Waking up Saturday morning, I feel deliciously sated and content. There's a note from Master on the nightstand, probably detailing his breakfast instructions. When I read it I see that I have at least an hour and a half before I need to be in the kitchen getting things ready. I open the door to the balcony and go back to bed, lounging for a while, enjoying the cool breeze, then I get up to do my morning yoga routine and get dressed.

As much as I enjoyed last night and am looking forward to whatever is in store for me this weekend, I'm really hoping the time goes quickly. My flight leaves at ten on Tuesday and I'm counting the minutes until I'm on the airplane. He hasn't said anything yet about me staying an extra night so I'm planning on leaving here tomorrow afternoon.

Even if I'm not staying longer than usual, Master is making the most of my time here. Saturday consists of three meals, with playroom sessions after each one. The only break is when he takes a couple hours to work in his office after lunch. Even then, I'm summoned there for a blow job while he's on a conference call. The man's stamina is incredible. He helps me to bed again on Saturday night, I'm that exhausted.

Sunday is more of the same, except that we have an early lunch and another session almost immediately following. It lasts two hours and by the end I am utterly drained. It seems like he wants to get his fill this weekend since I'll be out of reach for almost a week and a half. I'm guessing he'll contact me for a weeknight session when I get back.

After a two hour nap, I wake up feeling rather sluggish. Ever thoughtful, Master left a note telling me to have a good time and he'll see me when I'm in Seattle again. And while I'm in New Orleans I won't be obligated by the contract. He also let me know that Luke will be taking me to the airport and picking me up on my return. I'm surprised at how much this pleases me.

Another shower wakes me up a little more. Once I've gathered my things I go downstairs, stopping in the kitchen to get a bottle of Pellegrino to sip on the way home. The place seems to be empty and I have just the slightest twinge of sadness at leaving what I've come to think of as my weekend getaway.

It vanishes in an instant, though, when I get on the elevator, and by the time I'm on the highway driving back to my apartment my thoughts are only of my upcoming trip. It's been about a year since I've been home and I'm so looking forward to seeing my folks and having real, authentic Cajun cooking, most of it made by my mom.

By the time I walk through my front door it's almost evening so the first thing I do is Skype my parents. Between the time difference and the fact that I'll see them in less than forty-eight hours, our session is brief; most of it is working out the logistics of my arrival. Daddy says they'll pick me up at Moisant (he still calls it that even though the airport's been renamed a couple times) as soon as I text him that I've landed. They already have my flight information so they'll be tracking the plane via FlightAware. I love that I have such tech savvy parents!

We disconnect and then I check my reservations for the umpteenth time. I have a window seat in first class both ways; I've never traveled first class so that alone is exciting. Next I check the weather reports; Seattle looks clear for takeoff and NOLA is forecast to be the usual hot and steamy all week.

I finally tear myself away from the laptop and go out to get something light for dinner. There's a Subway around the corner; a sandwich from there would be just right. I bring it back to my apartment and eat while watching some junk tv, trying to think about something other than the trip.

Monday morning I start with yoga and then go for my last workout session before my trip, stopping for a small breakfast on the way home. Shortly after ten I check in for my flight and print out my boarding pass. The rest of the day is devoted to cleaning the apartment and packing. I also try to use up all the spoilable stuff in the refrigerator and what doesn't get consumed gets tossed.

Mid-afternoon I get a text from Luke letting me know he'll pick me up at six-thirty tomorrow morning. It's quite a haul from my apartment to the airport so we have to allow for rush hour traffic. That and we also don't know how long the lines will be at security. If everything goes smoothly and I have a lot of time before boarding, I can always spend it in the first class lounge.

I go to bed earlier than usual and set the alarm for five. I spend an hour tossing and turning before I finally get my ereader and try to get lost in some fiction but that doesn't work either. Yoga, television, even wine, none of them work so I just lie on the bed and try to meditate. I must have at least dozed off since the alarm wakes me. I'm pretty much ready to go, so after showering and getting dressed I just mope around the apartment while watching the morning news.

Finally I hear a knock at the door. Luke takes my bag downstairs while I lock the door. When I get to the car he has the front passenger door open and I get in. We're on our way!

