Thorin had woken in his large bed with a small smile on his face, something that hadn't happened in what seemed like an eternity. He sat up and looked at his wrist, the color looked better, thankfully. He pondered on showing the mark to Bilbo and whether or not the hobbit would feel as though he was courting out of pity. It was exactly the opposite. Bilbo was an enigma to Thorin. He was tough and delicate and yet fierce but complacent. It was everything Thorin could ever want. He dressed with the same smile, putting on his furs over mail and so forth, leaving his rooms for whatever business awaited him that day.

"Bilbo, come on wake up!" Kili called knocking on the dor before entering with a cheerful smile on his face. Bilbo groaned burying his face into the pillows making the prince laugh. "You're such a sleepy head, everyone else are already awake."

Fili followed his brother, walking around the bed and flopping down on top of it. "Even Kili knows to get up now," he said. "Come on sleepy. Time's wasting. If there was someone in your bed, I'd understand. Get up." He rolled around gently on Bilbo, understanding that he was a little more fragile than his dwarvish brother.

Bilbo laughed into the pillows, pushing himself up with a small fight to get out form under Fili and rose on his arms first before falling over on his knees and yawned. "I swear that if this is the wakeup call I'm going to get from now on.." He treathened good naturally.

Fili laughed, with Bilbo, sitting back and looking at him. "Kili!" He shouted, taking Bilbo by the shoulders and turning him towards his mate. "I don't think he'll need a wakeup call with that in his hair!" he shouted again, grinning widely.

Bilbo squeaked surprise when he was twisted and turned on the bed, facing a very wide eyed, very much grinning dwarf. "That is more like it!" He exclaimed happily, poking the bead in Bilbo's hair making the hobbit flush. "That's just...well..."

Fili laughed, looking at Kili and the similar bead in his own hair. "That's nothing! That means your taken. That means that Thorin and you are… together. A thing." He 'oohed' all of a sudden, turning Bilbo around and hugging him tightly. "You're with a king, now."

Bilbo laughed against Fili's shoulder, hugging him back as tightly and wasn't surprised when he was hugged from behind as well, Kili's hair tickling his face."He gave it to me yesterday...I also gave him something but...I never thought he'd actually do this." Bilbo murmured his heart swelling again.

Fili gave Kili a kiss over Bilbo's shoulder before pulling away a little bit to look at him. "Of course he would. Soulmates, after all!" he exclaimed, peering at the bead. "What did you give him," Fili inquired with a smile.

"We still can't know that, maybe he doesn't have a name at all." Bilbo said earning a soft slap on his head from Kili. "Stop thinking so negatively for once." Bilbo chuckled rubbing his head, glancing at Fili. "A ring. Thought it'd suit him so...he removed every other ring expect that and his sinet."

"Yes I did," Thorin said from the doorway where he had been watching the three of them fondly, moving into the room with a smile. "Because it's important to me." Fili gave him a large smile, looking at Bilbo and then at his uncle, genuinely happy for the two of them.

Bilbo twisted his body around at the sound of Thorin's voice, a warm smile appearing on his lips. "Thorin, good morning."

Kili smiled happily at them as well, wriggling his finger teasingly. "Now remember uncle, he's a hobbit. Don't break him." And then he laughed when Bilbo whacked him with a pillow.

Thorin walked closer, laughing and standing next to the bed, looking at the three warmly. "I promise that I won't," he said with a laugh, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at Kili. "But you're in no position to tell me that." Fili rolled his eyes and smiled. "Be careful with your small Hobbit," he said with a laugh, hugging Bilbo to him. "Or you'll have to contend with me." Thorin laughed heartily, looking at Bilbo in Fili's arms. "Good morning Bilbo."

"Fili would never break me! There's been a close call though.." Kili grinned widely as Bilbo was snatched in his mate's arms, flopping down on the pile as well making the hobbit squeak out and laugh. "Alright, alright! Jeez, are you five or what?" Bilbo laughed turning his attention back to Thorin. "I hope you slept well."

