Thorin is finally warming up for Bilbo and more awkwardness ensues.

Bilbo hadn't really met either brohters or Thorin in the past days, staying in his room most of the times. He felt like he didn't belong or hve the right to walk in the castle without someone watching him judgingly so he prefered to stay in his room and read.

He returned from the shower rubbing his green mark, eyes landing on the breakfast tray on his table. He smelt the air, a small smile appearing on his lips and he decided to force him to eat even if he really didn't feel like it.
However something shiny on the tray caught his attention, his fingers wrapping around a golden pendant, eyes widening in surprise. It was neat, beautiful with a dark sapphire, yet not too overblowing. He was filled with odd sense of warmth as he hesitated before slipping it around his neck, the weight comforting on his neck.

Meanwhile in the dining hall Thorin felt unexpected warmth spread through his body a little bit, starting at his heart and spreading slowly. It made him inexplicably happy and he smiled over his own breakfast.

Bilbo decided to take a walk aroud despite his fear, feeling the need to stretch his legs. The sapphire looked great against the dark blue tunic he wore that Fili and Kili had brougth him, gold glimmering in the sunlight.
Thorin rounded a corner and nearly ran into the Halfling, stopping in his tracks and looking down at the small man. "Oh! Halfling!" he said, eyes widening a little bit. "Hello." He looked down at the Halfling's neck, spotting the pendent and resisting a smile. That was very unacceptable for the king… in his mind, anyways.

"Thorin, good morning." Bilbo said carefully, taking a step back so he wouldn't be so close to him. "It's a nice weather." He said softly, biting his lip nervously, ready for some kind of slash of words again.
Thorin looked around, nodding. "Yes. Yes it is. Although I think it might rain a little later." He looked back. "Am I right?" He rolled his shoulders. "Where were you off too? I have nothing to do right now, thankfully. Everyone is full of the wedding."

"It might be, the air feels a little heavy." Bilbo agreed surprised by the actual conversation Thorin was making. "I have no destinaton, just walking around. I- I'm not going to steal anything if you worry about it." He added quietly, his eyes widening as he realized the pendant on his neck. "A-And this was waiting me in the room, I swear I didn't steal it!"

Thorin chuckled quietly, a slow exhale of air as he looked at Bilbo's pendant. "I'm rather aware that you didn't steal that. Mostly because I know who gave it to you." He smiled, turning around to stand next to Bilbo. "I'll walk with you, then. Watching over the burglar." Thorin's eyes weren't exactly cold however, it was more endearing than anything.

"I-I.." Bilbo looked surprised before he nodded slowly, even more confused when Thorin just talked to him and not in a bad way either. "I really don't know where I'm going so.."
"That's absolutely fine," Thorin replied, walking along with Bilbo. "I have no destination either. Sometimes I feel like my entire life is a destination and once I get there, all that happens is a new destination and another journey."
"That's actually pretty right thought." Bilbo agreed smiling carefully, walking down the path. "..So what brings you out here?"

Thorin shrugged. "Nothing much. I felt a little light today so I walked. What about you? You've been holed up in your room absolutely for the past few days."
"Felt the need to stretch my legs." Bilbo explained with a shrug, sheltering his eyes from the sun.

"I'm glad," Thorin replied smoothly, looking around the place they were walking. Not much grew out in the mountains flower-wise, although there were a few flowering bushes. Thorin picked a flower from the ground finally, holding it out for Bilbo, not looking at him.
Bilbo stopped surprised at the gesture, hesitating a moment before taking the flower carefully with shaky fingers, pressing it against his chest with a shy smile. "...Thank you.." He murmured quietly, the warmth within him growing a little stronger.

"Of course, Bilbo," he hummed quietly, looking at the smile on Bilbo's face. It warmed his heart. "You're very welcome."
Bilbo felt himself flush lightly at the smile on Thorin's face, clearing his throat placing the flower behind his ear.
"It suits you," Thorin said quietly, looking at the purple flower in Bilbo's hair and then to his face. He was looking a little bit better thankfully, although not healthy or perfect, but he was going there.
"Thank you." Bilbo said softly again, brushing the pedal gently with his fingertips. He glanced up at Thorin with a shy smile before continuing down the road.

