Hopefully this will be the very last installment of StalkrBoi and people will stop showing up at my doorstep to hit me with their broomsticks and demand to know why I hadn't updated yet.

That had started to get on my nerves…….




Previously, on StalkrBoi……

Michael: I kinda l-l-love you….

Mia: I love you, too, Michael…..

*kissing sounds*

Mia: Wait. Who's my stalker?


Michael: (His eyes were halfway closed and he looked groggy) Huh?

Me: My stalker. You said you found him?

Michael: Oh, yeah….

Me: AND? (the suspense was like literally killing me! Well, not LITERALLY killing me, because, you know, I'd be dead, but it was like figuratively or metaphorically or whatever killing me, but you know)

Michael: Mia…………you might want to sit down.

Me: (sitting down)

Michael: Lilly figured it out, really. She should be here.

Me: Then get here her!!!!!!

Michael: LILLLLLLLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Ow! Did you have to scream right in my EAR?

Michael: (Kissing me) Sorry, Thermopolis.

Lilly: What, Michael?

Michael: Mia wants to know who her stalker is.

Lilly: (Eyeing our semi swollen lips and clasped hands and smirking) Then tell her, Einstein.

Michael: You tell her. You figured it out.

Lilly: Okay, Romeo. Whatever.

Michael: (Blushing)

Me: (Blushing) Lilly, tell me!

Lilly: Well, I figured it out when you showed me those notes of yours….

Me: HOW?

Lilly: Well, it was the writing…

Me: Lilly, hurry it up a bit!

Lilly: The handwriting! Have patience! Remember when you spent that night at my house? And we found a present from Norman?

Me: Yeah…. What does that have to do with anything?

Lilly: The handwriting on the notes matched the handwriting on the card…. I'd recognize those loopy 'y's anywhere.

Me: Wait. Isn't Norman YOUR stalker?!?!?!

Lilly: (Shrugging) Apparently he thought he could get to me through you.

Typical. I'm not even good enough to have my own stalker.

Me: That's not fair……..

Michael: You WANT a stalker?!?!

Me: It would be nice to have stalker in a creepy way! Because at least someone likes you enough to go through the trouble!

Michael: I'll be your stalker, Mia…….. (He was grinning)

Lilly: Ewww. Please refrain from doing that in my presence!

Michael: (Blushing) Sorry…….

Me: What about the notes? How did he put the notes in my sweater/jacket thingy's pocket?

Michael: Well, remember how you're always leaving your……… what is it?

Me: My sweater/jacket thingy!

Michael: Riiiiiight. Remember how you're always leaving your…sweater/jacket thingy here? And Pavlov throws it outside?

Me: Yeah…. What does that have to do with anything?

Lilly: Norman was watching our place……. He put the notes in your…….sweater/jacket thingy when it was outside, before Michael got it………..

Me: Why do you two always pause before you say sweater/jacket thingy?

Michael: Er.

Lilly: Because it's really a stupid name, Mia.

Me: No, it's not!

Lilly: Yes it is. Even Michael thinks so.

Michael: Mia…. It IS kind of weird…….

Me: WHAT?!?!

Michael: (Blushing, kisses me, HARD) Shut up, Thermopolis.


Me: Okay. (Come on! How could I resist!)

So now I'm still in Lilly's room (with the door open! YAYFUL!), sitting with my BOYFRIEND and my BEST FRIEND drinking cocoa my BOYFRIEND made for me on my BOYFRIEND's sister's bed.


There. All better.

Michael (BOYFRIEND) and Lilly (BOYFRIEND's sister) are talking about how Norman looked like the criminal in Scooby Doo that always goes, "I would hae gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for those darn kids!" when he was arrested.

I'm sitting here writing in my journal.

I feel so comfy. I swear life can't get any better than this.

Well it could, you know, if Grandmere went far far away, never to return, and if I wasn't a princess, and if I actually had a figure, any figure, and if I wasn't flunking Algebra, and if Lana was never born, or even better, if Lana was a total geek, because that would be like complete justice and if Josh Richter would make fun of her all the time, that would rock, and then he could be a nerd too.

But you know.


I hope you like it!

I told you Mikey wasn't the stalker!


*cough cough* Sorry……………………….