Inescapable Logic

by Satin Ragdoll

Sarek, deep into the scientific article he was reading, sensed someone's acute attention and looked up. He was faced with two remarkably similar women, the only clear difference being age. That, paired with the fact they were obviously there to see him, led to one logical conclusion.

He regarded the pair, "Am I correct in that you are the two Christine Chapels?"

They smiled at him in unison, and sat down at his table. The older woman answered, "You are correct, S'chn T'Gai Sarek."

He raised a brow, "It must be serious, if you are using my formal name. I know you are with...the elder version of my son, elder Chapel. I must confess, I do not know how to approach him."

The older woman's lips thinned, "That's because the Sarek of my timeline didn't speak to him for eighteen years for joining Starfeet! Things between the two were always...problematic."

Sarek's brows drew down, "That is highly illogical! Why would I have behaved so?"

The older woman leaned forward, eyes bright, "Sheer Vulcan stubborness! The question is, are you going to be as stubborn as the other Sarek was?"

He looked at her in confusion, "You have not explained what the issue regarding my stubborness is."

The younger Christine spoke up, "If someone who went down the totally wrong path turned around and changed, totally repentant, would you give them a second chance? Would that be logical, or would your Vulcan ethics demand you keep your back turned?"

Sarek considered her words, "Considering that all Vulcans are having to start fresh, it would be illogical to deny another that chance, if they have discovered they are in error."

The older Christine spoke again, "Your family is incomplete, Sarek. It can never be entirely whole again, but it can be less broken than it is, now. But that choice is yours, Sarek. If you find it acceptable. If you find it logical."

Sarek raised a brow, "I do not understand. My wife is gone. My son and I are not estranged, and I am willing to speak with the...other...Spock. To what, or to who, are you referring?"

The older Chapel smiled, and spoke gently, "You have more than one son, Sarek."

He was just staring at her in shock, when the younger woman touched his sleeve, "Say the name, Sarek. 'Sybok'. He's your son as much as Spock is."

He looked back and forth between them, "How do you know of him? We do not speak his name."

The older Christine sighed, "He showed up in my timeline, Sarek. His arrogance got him killed, but not before he realized what a bad mistake he made. When I saw him here, I realized I could pull an intervention. I took him to Spock Prime, at phaserpoint. Sybok has seen his error. He wants back into your good graces, Sarek, he just doesn't know how to do it. So me and my younger self thought that we would try our own version of inescapable, feminine logic. What do you say, Sarek? You need both your sons."

The younger woman touched his sleeve again, "He loves me, Sarek. He loves me, but he needs his family, both Spock and you. Please?"

Sarek sighed and closed his eyes. His son. His son, who had been lost in his own madness. His son, who he thought he would never see again. His son. Softly, almost to himself, he replied, "It would be illogical to turn Sybok away, considering all the circumstances."

Sarek stood up and turned to walk away, hardly seeing the two women beaming at each other. He was almost overwhelmed, and needed to meditate.

The two Chapels grinned. Planning the next step would be easy, but sticky to implement. Reunion.