Thorin crossed his arms, watching as his nephews crowded Bilbo and decided that Kili's comment was more than enough. He put a knee on the bed, removing Kili gently and pulling Bilbo from Fili's grasp, putting him on the floor with a smile and leaving the brother's on the bed. "I slept well, although it was cold," he said with a smile, kissing Bilbo on the forehead. "And you?" Fili protested something from the mattress, curling closer to Kili.

Bilbo chuckled watching all the Durin's in his bed with amusement. "I slept better than I remember sleeping." He smiled and Kili whooped from somewhere under them all.

Thorin shook his head at his nephews, setting him upright. "I'm very glad you slept well and I hope you continue to do so." He disentangled himself from the other two, standing next to Bilbo and looking at the mates. "Good morning to you too." Fili rolled onto his stomach, resting his chin on his hands and giving them a large smile. "Good morning uncle!"

Kili squirmed close to his mate, matching his current position with his own. "Morning Uncle!" He greeted happily and Bilbo smiled at the two of them before facing Thorin again. "I do too, I feel a lot better already."

Thorin hummed, kissing his forehead lightly. "Good. I was worried about your health for a little bit there." He stood straight, looking at the brothers and turning serious for a moment. "You're expected in the throne room before lunch. Some of the wedding guests are starting to arrive. Including Elrond and a few of his escorts." His teeth grated a little bit. "But they showed us hospitality and we will return the same." Fili rolled his eyes.

"Must we sit through alllllll of that?"


Kili whined clearly disapproving of the guests. "Why did they even have to come, it's none of their bussiness who I marry." He grumbled burying his face in the sheets.

Bilbo's cheeks were still slightly flushed at the kisses placed on his forehead, finding their tantrum amusing. "I'm sure you'll last to the weddings boys."

"You'll get used to it. You're going to be married to a king, Kili and you will be king, Fili. When I'm gone, anyways. Which won't be for years but you must sit well with the others right now. Fili groaned again, leaning his forehead on Kili's shoulder. "We won't last until the wedding. We'll be dead before that. Gone and dead, Bilbo. Just wait." He shook his head, braids shaking.

"No you won't, just think positively. You have to go greet them now, sure. And maybe talk now and then before the wedding. But the times between you can just sneak away and hide in your room." Bilbo chuckled and Kili pointed at him. "Great, we have Bilbo's permission to run for our lives when were not needed."

Thorin shrugged. "I do the same sometimes. I will be found in the forge when there's much to think about. Sometimes I fear for my strength so I work for a few hours. Sometimes works. Also clears the head. It's not good to ignore urgent things, but if you need to clear your head, there's no crime in that. However, just not showing up to something important isn't good." Thorin's hand found itself on Bilbo's lower back just to touch him. Fili frowned.

"We'll be in our room most of the time then," he said with a small pout, leaning against Kili more and more as if searching safety.

Bilbo listened to Thorin interested, tilting his head slightly before he felt the gentle pressure on his lower back and he ever so slightly leaned against Thorin and his arm. Kili slid an arm around Fili's waist, nuzzling against his neck. "We'll be free of them for a whle after the weddings, cheer up."

Thorin felt Bilbo near him, relaxing with the Hobbit against him and letting his fingers spread along his back, stroking the skin through Bilbo's night shirt. "I just want to marry you, Kili," he murmured, kissing his brother's hair and nuzzling his neck. "That's why I asked."

Bilbo smiled at the gentle touches, relaxing in Thorin's arms, watching the adorable scene on his bed. Thorin smiled down at Bilbo, happy to have the Halfling in his arms and his nephews so content with their lives.

"I know Fili, and we will get married soon." Kili replied holding him close. "Then it'll be just you and me for few days, promise."

"I know we will. End of the month, right Kili? And then we won't have to see anyone else at all. I just want to see you for at least four days." Fili smiled like a lion in a dwarf's body, nudging Kili's nose with his. "Because you'll be my husband."

"And you'll be mine. Don't forget that this is a two-way deal." Kili teased him leaning in the remaining inch kissing his brother gently. "And it'll be just us, promise." He added after he parted.

