Hey guys~! I finally completed this 2nd story~ I managed to finish it before leaving for my hometown! Sorry that my first story is not updated yet... I'll upload the new chapter when I get back. Sorry for any grammatical/spelling mistakes (I guess I deserve it for not paying attention in English class xD)

This story is about Ritsu and Takano-san (though he is still called as Saga in this story). Ritsu is heartbroken because of his ex-boyfriend and Takano suddenly just comes into his life... Read more to find out! ^^

Disclaimer : I do not own Sekaiichi Hatsukoi or any of the characters (except Shiroyuki)!

Chapter 1

'How long has it been, senpai?' thought the young boy, who was standing in front of a grave.

Rain fell heavily from the sky, as if showing the boy's sorrow. His bangs covered his eyes, his tears fell along with the rain. His fists, at balled up his sides, were shaking. His black school uniform was drenched but he didn't care. Just standing there, he let his tears fall freely, knowing that no one would see him like this. This Ritsu was different from the Ritsu in school. In school, he would always try his best to act cheerful, just as if nothing had happened. Almost no one knew what happened, of course. No one knew that he had been dating a guy from his school, or that they even known each other at all. They didn't know that Ritsu thought he was the cause of that guy's death.

'If only… If only I hadn't acted that way… Senpai wouldn't have been killed… It's… It's all my fault… I'm sorry, senpai…'

Ritsu was so deep in thought that he didn't realize that someone had come up behind him. The stranger was about to call out to him, wanting to ask if he was alright, but when he saw that it was Ritsu, he took a step back. Unfortunately for him, he stepped on a twig and it made quite a loud 'snap' sound under his foot. The crying boy heard the noise and turned back. He saw a tall, black-haired guy, also in the same uniform as him.

'Who are you?' Ritsu asked, quickly wiping away his tears.

'U-uhh… I'm sorry, Onodera-san…' stuttered the black-haired boy.

'How do you know my name?' Ritsu questioned him. He didn't remember knowing this guy.

'We've met before. Don't you remember?'

Ritsu thought about it again but he really couldn't remember.

'Sorry, I can't remember at all.'

'Ahh… It's fine… So, you know Shiroyuki-san?'


The taller guy gestured at the grave Ritsu was standing in front of.

'Un… Do you know him too?' Ritsu turned back to look at the grave once again.

'Yeah… We used to be classmates… Before, you know, his death…'

Ritsu just kept quiet, scared that if he were to say something, he'd start crying again. After a few minutes of just standing there, the taller boy finally spoke.

'Well, I gotta get going. Aren't you leaving yet?'

'No, I'll stay here just a little longer…'

'Ok, don't stay too long or you'll catch a cold.'

And with that, he walked away, leaving the boy standing there alone.

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*The Next Day*

The school day passed as usual. Right after the last bell signaling the end of school, Ritsu packed his stuff and walked to the library. His walk there was a quiet one.

Walking past the usual classes, windows, he couldn't help but feel nostalgic. It was almost as if he could hear his senpai's voice again, his laughter, his footsteps beside him. Feeling a slight breeze, he looked to his left, where the windows were and saw that a window was open.

Walking to it, he felt his eyes prick with tears as he remembered that this was where his ex-boyfriend first kissed him. He placed both his hands on the window sill and looked out into the sky. The sky was a pale orangey-pink, showing that it was evening already. Yet, he didn't want to go home yet, knowing that what awaited him at home wasn't something that he would look forward to.

When his senpai was still alive, they would always stay back after school in the library. To Ritsu, those were the best time. He would always look forward to the last bell, so he could see him. He remembers everything, all his firsts, he gave them to him. He could remember clearly, the time he lost his virginity to him in his senpai's room. As it was his first time, it was painful, but also a happy memory to Ritsu. But what he did to Shiroyuki-senpai, he would never forgive himself.

Reluctantly, Ritsu pried his hands away from the window and continued walking to the library. Upon reaching the library, he opened the door and went in. The library was quiet, no one in sight. He walked to one of the tables and left his bag there. He went to the back of the library, where most of the untouched books were. It may seem dull to the other students, but Ritsu found them really interesting. He would almost always be able to find a rare or out-of-print book there.

