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Chapter 20

Dunstan's POV

Dunstan stood in the front of seats barely hearing a word that was being said. The family had gotten the call from St Mungo's telling them his grandmother hadn't survived. So now here they were at her funeral and Dunstan found himself unable to contain the tears that were flowing down his cheeks. He wished that there was something he could have done to save her. But no one could protect her from that horrible man. He'd loved his grandmother. The thought of not seeing him was tearing up inside. He was of course worried for his papa to. And not for the first time he thanked Merlin that his dad was strong and would be able to help his papa through this. Yes it was devastating that his grandmother was gone but his family was strong and they would all pull through it.

Annette's POV

Annette too was unable to control her tears. Her grief for not just herself but her family too was overwhelming. She cried for her siblings and her parents. Especially for her papa. She knew that her grandmother was the only one her papa had ever considered a parent. Her grandmother was such a kind woman. She'd always had such fascinating stories to tell. Annette had loved to listen to those stories when she was a child. She'd still loved listening to them as she got older. She bowed her head and let the tears fall unrestrained.

Kenneth's POV

Kenneth could only think of how cruel the world was. His grandmother was a good woman. She didn't deserve this.

Christabel's POV

Christabel was trying to remain positive. Instead of dwelling on the unhappy thoughts she thought instead of all the fun times, she and her brothers and sisters had had with their grandmother.

Bertram's POV

Bertram wasn't crying but that didn't mean he wasn't affected. Inside his emotions were in turmoil. There was so much going on. It would take him a while to deal with everything.

Hortensia's POV

Hortensia decided straight away that she hated funerals. There was too much sadness and overwhelming grief. It weighed to heavily on her heart.

Leander's POV

Leander was trying to be strong. Him and his siblings would miss his grandmother terribly but did his best to put on a brave face. Even if he wasn't feeling that way on the inside.

Esther's POV

Like Christabel, Esther was trying to hold on to the good memories. It depressed her too much to dwell on everything else.

Lilias' POV

Looking at her brothers and sisters Lilias could tell they were all coping differently. She herself was trying to focus on the happy rather than the sad.

Harry's POV

Harry looked at his children. His heart ached for them. Narcissa had been a good grandmother to them. She'd always looked after the children when he and Draco had needed someone to babysit. She had treated Harry like a son. Harry turned to his husband and slipped his hand into his and squeezed it reassuringly.

Draco's POV

Draco returned the squeeze of Harry's fingers and continued to hold his hand tightly. His mother's death was a terrible blow to him. He had no parents now. He wasn't ashamed to let the tears fall. Yet despite all this he still felt a strange sense of calm. With Harry beside he knew he would pull through this.

When the service drew to a close Draco pulled Harry aside and said; 'I've got something to tell you.' 'What is it?' Harry asked. 'I'm pregnant,' his husband told them.