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Naruto is not mine.

He was pacing, he never paced, he took seat behind his desk and adopted his usual posture. He remembered his last encounter with the Hokage: his request for a medical ninja to help with the reconstruction of the medical center in Suna, and her reaction when he had requested for someone in particular.


Lady Tsunade's eyes shot up in surprise and suspicion. Her offer of sending her best medic nin, Haruno Sakura, had been refused by a very polite yet fast ''I want the Hyuga girl''. She fell into an awkward but thoughtful silence; Gaara knew she was rethinking his sudden request. ''Sure, I admit she is a better choice than Sakura, but it will come with a price kid...'' her sadistic smile promising nothing good.

*End of flashback*

He sighed as the memory of the pact they made sunk into his brain, he could only hope it was worth it... He will make it worthy...

Hinata was nervous, not only was this her first long term-solo-highly important mission (even if it wasn't S-ranked) but also she was going to be working directly with HIM that meant she was going to spend a lot of time with him, right? She let out a long breath that attracted Kiba's attention.

''Are you ok Hinata?'' she turned to him, he was looking at her with worry and something that was directed only for her, they had broken up about a month ago but he was obviously not over it yet.

''I'm ok K-Kiba-kun'' she gave him a smile for reassurance.

''If you say so, we're almost there anyway'' her gaze followed his and she found the gates of Sunagakure, she let out another nervous breath.

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