before looking out the window and seeing what he assumed were Pokemon, since he had never seen birds like them, fly by the window.

"You're in Pallet town, you were found passed out on the rood covered in blood," she said checking his pules and vital signs. "The people who brought you here are outside waiting if you would like to meet them," she said getting a nod from Naruto before she left the room.

A few minutes later, the door opened and Naruto, who was standing up and stretching, turned to face the door.

Standing in the door was a five year old girl with short black hair and black eyes. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a pink t-shirt.

Standing behind her was a women with brown hair that went to her shoulder blades and brown eyes. She was wearing a blue skirt and yellow shirt and a pink blouse which held together by a single button.

Both of them, along with the nurse were staring at Naruto with wide eyes. The reason, he had been in a coma for two months.

"Are you the ones who found me?" he asked the two, who simply nodded, still stunned that he was up. "Well, my name is Naruto Uzumaki; I wanted to thank you for helping me."

"Oh…it was no trouble, at all," the woman said with a small smile. "By the way my name is Delia Ketchum, and this is my daughter Ashley," she said patting the girl on the head.

"Well thank you both," he smiled bowing to them before looking around. "Um, do you know where my clothes are?"

"I threw them away," Delia said pulling out a bag from behind her back along with some papers. "I got you some new clothes and these forms, if you're alright with it, all we need is your name," she smiled handing him the bag and papers.

Naruto looked into the bag and found a pair of jeans, a black shirt and a pair of orange shoes. The papers however were what surprised him, they were adoption papers and were already field out, the only thing missing was his name.

"A-are you serious?" he stuttered out looking at Delia who had a warm smile on her face as she nodded.

"While you were in a coma we attempted to find your family, but since you weren't registered anywhere I decided to adopt you, if you're alright with that," she smiled as Naruto teared up, before hugging her.

"With a small smile on her face the Nurse left the room, which Naruto noticed, and with a quick word with Kura, decided to tell Delia about himself before signing the paper. Over the next hour, Naruto told both Delia and Ashley, who, by the end of his story, were hugging him as all three cried.

Time Skip

Naruto rushed through the forest surrounding Pallet town, heading in the direction that he had sensed a large source of Aura.

It had been three years since the Ketchum's had adopted him and Naruto couldn't be happier. He now had a family that loved him, even if he was a hanyo. He had even begun training in how to use Aura, along with Ashley who had a large reserve of Aura as well. Thanks to all of the training he had received from Kura and his mom, Naruto was now a high genin according to his mom anyways.

Naruto had changed a little over the last three years, his hair was still as spiky as ever, however it had gone from blonde to a russet red thanks to him becoming a hanyo, and his eyes, while still blue, had slits for pupils. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a dark orange muscle shirt, which showed of his muscle, and a pair of black shoes with orange strips.

After a few more minutes of tree hoping, Naruto came upon a sight that made him mad, a flock of Spearow were picking on what appeared to be a Riolu, however instead of being black and blue like a normal one, it was black and gold with red eyes that were looking at him pleadingly.

"Hey, leave her alone," Naruto yelled jumping out of the trees, gaining the attention of the Spearow, who began attacking him. With speed that was far faster than any human should have Naruto knocked all of the Spearow out with a combination of Agility to increase his speed, Aura Sphere to knock out the ones that were out of his reach, and Quick paw the fighting style Kura taught him.

Once all of the Spearow were out Naruto checked to make sure the Riolu was alive before capturing her in an empty pokeball he stole from Professor Oak, and heading back to the professor's lab.

Half an hour later, Naruto was leaning against the wall in the professor's lab waiting on news on the Riolu's condition.

"So how is she old man?" Naruto asked as Oak walked over to him with the Riolu's pokeball in hand before handing it to him.

"Riolu's going to be just fine," he smiled before getting a disapproving look on his face. "Though I'm not happy that you stole a pokeball from me," all he got was a deadpanned look from the hanyo. A week after Naruto was adopted into the Ketchum family he was introduced to professor Oak, who was Delia's teacher. Sensing that the man could be trusted, Naruto told him everything and the man had agreed to teach Naruto everything he knew, even agreed to get a few of his colleagues to help him out.

Over the three years, Naruto had met a lot of people all of whom had helped him over the years. First was Professor Elm, from the Johto region who helped Naruto study the breeding patterns and interactions between Pokémon. After that was Professor Birch, from the Hoenn region who helped him study the Pokémon habitats in correlation with human existences.

Professor Rowan from the Sinnoh region was next; he helped him study the Pokémon evolutionary patterns. Followed by Professor Aurea Juniper from the Unova region who helped him study Pokémon origins in relation to mythology.

He also meet other people such as Professor Ivy, who helped him study pokemon behavior, Kurt, who taught him how to make pokeballs, Johanna, a friend of Delia's from Sinnoh and a Champion Pokémon Coordinator to taught him about pokemon contests, Cynthia who taught him about the myths of the pokemon world and was someone Naruto declared he would marry when he became a pokemon trainer, and Pyramid King Brandon who taught him about archeology.

"Sorry old man, but when I sensed her using Aura, I grabbed a pokeball and ran, I wasn't even thinking when I did it," he said rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"Well as long as you take care of this Riolu, I'll forget it this one time," he said getting a nod from Naruto before he ran off to get better acquainted with his first pokemon.

Time Skip

The sun was slowly rising over the town of pallet and within the home of the Ketchum family everything was hectic as Ashley thirteen year old Ashley Ketchum ran out of the house in a pair of green and yellow pajama pants and shirt. The reason she was running she was late to get her first pokemon.

At the sight of his sister/girlfriend running out of the house in her pajamas, Naruto was on the ground laughing his ass of along with his Lucario, Luca.

"Oh man, I can't believe she forgot that today she was suppose to get her first pokemon, Naruto laughed holding his sides.

Over the past five years since saving Luca, Naruto had change very little. His hair now reached the middle of his back and his eyes had taken on a reddish tint to them. He was currently wearing a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt, and black jacket with the kanji for 'Hard core Hanyo's' on the back, which was the name of the band he had made with his pokemon.

After catching Riolu, Naruto had redoubled his training and learning with everyone, he had even captured captures a three more pokemon while visiting his teachers. While visiting Kurt, he had captured a Tyrogue who evolved into a Hitmonlee, who he named Ty Lee. During a trip to visit Birch he had found two eggs which hatched into Ralts and later evolved, one into a Gardevoir, who went by Asami, the other into a Gallade, who went by Sadao and was his only male pokemon so far.

"I told her she needed to go to sleep but she wouldn't listen to me," Luca said laughing. While Naruto was studying about pokemon, Luca and his other pokemon were learning to speak like humans, which took them all about a year, which gave Naruto the idea to start a band with them, the 'Hard core Hanyo's'. The band was actually pretty famous in the every region, seeing as they were asked to play by Cynthia after a battle she had with Steven Stone. They were also asked to play by the president of the Pokémon League at the pokemon league a little over a month ago.

"You two shouldn't laugh at her," Delia said walking down stairs with a green back pack for Ashley. "Besides don't you need to be heading out to?" Naruto nodded his head and recalled Luca into her pokeball, before grabbing his bag and guitar, kissing Delia on the cheek and heading out the door in the opposite direction Ashley headed. "And don't forget to keep an eye on your sister should she catch up to you," she yelled after him, getting a wave from him as he walked of.

"Well this is it," Naruto said standing in front of a sign that said Route 1, all of his pokemon standing next to him. "Let's show the world what Naruto Ketchum Uzumaki is capable of," his team nodded their heads as they headed of to begin their pokemon journey.

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