English is not my first language, but I hope you forgive my mistakes.

Yes, finally, my first long fanfic Thorin x Bilbo in english. I hope you like it.

And, as I have no limits apparently I decided to put a little excitement to the situation and make Smaug a skin-changer. And yes, in my mind his human form looks like BBC's Sherlock. * ¬ *

I know this is very short, but I'll try to write the first cap as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

The Last Dragon



Gandalf heard the sweet voice in his head as gently as traveling waves in the water and it could be as melodious as wind. Of course, all the voices of elves were beautiful, it was his nature to shine upon other races, but the voice of Lady Galadriel was the finest he had heard.

He bowed respectfully before her and Galadriel replied with a bright smile.

They were in the beautiful land of Rivendel and, if he wasn't because he was too shocked by what he had seen; maybe he would take a little time to appreciate the landscape again. However, at this moment, he had very important issues to discuss.

I know something's bothering you, Mithrandir. That's why you came here, didn't you?

Gandalf nodded. He didn't know how to start and certainly he wasn't entirely sure if what he was doing was right. He suspected what Lady Galadriel would say, but that could be a big risk for someone as innocent as Bilbo.

The wizard observed her for a moment and finally he decided to do the right thing for Middle Earth. With details, he told Galadriel all he had seen the last time he had been in the Shire and all he had heard from the lips of the little hobbit. It was the only time Smaug had ventured in a peaceful land. But something strange happened that day and the dragon hadn't destroyed the land of the hobbits.

Galadriel opened her eyes and took two steps to Gandalf, she seemed surprised and the wizard knew that it was difficult to see a shocked expression on an elf's face.

"Smaug is a skin-changer," she said, using her lips this time. "Did you know what that means?"

Gandalf nodded.

"He's vulnerable."

"Yes. Now I understand why no one knew about it, he kept his secret safe all this time." Although Galadriel seemed calm, the wizard could swear she was restless. The elves were experts at keeping his emotions inside of themselves, but he knew Galadriel well. "Then why did he change in front of you?"

Gandalf looked at her. To be honest, it still surprised him. If someone told him what he had seen, he would have taken some time to believe it.

"I knew he was a skin-changer since I saw him" he said, 'but I never imagined I could be Smaug. He must be someone too old and powerful enough to become a dragon. And you may know that there always has been a natural hate between wizards and dragons, so I untied his anger at the precise moment when I approached him. And while that might the reason why he changed back to his dragon form, I think he did it because he thought I— I could hurt Bilbo.

"You know it's in the nature of a dragon covet."

"Yes, but they covet treasures."

Galadriel smiled.

"A treasure isn't only gold and jewels."

The wizard tried to smile at her, but he failed. He knew, even before she uttered the words, what she'd ask him for, and he wasn't very happy about that.

"We need to make the dragon change back to his human form, that's the only way to destroy him."

"I know" the wizard muttered."

"You must bring the halfling to Erebor" Galadriel said, "it's our only chance."

"It's very dangerous to him"

The Lady looked the wizard with compassion, she seemed she didn't like the decision she took, but elves always thought in the future, in the protection of Middle Earth upon everything.

"Smaug should be destroyed. He's the last of the line of dragons and if he joins forces with the dark, we'll not have salvation."

Gandalf nodded resignedly. He hated risking a soul as pure as one of a small hobbit.

"You told me a group of dwarves planning to go to Erebor" Galadriel said, "take him with them. They will protect him"

But Gandalf thought Bilbo will need more than a group of dwarves to keep him safe. So he decided he'd try to protect him too. Now he had only to do something very difficult: persuade the hobbit.