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Harry Potter and the Nontuplets


Malfoy-Potter Household

'Hurry you lot we need to get to the station!' Harry yelled up the stairs. Soon what sounded like a herd of elephants came thundering up the down the stairs. Of course it was really a herd of elephants; it was Harry and Draco's nontuplets, which is to say nine children born at once. Needless to say anyone would find it difficult to distinguish who was who. Annette and Esther both had Draco's hair and Harry's eyes and were fair skinned. Christabel and Hortensia both had Harry's hair and Draco's eyes and were olive skinned. Dunstan and Kenneth both had Draco's hair and eyes and were also fair skinned. Bertram and Leander both had Harry's hair and eyes and they too were olive skinned. The only one who was different was Lilias. She had red hair and green eyes with fair skin. She bore a striking resemblance to her late grandmother.

All of the children were eleven and preparing for their first year at Hogwarts. The nine of them were excited and were speculating among themselves which houses they would be in. They had been worried about being in Slytherin to begin with but had been assured by their parents that being in Slytherin wasn't a bad thing.

Harry and Draco finally managed to get their children seated around the breakfast table. The children all grabbed a quick breakfast before gathering their trunks and the cages that held their animals.

Annette and Esther both had cats. Annette's cat was black with white patches she named Artemis. Esther had a ginger tabby which she called Max. Christabel and Hortensia both had owls. Christabel had a New Britain Barn Owl named Athena. Hortensia had a Greater Sooty Owl named Shadow-wing. Dunstan and Bertram both had rats. Dunstan had a black rat named Temple. Bertram had a cinnamon hood rat called Cin. Kenneth had a grey and white cat called Hepheastion. Leander had a brown hamster called Cassanda. Lilias had a Minahassa Masked Owl named Nirvana.

Once the children had gathered all their pets and belongings the family piled out of the house and into the car. The car had been enchanted so that it could fit everyone. Harry got in the driver's seat while Draco got into the passenger's seat. Annette, Christabel and Bertram all sat in the back. Dunstan, Esther and Hortensia sat in the middle while Leander, Kenneth and Lilias sat in front of them.

When everyone was seated and buckled in the family headed off to the train station.