A light flush spread across Thorin's cheeks although he banished it after a few seconds. He looked down at Bilbo. "You're welcome. It's just a flower." He cleared his throat.
"To a hobbit a flower means more." Bilbo said smiling slightly. "We like simple things, too fancy jewelery doesn't really interest us."
Thorin nodded, having to remember that. No more jewelry then. "To a Hobbit, what does it mean?" he asked quietly, wondering if the pendant had been too much.
"It depends on the cause. Signs of friendship, love, affection." Bilbo smiled, his fingers tracing the pendant. "This...This is beautiful. It's simple, the stone is small and not too attention drawing."

Thorin looked relieved and nodded. "I'm glad you like it and it's not too ostentatious for you, Halfling," he murmured, eyes drifting to the open necked tunic and over the necklace. "I thought that you might like it. It reminded me of your eyes." He cleared his throat, forgetting himself a little bit right there. "I mean… nevermind."

Bilbo turned bright red in the admission and he gaped up at Thorin, brushing his fingers against the chain. "It's simple...and beautiful. I like it...I like it reminded you of me." He murmured pleased yet confused. Who was this dwarf and where was Thorin, thee grumpy King who hated him?

Thorin sneaked a glance at Bilbo, rather awkward in his admissions of liking Bilbo and remembering things about the Halfling. "Many things remind me of you," he replied, looking ahead of them at the path. "And I apologize again for my foolishness."
"So you you really mean it?" Bilbo asked stopping and turning to face Thorin. "Do you really...Are we going to be alright, like we used to?"

Thorin looked at him, searching Bilbo's face quietly before nodding. "I was given a kick in the arse the other night and it cleared my mind a lot. Yes, we're going to be alright, Halfling." His hand reached out slowly, resting on Bilbo's shoulder. "Absolutely alright."
"You were given a kick in the arse?" Bilbo asked amused, taking a moment before relaxing for the first time in years, a new hope flaring in his chest.

"Yes. It hurt a lot and so did my heart. I realized that I was being a… dwarf, for lack of a better word, and sending away the thing that saved our lives."
"Do I even want to know who the ass kicker was?" Bilbo asked tilting his head slightly.
Thorin chuckled lowly. "I'm pretty sure it was fate, but no you do not," he replied, a genuine smile breaking that usually broody face.
Bilbo felt his heart flutter at the sight of the smile, responding it with one of his owns. "I'm glad you know...that you give me another chance."

Thorin's hand slipped from Bilbo's shoulder lightly, grazing the chain of the pendant. "I'm no longer stupid, Burglar. I'll give you as many chances as you need now."
Bilbo's breath caught in his throat at the soft graze of fingers against his neck and pendant. "I appreciate it...I'm not going to let you down again."
"I don't think you could," he replied easily, clearing his suddenly caught throat and watching as Bilbo's was similarly caught. Thorin shifted a little closer to Bilbo, his heart easing a little bit as he realized the Hobbit would be okay. If he took the slow advances, of course.

"I'm glad." Bilbo murmured voice catching as he saw Thorin walk closer. "I'm looking forward to these days...I think the wedding is going to be amazing." He babbled nervously.
"Fit for princes, yes. Although it took awhile to become accustomed to brothers loving one another like that. I certainly couldn't imagine doing so." He shook his head. "Although I don't think there could ever be another for the two."
"They are fit to each other." Bilbo smiled happily. "I couldn't see them together with anyone else." He added stretching his arms before himself. "I'm so happy for them."

"They are indeed perfect for one another," he replied, watching the Hobbit's mood increase drastically. It made him happy as well to see the hobbit smiling. "I'm excited to see their marriage grow as they become stronger men."
"They will be a example of perfect bond." Bilbo smiled looking around. "Uh...should we head back..?"
Thorin paused for a second before nodding. "I think that's a good idea, yes," he said with a small smile. "It should be around lunch time. The walk had eaten up our time." He paused, chuckling a little bit at the unintended pun.

Bilbo rolled his eyes with a small smile, feeling surprisingly light and happy as they walked back in the castle. Who knew, maybe they could go back the way they used to be with all their games and riddles.

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