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The sleeping boy opened his eyes, wincing at the sudden brightness. A face loomed over him, but he couldn't make out who it was. Blinking a few more times before he could finally see properly, he finally realized who was standing next to him.

But it didn't make him feel relieved to not be alone, if it was that guy.

Saga Masamune stood there, unsure of what to say, just fiddling with his coat sleeve. Watching the younger boy getting used to the harsh light, made him feel sorry for him. And more so, when he saw the flash of pain on the boy's face. He had been unable to stop Ritsu's body from colliding with the hard floor, but he had reached there just in time to save him.

After trying teaching the yankee a lesson, and being beaten up quite badly in the process, he quickly brought the unconscious boy to the infirmary. The nurse had not been there so he just lay the boy on the bed, watching his peaceful face.

The sun had almost set, by the time he woke up.

Getting up from the bed slowly, he checked his surroundings. The school infirmary… It had been such a long time since he'd been here… The last time, was with Shiroyuki, doing dirty things while the nurse wasn't in.

But after his death, Ritsu had never wanted to step in there again. It brought him too many painful memories. But here he was now, lying on the bed, with his senpai next to him.


The black-haired teen looked up at the brunette sitting on the bed. He was puzzled. What was the boy apologizing for? For rejecting him? Or maybe because of what had happened earlier that day? He didn't know, but he would soon find out.

'What for?' he asked.

'For… involving you in that fight. It was my fault, so, sorry.'

The brunette had balled up his fists, clutching at the bed sheets as if they were the only thing that he could hold on to.

'And also… for ignoring you… I shouldn't have done that. I should have just told you straight out. Sorry…'

He had his eyes squeezed shut tightly, bending his head slightly. A blush swept over his pale cheeks, as he apologized.

'It's alright. I shouldn't have just kissed you like that and confessed… It wasn't fair to you.'

The older boy said it gently, ruffling Ritsu's hair lightly. Ritsu opened his eyes slowly, a little bit surprised at his senpai's action. He hadn't expected to be forgiven, but it seemed that he was wrong. His blush deepened.


'Why am I blushing?' he asked himself in his mind over and over again. But it seemed to have no effect at all. On the contrary, his blush deepened yet again, and now, his cheeks were tinted with crimson red.

Somehow, just the touch of Saga-senpai's hand on his hair, made him embarrassed. There was a feeling, something he couldn't describe, passing through him, awakening his senses. It was like he was on fire, that burning passion buried deep within him.

He longed to put out this flame, so to not feel this way, but he couldn't.

Saga-senpai's next words jolted him back to reality.

'Are you alright? Your face is red, you know…'

His gentle voice and thoughtfulness touched Ritsu. It was like that burning flame had been given more fuel, and enlarged, making its way through the brunette's body.


His name sounded different, being called by those lips.


'Are you alright? Do you feel sick or anything?'

'No, I'm fine…'

'You don't seem fine. Your face is really red… Maybe you have a fever.'

He mumbled and placed his hand on Ritsu's forehead. If even possible, Ritsu blushed even harder. He didn't dare to look at his senpai so he squeezed his eyes shut.

'Hmm… Doesn't seem like there's a fever…'

Please take your hand away…

Ritsu's balled-up fist started quivering.

Please… I don't want to feel any more than this…

'Ritsu, are you really alright?'

'Y-yeah. Umm… could you please take your hand away…?' he managed to say.

'Ahh… sorry…'

The older boy pulled back his hand, and let it fall to his side. There was an awkward silence before Ritsu finally looked up. There was a look of hurt on his senpai's face, but it disappeared in a flash, and what remained was his usual pokerface.

That was when he realized, Saga-senpai was hurt.

'Ahh! You're hurt, are you alright?'

'Yeah, I'm fine… It's not that bad…'

Ritsu shook his head and got up from the bed. Searching the medicine cabinet for a first-aid kit, he managed to find one and took out the bandage and disinfectant.

Helping the black-haired boy to disinfect and bandage his wound, the sun had already set by the time he was done.

'Ahh, it's already this late… We should go back already…'

After he said it, they said their goodbyes and left, with Saga thanking Ritsu.

They were in the library again. Things were finally back to normal… or maybe not really…

Ritsu couldn't concentrate on his book. He was even more aware of his senpai's presence beside him, his every move making him fidget.

'Will you please stop squirming?' the older boy asked, quite irritated after withstanding it for a long 10 minutes.

'S-s-sorry…' he mumbled back, blushing.

Saga sighed. 'It's alright… You don't have to have your guard up around me, you know. I won't try to do anything anymore.'

'Oh… umm… ok…' Ritsu nearly gave a sigh of relief, but his moment was cut short by the next line.

'But that doesn't mean I'm giving up on you, though.' He said and turned back to reading his book.

'Hah, what?!' he shouted and jumped up, his chair falling to the floor.

'Be quiet, we're in a library, you know.'

'Ahh… right…'

He put his chair properly and sat down again.

'Please just give up on me. I can't love anyone again…'

Saga looked at him from the corner of his eye.

'And why is that?'

Ritsu gave no answer so he carried on.

'Is it because of Shiroyuki?'

The brunette just continued keeping quiet, but the older boy knew the answer to that already.

'But please… just… give up…'

So that no one will get hurt again…

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