Challenge Number: #5-The Limerick
Date Posted: 4.29.13
Fandom: Twilight
Rating: M just in case
Genre: AH
Content Descriptors: Romance
Character Pairing: Leah/Jake
Summary: The wedding day. Excitement fills the air.

Beta/Pre-reader: Ruffluv, Lolo, Cruiz

The dress is white

The day is bright

He stands waiting at the alter

She walks to him without a falter

And everything is just right

"Emily, get her dress!" A female voice yells from the basement.

"Got it, Sue." Emily rushes down the stairs into the already packed car.

Mother of the Bride, Maid of Honor, and the other bridesmaids pack all the makeup, hair styling accessories and their dresses into a black Malibu.

Sue wipes sweat from her brow. "My baby girl is getting married today!"

Hoots and hollers echo inside the metal cocoon as Sue pulls away from the house.

"Kim, you did the checklist, right?"

"Sure did! Her and Harry left right on time. They should be at the church by now."

"Ok." Sue is nervous; her palms tighten on the steering wheel.

Emily looks over at Sue. "Need someone else to take over?"

Sue is slightly shaky putting pressure on the brake pedal. She puts the car in park. "I think that might be wise, Emily, thank you."

Sue and Emily swap seats. The car begins to move forward towards the church.

Dad and I are sitting in the big boat Impala in front of the church waiting for my bridal party, my hands in my lap, taking deep breaths. My father asks me, "Are you okay, Punkin?"

His voice startles me. Hearing that nickname for the first time in years takes me back to when I was just a kid helping him with the brakes on one of our cars.

"Yes," I say with a smile.

I let out a breath, thinking of how far I've come since those rough days with my ex -husband, Sam. This is right, Leah, Jake is right. Jake is mine. Jake has done nothing but support me. I can't believe this is happening to me. A real wedding!

We get out of the car, and once inside the church, I breathe in the air; the smell of lilacs and honeysuckle fills the church. Walking further inside, I take it all in. Twirling in the middle of the center aisle where I'll be walking towards Jake to finally say, "I do." I stop spinning to face the spot where he'll be standing. The anticipation hits me with so much force that I begin to feel dizzy. I hold my arms out to my sides reaching for an end of a pew to steady myself. I breathe deeply for a few seconds and stand back up.

I turn around to look at the empty church and begin to envision what it will look like once everyone is seated. It's not a big church, but it will seat 100 people, easy. Wooden pews in rows, windows scale the walls, letting in natural light. My bridesmaids were here last night decorating. It's so beautiful, pale purple against a dark blue, our favorite colors.

My girls did a wonderful job. Emily, my maid of honor, knows me well. She took those two colors and made my dream come alive. Dark blue satin bows on the groom's side with light purple bows on the bride's side are attached to the ends of the pews. Sparkling blue and purple candles adorn the corners where my father still stands in the front door.

I see my father watching me. I smile. "What?" I'm slightly teasing, hoping to keep this light.

He just shrugs.

"No, don't do that!" I point my finger at him as I walk towards him. "Tell me what you're thinking, Dad. If you think I shouldn't..."

He holds up his hand to stop me from continuing my thought. "Stop right there. I like Jake. He has proven time and time again that he cares about you and for you." He steps towards me taking my hands in his. "Honey, I wouldn't take this day away from you if it was my last breathe."

My eyes flood with wetness as I breathe out, "Oh, Dad."

He envelops me in his big arms, securing me to him for what seemed liked hours.

He pushes me away from him, looking at me with happiness in his eyes. "Now let's get you married, Big Cow."

I giggle. "Alright, Old Goat."

We walk to the big room that has been designated for the bridal party to get dressed and ready. After Dad and I inspect the room, we sit and have some quiet time to ourselves while waiting for my bridal party to arrive.

Fifteen minutes later, my girls and mom show up with all the dresses and accessories. We spend the next four hours getting ready.

My heart quickens, as I look at myself in the full-length mirror, thinking I'm such a sexy beast–I wonder how long he can hold off. I just know he's going to want to rip this dress right off of me. I giggle at the thought because it makes me think of all the things I want to do to him; I haven't seen Jake since the rehearsal dinner two nights ago.

Mom comes over to me; her hands grasp my shoulders bringing me out of myself. "You ok, sweetie?"

I smile, nodding–not saying it out loud helps keep the tears at bay. She hands me a tissue. I stuff it in the top of my dress for easy access. Mom kisses my cheek then goes out to her seat.

"He's here, Leah," Emily tells me excitedly. I nod at her in confirmation, letting out a breath that I felt like I was holding on to for the last twenty minutes. She hands me a small package. "Open it."

I do and what is in the small box makes my heart stop for several beats. I let out a squeak, look back up at my best friend and quickly grab her up in a tight hug. I whisper, "I love you."

"You gotta put it on. NOW!"

I smirk. "I'm not going to be able to do it." I hand the item to her as I sit down in a chair. Kim and Rebecca help her raise the bottom of my dress. I stick my leg straight out with pointed toe. Emily stretches the blue and purple silk garter wide as she puts it around my foot then all the way up to my thigh where it stops just a few inches below my crotch. She adjusts it so the bow with the date of our wedding is facing out. Rebecca and Kim put my dress down and I stand up.

I take deep breaths trying to quell my nerves. I can do this. I am doing this. I laugh as I hear the opening procession being played on the grand piano. The butterflies in my stomach quicken their pace.

Emily, Kim, and Rebecca get in their line with me following behind. My dad comes out of the groom's room with a smile so big you could see it from outer space. I line up behind my bridesmaid, Dad at my right side. He tells me to breath and I do. It's all I can do to stay focused on what's to come.

The doors open as little Claire starts the procession of bridesmaids–Rebecca begins her walk, four steps and Kim begins, after another four steps Emily begins. Once I start my walk, I look up at the altar and see Jake's smiling face. My heart quickens and I have to breath again along with counting my steps, I smile back at him.

Dad pats my hand as we reach the end. Facing each other, he raises the tiny veil and kisses my cheek then whispers, "I love you." Tears prick at my eyes. OH FUCK! I won't be able to hold it in. I say a little prayer before I take my own steps towards Jake.

Jake holds out his hand for me to take. I hold on like my life depends on it. The electricity flows between us. It doesn't fight; it flows back and forth.

We stand there lost in each other's eyes as the preacher begins his spiel from the bible. The movements of our shoulders, in sync with one another, show that even our breathing is in unison now. When he gets to the vows, Jake says his with the ring in hand as I say, "I do," he slips it on my finger. I do the same for him.

The preacher says, with a smile on his face, "You may now kiss the bride."

Jake snakes his right hand around my lower back pulling me towards him, cupping my cheek with his other hand as he lifts me to meet his lips with mine. I feel so much passion in that single kiss I begin to get weak in the knees. I'm glad his one arm has me wrapped close to him; otherwise I think I'd fall down. My fingers glide up and down his cheek letting him know I like this kiss. He then pulls away from me looking directly into my eyes. "I love you, Mrs. Black."

I just smile at him not wanting my voice to crack.

The preacher sees the opportunity to announce us as Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Black. Our audience stands as they clap. Jake and I take one last look at each other before we run down the center aisle to the limo outside. Laughing all the way. We slip inside the limo. The driver takes us away towards our reception destination.