Fili pecked his lips once more, smiling against his mate's lips. "I never forget that, Kili. My mate." Thorin smiled and let out a sigh. "Alright you two. I think Bilbo needs to get dressed for the day," he said, clearing his throat and shifting a little bit. As much as he loved his nephews, this was still the side he was getting used to.

"Aww, you ruined their moment." Bilbo chuckled glancing up at Thorin and then at the brothers, Kili smiling at them both before jumping up taking Fili's hand tugging him gently. "No, uncle has a point. You can't wander around in a sleeping tunic all day."

Thorin glanced down at Bilbo with a smile. "They have moments like that all day every day or have you not seen them?" he inquired with a light laugh. Fili followed his brother. "We'll see you, Bilbo! Of course," He closed the door behind them with a happy giggle. "I'm happy for the both of them," Thorin murmured, his arm tightening on Bilbo a slight bit.

"Of course i've seen them, but I'm still not tired of them. To see such young happiness." Bilbo smiled after them and sighed. Thorin leaned down, pressing his nose into Bilbo's hair gently. "I'm jealous. It wears a little bit after years but I am happy for the both of them." His other arm rose to wrap around Bilbo's middle, Thorin's body turning towards Bilbo to hold him close.

Bilbo blinked suprised when he was fully enveloped in Thorin's arms. He smelt good, like musk and iron and something darker Bilbo couldn't place and his eyes slid shut, arms rising up to return the embrace.

Thorin hummed in appreciation as Bilbo embraced him back, glad the hobbit was safe in his arms. His nose rubbed his curls a little bit and he let out a rumbling laugh. Someone so small was so dear to him already. It staggered him to think of it.

"What's so funny?" Bilbo asked amused, feeling Thorin's nose poke into his hair. It made him feel so good to be in Thorin's arms, so safe and warm both outside and inside. The pain he had felt at the beginning had vanished, like it had never even been there.

"Nothing," he replied, kissing the top of Bilbo's head. "Absolutely nothing." He frowned and straightened to look down at Bilbo. "Although I have something sort of serious to talk to you about, Bilbo."

"Oh I don't like the sound of that." Bilbo chuckled nervously taking a step back so he could look at Thorin properly.

"It's alright. I mean, I hope it's alright with you. It was the kick in the arse that really started this and I'm glad it happened because I'm glad that we're now together and I can do things like this." Thorin removed one of his hands from around Bilbo, keeping him close to him. He slowly removed the other hand to make sure the hobbit didn't bolt before pushing up his shirt sleeve and revealing the mark on his wrist. He smiled fondly at it now, pulling the hobbit a little closer. "I'm pretty sure we're soulmates," he said carefully. "I was unsure at first when it first appeared, and now I'm certain. You're my hobbit and my burglar."

Whatever Bilbo had been expecting, this was not it. His eyes widened as he took in his own name on Thorin's wrist, written in the same cursive font like his own mark. He looked back up at Thorin, gaping for a moment before breaking down in tiny sobs, his body trembling. "I thought...I was sure I was destined.." He pulled up his arm, removing the bandage from his wrist blinking surprised when the mark was healthy black instead of the sick green it had been.

Thorin smiled down at him, relief written on his face. His hand entwined with Bilbo's gently, the names next to one another on the inside of their wrists. Thorin leaned over to Bilbo, letting their hands drop to their sides as he pulled Bilbo to his chest again. "Please don't cry," he murmured, stroking Bilbo's back with his free hand.

"I thought I was destined to be alone." Bilbo sobbed silently, clutching on Thorin's tunic burying his face against it. "I was prepared to pass away somewhere around the weddings."

Thorin wrapped both of his arms around Bilbo tightly. "No, you won't," he murmured, holding Bilbo tightly to him as he sobbed, closing his eyes and pressing his cheek against the top of Bilbo's head.

Bilbo squeezed his eyes shut, and he started to calm down slowly, the sobs dying and his body stopped trembling. He brought his hand up rubbing his eyes. "Apologies.."

"No, never apologise," Thorin murmured, rubbing Bilbo's shoulders to comfort him. "Are you feeling better, my Halfling?" he asked, kissing Bilbo's cheeks once his hands moved.