The drive to the airport is fairly quick with only one minor slowdown for a fender bender. Or maybe it's passing quickly because I'm enjoying talking with Luke so much. He's never been to NOLA and I'm afraid I dominate the conversation with all the things I tell him about it. He doesn't seem to mind, though, so I go on and on, to the point where I think I'm starting to babble. It's so comfortable being with him and he acts like he's really interested.

The security check was a breeze; I didn't realize that first class passengers go through a separate line and it's much shorter. With plenty of time before the flight I was able to take advantage of the lounge. What a treat! And how nice it is to board early and have a cocktail (yes, I know it's morning but I don't care) while I'm sitting in my nice comfy seat with plenty of leg room and wide arm rests. I take out my Blackberry and shoot a quick text to Master thanking him for all this. He responds with a short message telling me to enjoy myself and stay safe.

Except for one brief interlude of turbulence, the flight is smooth. I chose grilled salmon for lunch and it was pretty good. The rest of the flight I spent either reading or listening to music. Soon we're on approach into NOLA and after touchdown, once they make the announcement that we can turn on our cellphones I text my dad that we've landed.

Waiting for my luggage, I'm really regretting that I didn't pack everything into a carry-on. Finally, I see the bright pink bag rolling towards me on the carousel and as soon as it's in front of me I grab it, set it on its wheels, and practically run out the door. The heat and humidity hit me like a wall but oh, it feels so good.

And there they are! They both get out of the car and the three of us have one big hug that seems like it lasts forever. When we finally pull apart I'm shocked to notice how much weight my dad's lost. And my mom makes a comment on what good shape I'm in. As for her, she looks just like I remember; I don't know how she does it but the woman stays her same beautiful self, year in and year out.

It's early evening and mama says she has etouffeé waiting for me back home. Oh, lord, my mouth is watering already! The drive is mercifully quick and when we walk in the front door the aromas are all over me like a warm blanket.

While we're eating, I watch my dad to see how his appetite is. It seems to be fairly robust as he's putting away a fair amount of food. I make a note to talk with my mom about this when it's just the two of us. Right now she's telling me she ran into her friend Jeanette over the weekend and told her I was coming home for a visit. This morning Jeanette called her and said she told her son, Carl, that I was in town and he wants to get together with me.

I just barely manage to keep from spitting out my food when she says this. Carl was my first serious boyfriend and the one who introduced me to BDSM. Knowing what I know about the lifestyle I realize now what a piss-poor Dom he was but at the time I had no clue. I have absolutely no desire to see him again and I'm hoping mama doesn't push this. Mumbling something non-committal I change the subject quickly and she goes along with it but not before giving me a funny look. As far as I know, my parents are totally unaware of my lifestyle and I plan to keep it that way.

We go out to the deck after dinner and talk for a while but pretty soon the long day of traveling is catching up with me. After saying good night to them I head to my old room and crawl into bed. They've kept it pretty much the same as when I lived here, the only exception being a stack of cages along one wall for the animal rescue mama does. Fortunately they're all empty now but I'm sure that's only temporary.

I spend the next few days running around with my mom, getting together with my friends, and being lazy, doing absolutely nothing. At one point I find time to talk with her about my father. She's worried about his weight loss but attributes it to all the work he's had to do on the rig. While his energy level is close to what it's always been, she says he goes to bed earlier these days and sleeps later in the morning. She wants him to see a doctor but he refuses, saying there's nothing wrong with him. She needs to keep trying and she says she will but she really doesn't want to be a nag. I can understand that so I ask her if she wants me to talk to him. We agree that if the opportunity presents itself I'll bring it up and let her know what he says to me.

Friday morning we make plans to go up bayou to see Tonty Juju and my cousins on Saturday. I've been so looking forward to this; it'll be the highlight of my trip. Visiting with the cousins is more or less obligatory and I'm hoping it won't take too much of the day. I want to be alone with Tonty for at least an hour or so. If I were staying longer, I'd drive up there myself on another day but mama hasn't seen the family for a while so we'll be going together while daddy stays here and works around the house.

Saturday morning dawns bright and clear. We're getting an early start since the drive is almost two hours each way. Zydeco music is playing full blast on the car stereo while mama and I sing along. It feels so good to be back home that I'm starting to wonder if I really want to go back to Seattle. Maybe Tonty will have some advice for me about that.