That was how he and senpai at bonded. He was reaching for a book when he saw a hand come into sight. Looking to who the hand belonged to, he came face-to-face with a dark-haired, indigo-eyed, tall guy. He blushed, realizing how good-looking the guy was. At that time, he didn't realize his sexual preferences yet. They had bonded over the book that they were reaching for. After talking to each other a lot, they found out they had the same interests, read the same books. Soon, they came to like each other and became lovers. But unfortunately, they only dated for a little over half a year before he died.

Scanning through the bookshelves, he found a new book there. It seemed interesting so he reached his hand out to take it. Before he could reach it, a hand came into sight. He froze, eyes wide open, he didn't dare to get his hopes up. Slowly turning, he saw a tall guy, with black hair covering his eyes, looking just like his senpai.

'S-senpai…' he stuttered.

The guy looked up at him, his brown eyes showing. He had a surprised look on his face. Immediately, Ritsu realized his mistake.

'I-I'm sorry… I thought you were someone else…' he said while bowing.

'Ahh… This is so embarrassing…' he thought, blushing deeply.

'So, you like these types of books?' the taller guy asked.


Ritsu looked at the guy again. He seemed familiar.

'Ahh! You're the guy from the other day!' he exclaimed in shock.

'So I see that you remember.' The boy replied calmly.

'Please, go ahead and take the book.' came Ritsu's reply.

'Ok, if it's fine with you. Thanks.' The older guy said and took the book.

Ritsu scanned through the shelves again for another book.

Suddenly, the guy spoke again. 'Have you read "Natsuyasumi"*?'

'Yeah, I have.' Ritsu smiled. 'It really is a good book, isn't it?'

The black-haired boy nodded, showing his approval. Ritsu finally chose a book, taking it out from the bookshelf. The cover showed a girl and a guy walking in the snow, the words above them saying 'First Winter Kiss'. It was one of Ritsu's favourites, the story was just so sad.

Together, they walked back to one of the library tables and sat down next to each other to read. After reading a few pages, he felt someone staring at him so he looked up. He caught the other guy staring at him, his face emotionless.

'W-what?' Ritsu felt nervous under his stare.

'Nothing. Just continue reading.'

'I can't, with you staring at me like that!' he exclaimed, flustered.

'Then, let's talk.' He closed his open book and leaned back against his chair.

'But… I don't even know your name… or anything about you…'

'Saga. Saga Masamune. I'm a senior this year, I love reading and music, I have a cat named Sorata. Anything else you want to know?'

Ritsu laughed a bit but stopped when he glared at him.

'What are you laughing at?'

'N-nothing. It's just that I never thought Saga-senpai was a cat person.'

They both kept quiet for a while, until Ritsu spoke up.

'Hey… About the other day, could you please not tell anyone? I don't want anyone to find out.'

'Sure, but in return, be my friend.'

Ritsu was a little bit shocked at his request.

'Umm… sure…'

Saga-senpai smiled, ruffling Ritsu's hair. He let his hand stay there. Ritsu could feel his face heating up and he quickly turned away.

'Were you and Shiroyuki really… you know…' Saga suddenly said.

'H-how did you know?'

'He knows that I like guys! What should I do if the school finds out?' he thought to himself, panicking.

'Yeah, Shiroyuki told me.'

'Now you know… that I like guys… are you disgusted?' Ritsu didn't dare to look at Saga's face.

'No, not at all.'

His reply made Ritsu look up, a surprised look on his face.

'Ehh, really?'

'Yeah. I don't see anything wrong with liking someone of the same sex.' he said.

Suddenly, the sound of vibrating could be heard. It was Ritsu's cellphone. He looked at Saga hesitantly.

Saga nodded and said, 'Go ahead and answer it.'

'Ok…' he replied and pressed the answer button.

The sound of a girl's voice was the first thing he heard when he put the phone to his ear.

'Hello, Ricchan? Are you there?'

'Yes, An-chan?'

'I was wondering when you were coming back. It's quite late already.'

'Ahh, I'll be home soon.' He said and ended the call.

Saga, who had heard everything, stared at Ritsu.

'Your girlfriend?' he asked.

Ritsu shook his head. 'Just a childhood friend of mine. I have to go now.'

He bowed to the older guy before him.

'Ok. I'll see you tomorrow?'

'Sure.' He said and went to the counter to check out his book.

While walking home, he thought about the day's events. It really shocked him when he saw Saga-senpai's hand.

'They really look alike, if not for their eye colours and height…' Ritsu thought.

Upon reaching home, he went to his room and lay down. It wasn't long before sleep enveloped him.