"I am, thank you." Bilbo smiled drying his face and relaxed back under Thorin's touches and comfort. He felt slightly ashamed of breaking down like that, but Thorin seemed to look at him more fondly than ever.

The grim king had done a lot of smiling over the past week and he didn't regret it at all. "Do you want anything?" he asked, still lightly rubbing Bilbo's shoulders.

"I think I'm fine, thank you for asking." Bilbo chuckled placing his hand on top of Thorin's which was on his shoulder, gently running his thumb over his knuckles.

"Good," Thorin murmured silently, looking at the Halfling for a second as if calculating something before leaning in slowly and pressed his lips lightly against Bilbo's. Bilbo lost his breath, eyes widening slightly in surprise and the feel of Thorin's lips pressed against his own taking him by surprise. His eyes slid close again and he responded to the kiss slowly, testing, and when Thorin pulled away he opened his eyes somewhat dazed.

"Wow," Thorin whispered, his hands spreading along Bilbo's back slowly to hold him to Thorin again. "Just… wow." He bent again to kiss the Halfling once more, quickly becoming addicted to the motion.

Bilbo chuckled against Thorin's lips, pressing back against him smiling, applying the slightest of pressures in the kiss. He felt a little light headed, he couldn't remember the last time something felt so good, so right. Thorin tightened his grip a little bit, adjusting it and picked Bilbo up easily, kissing him for a moment longer before breaking the kiss. He beamed at Bilbo, searching his face. He was so happy and it felt like his entire life was right at that moment.

Bilbo laughed surprised when he was picked up in Thorin's arms, smiling at him happily fingers sliding through the dwarf's hair. "Does this mean...that you accept the bond?" Bilbo asked softly, his fingers finding his own name on Thorin's wrist.

"Yes," Thorin replied. "An astounding yes." He sat on the bed, letting Bilbo rest in his lap. "I couldn't have another bond since you, I don't think. Not after that mindblowing kiss. I can't let my burglar away." He smiled as Bilbo's fingers slid through his hair, comfortable with any contact from the hobbit now.

Bilbo smiled, his heart feeling like it would explode any minute. "I've accepted it since I first saw the name appear on my skin. I accepted it even if i was sure it could never be true, even if I was scared." He said softly, the words barely leaving his lips when he felt the familiar surge of pain on his wrist, like someone was pushing a hot coil against his skin and he hissed lifting his wrist against his chest cradling it. It was the same pain that had happened when the mark had appeared on his skin.

It passed after a moment and after Bilbo had caught his breath, he lifted his arm back up and stared at the name that now had turned bright red.

Thorin let out a soft hiss at his own changing color, much more used to pain then the Hobbit. He held him close through it however, happy that Bilbo was his just as much as he was Bilbo's. His hand took the hobbit's, bringing the name to his lips and kissing his name ever so softly. "Bilbo Baggins, I'm certain in my words when I say that we are soulmates and that you have the King under the mountain at your service."

Bilbo laughed silently, the whole situation so surreal. Thorin's lips felt good against his skin, and the sight was so right it warmed Bilbo's heart. "I'm no king, nor do I have lands or gold to offer. All I have is my heart and soul, which you will own forever."

"I do not want lands or gold other than what I have," he murmured, tightening his grip on Bilbo and returning his other arm to hold Bilbo to him. "You have both my heart and soul and on top of that, my lands and gold for we will share in that of course." He smiled at his hobbit.

"As long as I get to be with you." Bilbo smiled feeling like breaking down again from pure happiness, he had never felt anything like this before, this belonging, he had found the place and people to truly call his home and family.

"Forever with me," Thorin said, taking a deep breath to steady himself. He wanted to shout to everyone that he had Bilbo Baggins as his and that made him the happiest dwarf in all of Middle Earth. He grinned. "Does this mean that we can move your things into my rooms?" he asked, nudging Bilbo's cheek with his nose, kissing it lightly.

Bilbo laughed surprised at the question before nodding his head smiling. "I think it really means that."

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