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Ritsu hummed a tune softly as he made his way to school. It was quite early, but that was fine, as he had brought his book to read. If he kept this pace up, he might even be able to finish all the books in his school library, by the time he graduated.

The school was still a little dark, illuminated only by the sliver of sun that had just risen. It was a beautiful sight, a sight unknown to those who were still sleeping in their warm cozy beds. When Ritsu looked at it, he smiled.

He had gotten up earlier than usual, due to not being able to sleep, and he was glad that he did. His surroundings were quiet and tranquil. It was really a different situation from the usual buzz of the city. He found it very comforting, for some reason. Most shops were closed, and the streets, their lack of people.

Vowing to himself that he would try and get up earlier again, just to see this, he hurried along. The cold breeze made him shiver in his coat and scarf. It was spring already, but the weather was still cold. Still, this was quite nice. Especially with the cherry blossoms.

He stopped, almost passing by a few cherry blossom trees growing around a corner. Promising himself that it would just be a quick minute, he stared up at the flower's beauty, it's pinkness and magical aura.

He closed his eyes, almost imagining himself walking hand in hand, with someone, a guy, while these petals fluttered around. That guy's face was blurry, by the brunette knew that he had jet-black hair. Wait… Shiroyuki didn't have black hair. He was a brunette, like Ritsu. But his brown was a darker shade.

That guy looked like…

Ritsu broke away from the trance he was in, when he heard someone calling out to him.

Slowly opening his eyes, he saw that guy, his senpai. Saga-senpai.

What was he doing here so early?

Now, the older teen was standing in front of his *kouhai, smiling a little at him. Ritsu didn't know why he blushed. Maybe it was because Saga-senpai standing in front of him, the beautiful fluttering pink petals behind him. It seemed like in a dream. Or maybe it was because of his smile. It was beautiful, genuine, like he was actually happy.

And then it hit the brunette. He was happy because of him. He was the reason for his senpai's smile. Just knowing that, made him feel all warm inside. He could feel something bubbling up inside of him. It had been so long since he felt this way. But why? Why was it happening now?

Thump. Thump.

Was that his heartbeat? It was so loud.

'That's one loud heartbeat there…'

Ritsu jerked his head up, surprised. Damn, did he find out?

'I-it's not mine…' he denied, turning away with scarlet tinted cheeks.

'I know. It's mine.'

Ritsu looked back at the guy before him, his eyes wide with shock. He still had that smile on his face, but it now seemed a little sad. And his eyes, a beautiful colour, but they showed sadness in them too.

The younger boy looked down. He knew, very well, that he was the cause. Because he had rejected Saga-senpai, he had caused him to suffer. He had experienced being in a one-sided love before, so he knew all too well how much pain it caused.

Yes, it hurt very much.

He knew he was being selfish, still keeping Saga-senpai by his side. But he really liked him, only as a friend though. Saga-senpai understood him when no one else did. He felt a special kind of bond between them, but he told himself, it isn't love.

It couldn't be love.

After all, he was still in love with Shiroyuki, right?

Ritsu couldn't answer that question… Because he himself wasn't sure anymore. This guy, this guy in front of him, when he entered the brunette's life, he took up quite a lot of thoughts in his mind. He occupied almost all the thoughts.

Where had all his feelings for Shiroyuki gone to?

Ritsu's eyes pricked with tears. His vision blurred. He didn't know what had happened, but the next thing he knew, he was being embraced by a warmth.

Lifting his green hues slightly, he saw his senpai's black hair.

'W-what… what is this for?'

'It because you looked so miserable that I felt like comforting you.'

'I-i'm not miserable…!'

'Yes you are. Be more honest with your feelings, Ritsu. There's no need to hold back or be strong. Just cry if you want to.'

'I-idiot! Who said I wanted to cry? And besides, crying makes a person look weak.'

'You didn't have to say it. I can tell, Ritsu.'

Ritsu kept silent.

He continued on, 'Crying doesn't make a person look weak. Actually, it makes a person seem stronger, as he is able to express his feelings. It's alright, you can just cry.'

As soon as the brunette heard these words, these words that held so much meaning in them, he felt those hot drops fall from his eyes. They rolled down, one by one, never ending. He just let them roll down, as they dropped onto the black coat his chin was resting on.

Saga felt them, and hugged the crying boy even tighter. He didn't know what to do to comfort him, but he at least wanted to try. He would do anything, anything at all, just to share this boy's burden. He wanted to take it away, but he knew he couldn't. When did love not hurt? If it didn't, it wouldn't be called love anymore.

They both didn't know how long they stood there, just hugging and not saying a single word. The sky was getting brighter, the sun high up in the sky now. People were on the streets and voices filled the air. Students were also on their way to school, walking in groups of two or three.

Quickly, Ritsu pushed away Saga-senpai. He didn't want anyone to see them. He wiped what remained of his tears with the sleeve of his coat. Sniffling a little, he looked at Saga-senpai, straight in the face and smiled.

Then he said, 'Thank you.'

The older teen eyes widened. Ritsu looked so beautiful and happy. He couldn't tear his eyes away. His feelings of love overflowed and he leaned in to capture a kiss.

Lips met lips as a pair of eyes were closed, the other pair, wide open in shock probably. Again, Ritsu pushed him away, maybe a second too late. He was blushing now. His cheeks were most probably very red. And it was all his fault.

'W-w-what do you t-think you're d-doing?!', the brunette shouted before running away.

Saga watched the younger boy run away. He sighed in frustration and clutched his hair. He knew he overreacted a bit just now, but did he really have to reject him this much?

As you can see, I added some lines from the manga/anime itself ( ´艸`) - The part about the loud heartbeat~

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*Kouhai - underclassman (opposite of senpai)

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