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Ritsu took a deep breath and let it out. He was nervous to see senpai, after what had happened. Bracing himself, he tentatively opened the door to the library. There, the older boy sat, hugging his knees and fast asleep.

He nearly breathed a sigh in relief. Walking there, he placed his bag opposite the sleeping guy and went off to find a book. After finding something interesting, he sat down. After a few minutes of reading in silence, he looked up.

Saga-senpai was still sleeping, but now from a closer distance, Ritsu could see slight bags forming under his eyes. He most probably didn't get enough sleep.

The brunette nearly jumped out in fright when the sleeping boy mumbled something.



He was too far away to hear it clearly. He bent over, his face very close to his senpai's.



What was he talking about?


Ritsu blushed as he heard his name being called by Saga. It carried so much feeling, as if he was someone precious to him. The brunette felt like crying. He was hurting this person so much, but yet, he couldn't return his feelings.

If he went out with Saga, who would remember Shiroyuki?

He knew this feeling, and how much it hurt. He had gone through it before. He didn't want his friend to experience it, but what was he to do when the person he liked was Ritsu?

The younger teen sat back down, as tears fell. Maybe he was starting to have feelings for this person, but he couldn't ever tell him. He had to stop himself from falling even more before it was too late to go back. He would bury this feeling deep inside of him, and never let a single bit slip out. No matter what.

He swore, he would never say a word. So that no one would get hurt anymore. He didn't think he could stand it if he got hurt again in love. Once is more than enough. He never wanted to experience that pain anymore.

And he would try not to let the older guy get hurt also. But he didn't know how to get him to stop being so 'close' to him.

He jumped up in fright when he heard the bang of something dropping on the floor. He looked up, but Saga-senpai was still asleep. Who else was here? He was sure no one besides them were inside the library. He looked around but saw no one.

It couldn't be… a ghost… could it?

No! Don't be so scared over just a noise!

The brunette tried to convince himself but honestly, he was scared. He had heard a few rumors about the school being haunted and there were strange occurrences which had happened, but he wasn't sure whether it was true or not.

Making up his mind, Ritsu decided to go check. Walking past each row, he finally stopped at the row nearest to the window. One of the books, a Japanese history book, had fallen down and was open. Ritsu picked it up and put it back in place, arranging it neatly.

He was just about to return to his seat when suddenly, someone appeared behind him. He gave a small shriek of fright as he was cornered by that person. Shivering and hunching his shoulders in fright, he squeezed his eyes shut, ready to be killed or whatever ghosts did to humans.

Ritsu opened his eyes slowly, when he heard laughter coming from quite near him. He saw someone, a human, luckily. He somehow looked familiar.

Ahh… He's the guy from yesterday. The one who was so close with Saga-senpai.

That guy had a hand over his mouth, trying to hold in his laughter but failing. His other hand was placed on the book shelf behind Ritsu.

'W-what's so funny?!' he couldn't help but feel pissed at this person laughing, most probably, at him.

'It's just that… your reaction just now… was so funny.'

He almost couldn't talk properly, from laughing too much. He hadn't really expected this younger kid to show such a reaction, from just seeing a person appear behind him. He felt as if he was about to burst from too much laughter.

Ritsu became more and more pissed at this laughing rude guy.

'I-i-it's your fault for scaring people like that!'

'Ahh… sorry, sorry… yes, it's my fault.' He said in a tone showing no regret at all.

The brunette wanted to slap him, but just decided to ignore him. He was just about to walk back to his seat when his hand was grabbed. Turning, Ritsu saw that that guy had on a serious expression, a complete opposite of the one he had shown just now.

'As you know, I'm Masamune's friend. I'm Suzumine Keita. Nice to meet you.'

'…I'm Onodera Ritsu…' he said reluctantly.

'I know. Masamune told me about you.'

'W-what did he say?'

'Oh, nothing much.' He looked kind of bored at this point, but he then turned his gaze back to Ritsu.

'Do you like him or not?'

'E-eh…? What are you talking about?'

'If you do like him, accept him. But if you don't, don't get his hopes up. Just dragging him around like he's your toy. He has feelings too, you know.'

Ritsu's emerald hues widened at this. Yes, he knew, that guy had feelings. But what was he to do? He couldn't accept Saga-senpai, but he didn't want to lose him either. Seeing as Ritsu wasn't going to talk any time soon, Suzumine continued.

'It pisses me off to see you treating him like this. If you don't want him, just hand him over to me.'


'What? I thought that you didn't like him? So, why, do you say you won't hand him over? You're so selfish.' And with that, he walked away.

Spotting Saga leaning against the opposite side of the book shelf, he whispered, 'You'll only get hurt.' before leaving the library.

Ritsu was still in a state of shock. He nearly jumped again, for the umpteenth time for that day. He swore, he was going to get a heart attack if this continued. He saw Saga-senpai, his face emotionless and staring at him. He didn't overhear them, did he?

'H-how long have you been there? A-a-and did you hear anything?'

'Don't worry. I didn't hear anything.'

But that was actually a lie. He had heard everything, right from the beginning.

'Oh… That's good then…' Ritsu mumbled to himself.

'I've got to go now. My parents will worry if I don't get back.' He said before packing his bag and leaving a speechless Masamune behind.

He needed some time to clear his head. Or else he wouldn't know what he might say or do to this person, the one who had changed him, after what he had heard.

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